Monday, July 13, 2009

The Closing of the United States!!!

By Leon Puissegur

I was wondering about just how did our nation come to this nearly bankrupt status and looking back, although President Bush was in office, I found that under the Democratic rule of Congress for the two years prior to Obama taking office, the platform was set for the beginning of failure by those who now wish to blame it on the person before them. If we look at what the Democrats have done since they took control of both houses of Congress, we see a bad image and it does not contain anything of beauty although they would like to say it does.

Actually if we go back to the Reagan years, we will find that beginning with President Reagan and continuing on up to today, our nation has EXPORTED more jobs then any other nation in the world. It was during the Reagan years that we lost the shoe manufacturing, most of the roofing materials, televisions, radios, electronics, porcelain industry, aluminum industry, steel industry, and the list goes on from there. Along with the exportation of these millions of jobs went the money for the jobs they had.

Before Reagan passed his "Free Trade" act, our nation could make anything that we needed and it was quality goods. But when the "Free Trade agreements were signed, most of the trade did not increase quality jobs in the United States, it exported them. When things were made in the United States, they were made with pride and most of those people loved their jobs and would not wish to work anywhere but where they were. That was the beginning of the end so to speak.

Those good jobs left like water down a drain and most are never to come back because the companies are satisfied with paying anywhere from $.50 and hour to up to $3.00 and hour for what they used to pay up to $12.00 an hour. Although those jobs made the same products for less money, no retailer or others dropped their prices. One glaring example were the toilets made by American Standard which had a top of the line plant in New Orleans making beautiful ware. American Standard shut the operations down in the United States and moved their operations over to Brazil and Mexico where the cost of the ware dropped dramatically, but their prices in the United States did not drop a penny.

What had cost American Standard around $55 to $60 a piece to make in the United States could now be made in Mexico and Brazil for around $30 to $35 a piece and they still sold the same ware at $65 so they made a much larger profit. When the union went back to discuss just how they could get their jobs back asking to allow for cut backs, American Standard stated they could not pay the United States workers because they would be paying them well below the minimum wage at around $1.00 per hour. It was later found out that the workers in Mexico were paid anywhere from $5.00 per Day to $9.00 a Day, the difference was that the higher wage was paid at a union level and no sort of benefits were paid to the workers. Most workers in both Brazil and Mexico made about the same per day and that was all they were paid at the prices back in the 1980's.

Looking at this example it would seem that the President and Congress of the United States sold the workers of the United States out since it was at the Presidents request that Congress passed the "Free Trade" agreements and then the good paying jobs flew out of the United States like young Eagles leaving a nest. It had gotten so bad that even those who worked on the docks were laid off because they did not have enough imports to keep them working.

It actually took from around 1984 to now for the near total failure of our nation to be complete. I was Union President when American Standard closed their doors in New Orleans and they had only opened the plant back up to test the equipment out before they shipped it overseas for use in other countries. I could never express the sadness that I felt when I was told that the company would like to open operations back up but could not because it was so much cheaper to run the operation in overseas countries then here in the United States. I had so many feelings running through my mind at the time that I almost lost it but I continued on and did what most workers did, go after a Government job because that was and is about the only job that pays well and does not have a chance of being shut down.

Today though is a totally different situation, our nation is faced with perhaps the worst crossroads it will ever face as a "FREE" nation. If we take the wrong track on Health Care and if the "Cap and Trade" passes, our nation may not be long in its standing as a "FREE" democracy. The "Cap and Trade" is based solely upon what the United Nations "Appointed" Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, more often just called the IPCC, has given as facts when they are ideas made up from models without all the facts and figures included into the models. If all the facts and figures were included into the models, they would have much the same as most of the other 30,000+ Scientist around the world have, and that would be that CO2 is NOT bad for the environment, as a matter of FACT it is good since it helps plants grow, and it would also show that the Earth stopped warming back in 1998!

Recently the EPA, Environmental Protection Agency, was given the task to show the same results, but when their group came up with the cold hard facts that our planet was actually cooling down and the CO2 did not have any affect whatsoever on the Environment, the EPA withheld the report and kept it as silent as they could for fear that the President would not be able to get the "Cap and Trade Bill" passed if the people found the truth out. This was briefly flashed on some news shows then was buried due to the United Nations pulling strings and calling their chips in to preserve their movement to control the world through the false idea of "Global Warming". I know these are some big assements to make, but all one has to do is go on the Internet and you will find all of what is stated here to not just be true, but be proven with hard documented Facts and Data!

Now the new president has appointed 27 CZARS, that is 27 more then any other president has ever appointed. The problem with these CZARS is that they answer to no one but the president so now his claim to transparency and openness has also become a lie, add that to a growing list of lies and false statements and this president seems to be taking the nation down the path of total failure and he does not care, or maybe he does and is trying to figure what his place will be after he has destroyed the United States and then allows the world to govern us. Even Al Gore has made a statement that his "Global Warming" would lead us to world governance, one where the Constitution no longer applies because the United States cannot be free and have the world help them out of the hole Obama and his friends have thrown us into. WAKE UP AMERICA or we will see our children say they could remember when our nation was FREE!!!

It is time for the once silent majority to take a stand in the United States or forever be held silent. If we as a people meaning, ALL, people from all backgrounds and groups do not understand what is going on, our very freedom will be taken away from us like the stealing of candy from a baby. Our very form of government lies at the feet of the United Nations like a chicken with its head on a chopping block and if we do not come to the rescue, we will have no one to guide us nor will we have a nation to live up to. It is up to us to preserve what George Washington fought so hard to win and if we fail, all of what went before will be nothing more then a memory if at all anything for the future generations of what was once a free nation. If we do not take a stand, we can put the signs out that say, "United States is CLOSED, Freedom is gone!"


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