Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Debt and BS

Dr. A. H. Krieg

The demagoguery of the political left shows no sign of abating. The phrase ‘debt ceiling default crisis” is the construct of the political left with the veracity of a pile of bull poop. The only possible crisis would be if Obama chooses for political reason to create such, which by the to date demonstrated lack of leadership appears to be in the making. The ever politically active and leftist lamestream media are as usual showing their true colors by propagating the myth of default, should the nation cease its endless expansion of borrowed funds. It’s the “Ponzigoniff Banksters” that loan us the funds at interest who are the puppet masters pulling the media and politicos strings from behind the scenes.

Information obtained from the Daily Treasury Statements indicate that 60% of government income, about $ 200 billion per month, is derived from revenues generated by taxes. In view of the fact that the monthly interest payment on the national debt is $ 29 billion per month we are still left with $ 171 billion for daily operations, social security etc. The default scenario is a ruse by the political left to expand their welfare state, so as to attain more political support through dependency. After all that’s the way the Republocrats have operated ever since the Wilson administration.

Further investigation indicates that Social security costs $49.2 billion per month and Medicaid costs $50 billion, subtracted from the remaining $171 billion we are left with $71.8 billion.

It is unfortunate that government does not prioritize paying of bills. In fact government operates their accounting, bookkeeping, and day-to-day operations in a manner that would place the CEO and CFO of any corporation in jail if they functioned in the same manner. I would propose that all elected federal officers have their salaries and expenses curtailed until this matter is property addressed. We won’t see that happening! Considering that the VA and military payrolls are under $6 billion, the threat to withhold military pay that Obama has used once before is a non-starter. We could also eliminate non-performing agencies, something that we have recommended for decades.

The U.S. Department of Education costs (2011) $71 billion up from $32 billion when Obama took office. Additionally AARA (American Recovery & Investment Act), which acts in part as a slush fund for the DE, consumes another (2011) $ 23 billion. So total education expenses by the Fed is up $ 62 billion since Obozo took office. One would think that as a result of a whopping 100% plus increase in spending that student’s competency would be on top of the world’s educational standards. Were number 34 worldwide. This would have nothing to do with the fact that Ame Duncan our secretary of education managed the nations worst school district (Chicago) before being appointed by Obama. I say, shut the entire department down. Since its inception by Jimmy Carter student competency has fallen from number four in the world to number 34. Not exactly a stellar performance.

The U. S. Department of Energy (another Carter fiasco) costs taxpayers (2012) $29.5 billion (do understand that it is not easy to find out what these cabinet offices have as budgets) which Secretary Steven Chu defends as a minor increase of $3.1 billion over 2011. We the people cut our expenses and government bureaucracies spend more, and try to justify that with a blizzard of BS. The Department of Energy is about as useful as tits on a bull. Chu is an academic who has no business running an agency with thousands of employees. The DOE has in the past been instrumental in causing a gasoline shortage, driving up the cost of fuel, overseeing policies, which reduce domestic energy production, and fostering the increase of fossil fuels imports. We won’t even address their blatant opposition to nuclear electric generation through their sub-agency the AEC that has caused the cost of building a nuclear electric plants to over four times that in any other nation. DOE being about as useful as a turd in a punch bowl should be abolished saving America billions.

The Department of Housing and Urban Development, an agency desperately looking for a cause, costs taxpayers $ 47.8 billion. The government frankly has no business in the housing business either as a guarantor of mortgages (Freddie and Fannie) or in owning and leasing homes and apartments. Every last federally funded housing project in America is a dump. I well remember government housing in the Bronx, one of them was called rape city. In fact all over urban America every DHUD project is a social disaster, economic plight, and general location of lowlifes. This agency is one of the primary suspects in the real-estate bubble burst that is at least in part responsible for our present economic disaster. The agency must be eliminated and their owned properties sold to private investors, who will undoubtedly clean the mess up.

The Department of Labor, which is a hangover of the Wilson administration of 1913 the worst year for the Republic, proposes a budget of $12.8 Billion for 2012. Labor is an accommodation made by the Wilson administration to organized (unionized) labor of the 1920’s when a plurality of blue-collar employment was unionized. Today less than 15% of workers are unionized, all having realized that they can do better on their own than paying union thugs to administer and negotiate their wages. Aside from trumpeting unionization, the Debarment of Labor serves no logical purpose in the 21st century. It should be abolished immediately.

By just shutting down four agencies, whose value is highly suspect, the government can save $193.1 billions. The wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, and our troops in Europe, Korea, Japan, Columbia, Peru, and elsewhere are costing American taxpayers $1 trillion, $223 billion $715 million since 2001. The war in Afghanistan $437 billion, Iraq, $788 billion, Libya, $2.4 billion. In fact we have 750 foreign military bases in 135 different countries, more than the entire rest of the world combined. Out of all the revenue collected from the American public about 70% is allocated to the Department of War, which is what the Departement of Defense was called in the 40’s, a more accurate name.

I sincerely hope that you are gaining an understanding of just how ingenious our pundits, media, and politicians, but especially Obama are on the debt issue. Only by looking behind the scenes will you see how corrupt this entire debate is. The issue most prominent being that our politicians primary interest is not America, you the tax payers, or even our economy, their interest is solely seated in their ability to get re-elected. To those ends they will do or say anything that in their opinion will ensure their continued re-election, which they already enjoy at an 87% incumbency re-election rate. The facts that primarily the Democrats are following a path of economic collapse at the request of the banksters may be considerd to be a foregone conclusion; the fact that both parties are involved goes without saying.

The end game being a one world banking system run by the Ponzigoniff banksters for their fun and pleasure. This system is the New World Order.

Dr. Krieg’s latest book is: “Rendezvous with the New World Order” is an eye opener in conspiracy facts. Available from all booksellers worldwide or, Amazon, or Alibris.


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