Wednesday, July 27, 2011


By Joan Hough

Too bad, too sad---that too many of our nation's intellectually capable citizens have been unable to understand the role Communism since the mid 1800's has played in the U.S. government via BOTH of our so-called GREAT political parties. How frequently belittled have been those of us declaring that the two political parties are BIRDS OF A FEATHER--two sides of the same coin--sisters under the skin, etc.

Our good Lord know that Communist propaganda caused the War against our Southern people and is still just as effective today as it was in the 1800's. If only we --you and I--have the power to create some back to the Constitutional Republic publicity and propagandize our side as to what America is supposed to be and MUST be. This must be done if we are to survive the onslaught of Communism hidden under the word "Democracy" and pushed forward under the auspices of THE UNITED NATIONS and the Republican and Democrat parties.

All our troubles began when our South fail to counter the Communist propaganda of the 1800's. That propaganda brought about the north's invasion of a sovereign nation made up of states legally divisible from the Union. The precious blood of Southern patriots still stains the soil of the South. Southern children and northern ones have been, for over a century, brainwashed through Communist-designed school programs, so lack any understanding about our original U.S. Republican form of government designed for us by the founding fathers.

So we think ours is supposed to be A DEMOCRACY because we do not know that democracy is a type of government found repulsive and rejected by the creators of the Constitution. We think that SECESSION was and still is, illegal, that is—unconstitutional. (Francis Bellamy’s Pledge of Allegiance has well-washed this into our brains.) We, also, think it is ok that the U.S. government amended the Constitution while disallowing most Southerners to vote. We have forgotten that murderous bayonets forced Southerners to take oaths to take oaths to conquerors. We think it fine and dandy that the government and the Supreme Court declared an amendment legal that was not constitutionally ratified by the required number of states. We even think that Communist-inspired constitutional amendments are samples of true Americanism. And that it is perfectly wonderful that the States Rights guaranteed in the Constitution was destroyed when the U.S. senators won freedom from the control of their states! And as to the perfect success of the brainwashing given us, we declare Abe Lincoln the “best” American president—the one who freed the slaves because he so believed in equality. (We know not and know not we know not.)

When the proud Republicans righteously claim that their party is RETURNING TO ITS ROOTS, how many among us realize the REAL TRUTH--that the "real" roots, the CARL MARX- Abe Lincoln roots, were those of the "tree of Communism"?

Any Southerner who says, "My family has always been Republican" is telling us something. He is telling us that his family has "always" belonged to the Party that deliberately, viciously, and determinedly DESTROYED our Southern people and our sovereign South.

Of course, the Democratic Party was infiltrated by the same Communist ilk, so both political parties should be anathemas to true red, white, and blue Americans.

Our very own ignorance is, once again, killing our young who are being constantly sent to foreign soil to fight the New World Order battles of the Party Puppeteers and their Communist-designed United Nations.

The only thing most of us can do is to educate ourselves and all who will listen. We MUST NOT support Republicans unless they are proved Constitutionalists! IN FACT, IF THEY CHOOSE TO REMAIN IGNORANT OF THE ROLE OF COMMUNISM IN THE CREATION OF THE REPUBLICAN PARTY, THEY ARE NOT FIT TO REPRESENT THOSE OF US WHO ARE OPPOSED TO COMMUNISM.

If at all possible those of us still capable of independent thinking should join a MILITANT CONSERVATIVE MOVEMENT. Unfortunately, the Tea Party bunch isn't it. Proof of this lies in their take over by Republican leaders -having Newt Gingrich as one of their featured speakers-- Tea Party folks backing the New World Order McCain for President--for example and adoring McCain’s vice presidential choice. The worship of pretty women who know a few Conservative words is further proof.

Republican party members must wise up to the truth-- Republicans elected to office as conservatives, USUALLY wind up enslaved to the Party Leaders because of a variation of reasons including blackmail, threats, and bribery. There are a few exceptions, but in general we must expect that the newly elected ones seem to take one sniff of the Potomac and convert into the same ole, New World Order advocates they replaced. And like the ever-so-Christian George Bush II, they quickly make their actions exactly opposite from those words (lies) which enabled their election to office.

The great Texas Governors do seem to become highly adept at changing their tunes, but not their actions. Thus we have “Trans American Corridor Perry” rhythmically hopping to the place where he can kneel down and lick the boots of the “New World Order’s Council on Foreign Relations - and its Bilderberg group. Perry hops while declaring himself “one of the good guys." Clinton did the same jig---and of course Bush I. plays the Bilderberg, CFR fiddle to which Clinton danced and Perry wants to dance.

Because Americans are, by nature, warm, friendly, HONEST, self-absorbed individuals, it is virtually impossible for them to comprehend the motives of twisted, dedicated, fanatic believers in Communism and the elite leaders who know how to use that ideology to gain more and more power and money. Because of good Americans' brainwashed mentalities, they continue to believe that Communism is something idealistically desirable---because equality is its theme, sharing of the "wealth" its goal, and compassion its middle name. They believe that Communism (Socialism) really means "from each according to his ability to each according to his need"--just as declared the great Lyndon B. Johnson, another good Texas president who arranged to make votes for his Senatorial opponent disappear.

People still believe that the Republican Party can be changed and be "good again." This failure to face reality is destined to "do us in." The Republican Party temporarily achieved a reputation for being the most conservative of the two parties--but that was only a facade concealing its ROTTEN core.

If only the Constitution Party could have gained some steam. But with both of the Communist-approved parties (Republican and Democrat) against it--- and the dumbing down of the American populace for almost two centuries, the Constitution Party was ill-prepared to convince anyone of its value other than a small percentage of folks with higher than average intellectual ability. The intellectually average and below average Americans must be propagandized if they are to break away from the established Parties and vote against the Communists and the Commie dupes. Intellectually superior Americans if presented with the truth may be able to cast off their academically administered brainwash.

America’s talented, anti-one world government writers and speakers must inform themselves and get to work! Surely it is not only Communistic, New World Order Republicans who have the ability to influence voters.


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