Sunday, November 11, 2012

How to Diddle an Election

Dr. A. H. Krieg

It began in 2009 with the census for the 2010 national census. There were two classifications of census takers. Group and individual. In both cases it was made very clear to enumerators that everyone over the age of three months was to be counted. Enumerators were not allowed to question eligibility, citizenship, or status, not even the challenge any who did not speak English. They counted illegal immigrants, green card holders, children under 8 years old who could not vote in the 2020 elections, and diplomats. In group counting enumerators were instructed to count all those in Hospitals on a fixed date in June by using hospital print outs from that date. All State Police and National Guard barracks were dealt with in the identical manner. Since the average stay in hospital is less than four days and men in barracks live at home most of the time all of these were double counted. This is unavoidable under the rules applied by census because none of those people had any idea that they had already been counted before. Since children under 8 years of age would not be eligible to vote by the next census in ten year none under 8 should be counted. In 2012 America has 23 million illegals, 5 million green card holders, about 26% are under 18 lets say half of them are under 8 which is 4.5 million, double counts in hospitals, National Guard in barracks, and State police in barracks are about 3 million, the census taken in 2010 is therefore an over count of 35.5 million. The constitutional grounds for census are enumeration of citizens to determine congressional representation. Since about 80% of Democrats live in urban areas where the majority of minorities live, the count was specifically designed to up urban populations and therefor representation at the polls.

This by the way, was America’s most racist election ever; Obama attained 93% of the black vote, 73% of the Hispanic vote and 71% of the Asian vote, if that is not anti-white racism then let someone else explain what racism is.

Over-counts like those in Won County Ohio where 108% of registered voters participated in the elections voting for Obama were common in Ohio and many other states. Additionally Obama won in Ohio, by a margin of 99% in districts where GOP elections supervisors were illegally removed, and he won by 100% in 21 districts of Cleveland. Wood County has 98,231 eligible voters 106,258 voted.

Democrats lost every state requiring strict photo ID to vote. There were many law suites brought by Eric Holder by the Department of Justice against voter ID requirements to vote. His argument that voter ID was unfair to the poor, blacks, Hispanics and Orientals, let me get this right, you need an ID to fly, to buy cigarettes and cigars, purchase an alcoholic beverage, beer or liquor, to drive a car or motorcycle, but it’s an unfair imposition to identify yourself at the voting polls? Stupid!

Sates not requiring photo ID’s that Obama narrowly won include, Minnesota (10 electoral vote) (Iowa 5 electoral votes) Wisconsin (10 electoral votes) Nevada (6 electoral votes) Colorado (9 electoral votes) New Mexico (5 electoral votes) and Pennsylvania (20 electoral votes). Total of 66 electoral votes when added to Romney’s 206 would have given him 271 and a win without Florida or Ohio. Ohio requires a non-photo ID and Florida requests one but does not demand.

Government statistics and news was purposely manipulated, with the acquiescence of mainstream media to manipulate voters and induce them to vote Democrat.

In Ohio, California, Kansas, and North Carolina voting machines when Romney was selected changed the vote to Obama, the fact that this practice occurred in four separate states demonstrates a conspiracy to defraud the election, and there was no reported case where an Obama vote was switched to Romney. The way this was done is that unless your finger was dead center on the touch screen for Romney the vote switched to Obama.

An executive request by the White House primarily to defense contractors was issued in October requesting defense contractors not to inform lay-off notification to union employees. Federal law requires notification 90 days before layoff. The White House told contractors that they would indemnify and hold harmless any contactor that disobeyed the notification law. In view of the fact that well over 500,000 layoffs were pending which would have driven the last unemployment report to over 9% it was another case of voter fraud, this time supported by a media that refused to report the layoffs. There are over 50 companies involved including, GE, Westinghouse, Boeing, ING, Perkin Elmer, Stryker, and Caterpillar among others. Actual unemployment numbers for the month before the election was minus over 300,000 jobs.

In the weeks before the election in order to reduce unemployment numbers Obama added 15,000 government employees, and then another 16,000 to the IRS to enforce Obamacare, a fact known by the media but unreported. Real unemployment numbers when all relevant facts are included drove real unemployment M-3 number to over 10%, M-6 to 17% and real unemployment with everything counted including part time employment and those that stopped looking to over 30%.

Reported false economic indicators, inflation numbers, and the cost of inflation with corresponding retail price increases that have toped 40% in the last four years continue to be reported as 2% or less, this is accomplished by removing fuel, food, heating oil, and a score of products from the satirical equation. Not reported. Mean average middle incomes have fallen by $ 4,300 in the last four years, not reported. The cost of medial insurance has risen faster than the rate of inflation and will continue and actually accelerate in 2013. Not reported. The real cost of healthcare in 2011 was $ 835 billion and has been demonstrated to double every seven years, that means a healthcare cost of $ 1 trillion, 312 billion by 2016, that is unsustainable as any four year old knows. Un-reported. President Obama’s budget projection for the coming four years, not mine his- has the federal deficit at $20 trillion by 2016. Un-reported. This is how the media elected Obama second time around.

General issues relate to Fast and Furious which resulted in over 200 dead Mexicans, and at least two American government officers. After Eric Holder lied to a congressional committee he was censored, then Obama slapped a national security directive executive order on the issue based on his claim that it was a national security matter, which it is not, so that it could be swept under the rug, the mainstream media complied. This is how they elected Obama the second time.

Along came the most serious matter of the last 30 years, the assassination and murder of an American ambassador and his staff, Hillary Clinton of Secretary of State lied about it, Susan Rice our UN ambassador lied about it five time on five Sunday morning TV shows, our secretary of Defense Leon Panetta lied about it, The president was on the View and he lied, he addressed the UN General Assembly and lied seven times. General Petraeus head of the CIA refused to lie, congress has called for hearing and five days before the General was to appear to the legislative committee he handed in his resignation, he won’t be testifying. The issue has been stonewalled for over 8 weeks by the Obama administration. The media and more exactly the Washington Post, NY Times, ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, CBS MSNBC, PBS and all four of America’s so-called news magazines, all of which had endorsed Obama for a second term, refused to report on the issue, were it not for FOX news no one would be aware. CBS in fact had video proof that the president lied and would not release it before the election.

About a week before the election, and known to most major news producers was the incident in the Persian Gulf whereby there was a confrontation between an American drone and two Iranian Fogger jet fighters which fired across the front of the drone to prevent it from entering Iranian airspace. This incident was covered up until the day after the election.

Any way you turn this 2012 election issue you can thank the media for reelecting Barack Hussein Obama or whatever the hell his real name is.

Remember Fast and Furious and Benghazi!

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