Friday, December 14, 2012

The Triumph of Socialism

Dr. A. H. Krieg CMFGE

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Socialism has failed in every application from the first day it was invented to the 21st century. So, it gives one pause to consider why world leaders in the EU as well as in America are hell-bent to install socialism on Western society. The main premise of modern socialists being that; “Printing money does not cause inflation!” The secondary and other ideas are “Tax the Rich,” “Pay your fair Share,” along with scores of bumper sticker mentality slogans. These are slogans for the dim-witted. The premise that taxing the rich will solve our problems is stupid, the proposed by Obama taxes on the upper 2% of wage earners will run the government for a total of 8 days. We don’t have a taxing problem we have a spending problem. The concept that paper has no value in the first place and that printing more of it will not cause inflation is wrong. Fabian economics. According to this theory the Weimar, French, Zimbabwe, Argentinian, and all the scores of other financial failures were the result of unknown issues and the proponents of it according to me have college degrees in advanced sophistry.

Understanding socialist mentality of progressive Democrats is a simple matter. (Progressive is another word for socialist) Politicians first and only desire is election and reelection. There are only two ways that this can be accomplished. First by soliciting and getting funds from wealthy contributors to be repaid by political favors, and two by providing free stuff to those who vote for you. The prime providers are now banking companies, the second is providing unemployment benefits, food stamps, Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, Welfare and a score of such services to a large portion of the population, now in America about 110 million citizens. These are primarily wealth redistribution schemes. In true socialist demeanor, it is taking from those who produce and giving to those who loaf.

The fact that the top 2% of earners pay 47% of all collected by government taxes seems to evade the understanding of the population. The Republocrats demonstrating their adherence to the “System” never drive this fact to public consideration and the socialist media, the ever-heeling watchdog of socialism complies implicitly. Likewise the amount of taxes for the top 2% that would by “their fair share” be fair and proper is never ever mentioned by either of the two parties. That is of course why we need another party. Not a third party because we now have only one party, the Republocrats, but a second party.

While the situation in America is very serious the EU socialist model is doomed to collapse sooner than us. Led by two socialists, Germany’s Merkel and Frances, Hollande the party is about to end. All EU national members are to large degree socialist governments. In desperation both counties followed by the Obama administration are now engaged in trying to get at the accounts of people who have funds in tax havens. These are located in the Caribbean islands and Panama, Cyprus, Gibraltar, Luxemburg and Switzerland in Europe, some smaller number in the Middle East and various islands. All are under full assault to provide information on account holders to the EU, and America. Considering that the possible total collected amount for America is below 10 billion not even enough to run the government for one-day, the abject desperation is demonstrated.

It goes without saying that Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez, Cuba’s Rau’l Castro, along with Merkel and Hollande and CPUSA (1) and DSA (2) all endorsed Obama and the progressives. If there is one-thing communists and socialist do it’s sticking together for mutual benefit, it is their greatest advantage over capitalists, free marketers, and republicans.

The EU has exceeded its abilities of capability to save the EURO and to prevent collapse of the currency. The individual debt loads of Greece, Italy, Spain, Portugal, France, when combined with those of Eastern Europe make the continuation of German bailouts impossible. The German people who are hard workers refuse to further finance pensions of people, who retire at 58, have life long government paid healthcare without participant contribution, free public transport for pensioners, and all the rest of the provided benefits accumulated at the expense of German taxpayers. The only remaining question is not will the Euro collapse but when will it collapse? Overstepping the boundaries of financial ability to repay is the 21st centuries primary monitory problem, from Washington to Brussels. From California to New York 126 individual state pension funds are underfunded by $800 billion and that was in 2010. According to the same source (3) 54% of all state, municipal, and public employee pension funds will be financially exhausted by 2034. The estimated present shortfall in municipal government pensions is $4 trillion nationally in 2012.

From the EU to Washington, socialists follow the identical program. Spend money you don’t have, by printing more fiat paper, hire more government employees to reduce the unemployed rolls. In the four years of Obama, government employment has risen by 6% while private sector employment has fallen by 2%. We, in winter 2012 have 430,000 fewer private sector employees than we had in 2008 when Obama took office. In Greece for example people retire at age 58 with full pensions, full healthcare, free public transport and the endless list continues. In California the state is to build a high-speed rail system from San Diego to Sacramento and San Francisco with $3.2 billion federal funding (that they don’t have) $4.7 billion in bonds, (that have not been sold) and $2.6 billion for the first leg that is provided by the inevitable San Francisco fairy. California has a current budget shortfall of $15.7 billion, and is $335 billion in debt. So, with a total debt load into 2013 of $ 350.7 the idiot state legislature and captain Moon Beam (4) their governor, they allocate another debt of $10.5 billion to build a high-speed rail system. Hey, they know exactly what they are doing, Obama will bail out California, Moon Beam knows it, socialist always stick together. Need I point out that you will wind up behind the proverbial 8-ball and pay for it.

In a joint speech last week, Merkel and Hollande articulated the EU situation in very clothed words, by which they clearly state that Germany and France are the only viable financial parties left, which I think is wrong. France is no longer viable financially. The telling statement was “each participant [EU] is to meet its financial obligations according to its sphere of competence.” In other words, Guys you’re on your own. If only the Obama administration had the veracity to address the individual state’s in the same manner. There is one other issue that cannot be overlooked; the ten financially and socially worst cities in America are and have been run by Democrats (progressive socialists) in all cases by over ten years. The ten states with the greatest financial burdens and the largest deficits and greatest debts are all Democrat run with the exception of two, which recently elected Republicans. In the EU all nations that are financially kaput are socialist. Socialism does not work and never in history has worked.

(1) Communist Party of America (did not run a candidate in 2012)
(2) Democratic Socialists of America (did not run a candidate in 2012)
(3) The Street
(4) So named by Ronald Reagan when he beat him for governor.


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