Saturday, May 16, 2009


What is REAL and What is Fake?

By Leon Puissegur

Much can be said about the "alleged" "Global Warming" and Climate Change. But which is real and which is fake? We hear Al Gore go on and on about our planet being led to doom due to the high CO2 emissions, but has anyone ever asked Al Gore if he knows what CO2 stands for? CO2 is a compound of two elements, specifically stated, one atom of Carbon and two Atoms of Oxygen. Plants thrive on this compound and they produce pure Oxygen as a byproduct of their photosynthesis. Plants grow extremely good with CO2 levels of 1,000 parts per million, this means that in every million parts of the air on our planet, what plants love is just 1,000 parts of one million parts of the air we live in. Today our planet has about 380 parts per million of
CO2; when man began to walk, the count was around 1,000 parts per million and they did not have a single car, only a bunch of Volcanoes! On a submarine today, they are ALLOWED to have some 8,000 parts per million of CO2 before they have to surface to bring in fresh air. Our exhaled breath contains about 4% CO2. That is 40,000 parts per million, or about 100 times the current atmospheric concentration. CO2 is absolutely essential for life on earth. Commercial greenhouse operators often use CO2 as a fertilizer to improve the health and growth rate of their plants.

The very idea that CO2 is bad is nothing more then a way for Al Gore to pay for that huge mansion he lives in, you know the one in the Belle Meade area of Nashville where his house devours some 20 times the national average of household electricity for just one month. Al Gore uses more electricity in one month then the normal citizen uses in an entire year! Just think of what his "Carbon footprint" is. And he is supposed to be so upset over CO2 while he does more to hurt the environment then any other normal individual by having such a large house that uses such huge amounts of electricity and this does not account for what he uses in Natural gas for this huge home. His main interest is to make more money off the fears of normal people.

A recent speaker at the World Conference on climate change, Professor Don Easterbrook, documented a consistent cycle of warm and cool periods each with a 27 year cycle. Indeed the warm period from 1976 to 1998 exactly fits the pattern of climate changes for the past several centuries long before there were any CO2 emissions. Greenland Ice core temperature measurements for the past 500 years show this 27 year cycle of alternating warm and cool periods. Recently the global temperature increased from 1918 to 1940, decreased from 1940 to 1976, increased again from 1976 to 1998 and has been decreasing ever since.

However throughout this time CO2 has been added to the atmosphere in increasing amounts. This point was brought out by at the New York conference by Vaclav Klaus the rotating President of the EU and President of the Czech Republic. If CO2 emissions cause temperature rises than why is it that every 27 years the earth climate switches to a cooling mode with decreasing temperature? Clearly there is another explanation that does not include humans.

We hear Secretary of State Hillary Clinton talk about "Global Warming and how it is having an adverse affect upon Antarctica, but like most whom have been spreading the lies about this false abomanitation, she is so very wrong. Now how can I just a plain old writer be bright enough or even knowledgeable enough to make such a statement? I have done my homework and from the mouths of Scientists, not people like Al Gore, remember he invented the Internet, I got FACTUAL information. I did not get information based upon models that have left out periods of time; I got scientific hard Facts and data.

Evidence gathered as of this year show that the Earth is now beginning to COOL down, not warm up, but COOL down as in get colder, temperatures not as high as before have been recorded around the world. There is now irrefutable scientific evidence that far from global warming the earth has now entered a period of global cooling which will last at least for the next two decades. Evidence for this comes from the NASA Microwave Sounding Unit and the Hadley Climate Research Unit while evidence that CO2 levels are continuing to increase comes from the Mauna Loa Observatory in Hawaii. But CO2 is good for the environment and humans as well, now this is very contradictory to what AL Gore and the doomsday people state, but once again, they have no hard scientific data or facts to support what they state while I have this data and facts at hand and will now explain.

According to Cyrus Fogg Bracket Professor of Physics at Princeton University, in his statement to Congress February 28, 2009, he stated;

"But what about the frightening consequences of increasing levels of CO2 that we keep hearing about? In a word, they are wildly exaggerated, just as the purported benefits of prohibition were wildly exaggerated. Let me turn now to the science and try to explain why I and many scientists like me are not alarmed by increasing levels of CO2.

The earth's climate really is strongly affected by the greenhouse effect, although the physics is not the same as that which makes real, glassed-in greenhouses work. Without greenhouse warming, the earth would be much too cold to sustain its current abundance of life. However, at least 90% of greenhouse warming is due to water vapor and clouds. Carbon dioxide is a bit player. There is little argument in the scientific community that a direct effect of doubling the CO2 concentration will be a small increase of the earth's temperature -- on the order of one degree. Additional increments of CO2 will cause relatively less direct warming because we already have so much CO2 in the atmosphere that it has blocked most of the infrared radiation that it can. It is like putting an additional ski hat on your head when you already have a nice warm one below it, but your are only wearing a windbreaker. To really get warmer, you need to add a warmer jacket. The IPCC thinks that this extra jacket is water vapor and clouds.

Since most of the greenhouse effect for the earth is due to water vapor and clouds, added CO2 must substantially increase water's contribution to lead to the frightening scenarios that are bandied about. The buzz word here is that there is "positive feedback." With each passing year, experimental observations further undermine the claim of a large positive feedback from water. In fact, observations suggest that the feedback is close to zero and may even be negative. That is, water vapor and clouds may actually diminish the already small global warming expected from CO2, not amplify it. The evidence here comes from satellite measurements of infrared radiation escaping from the earth into outer space, from measurements of sunlight reflected from clouds and from measurements of the temperature the earth's surface or of the troposphere, the roughly 10 km thick layer of the atmosphere above the earth's surface that is filled with churning air and clouds, heated from below at the earth's surface, and cooled at the top by radiation into space.

But the climate is warming and CO2 is increasing. Doesn't this prove that CO2 is causing global warming through the greenhouse effect? No, the current warming period began about 1800 at the end of the little ice age, long before there was an appreciable increase of CO2. There has been similar and even larger warming several times in the 10,000 years since the end of the last ice age. These earlier warming clearly had nothing to do with the combustion of fossil fuels. The current warming also seems to be due mostly to natural causes, not to increasing levels of carbon dioxide. Over the past ten years there has been no global warming, and in fact a slight cooling. This is not at all what was predicted by the IPCC models."

Given this statement by this Professor from a United States College of normal standing, we can clearly see that what the IPCC, known as, (UN's Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change), is wrong with what they and their talking head, Al Gore would like the world to believe. It is very sad that we have been misled by people with a totally hidden agenda that will put us all in the poor house if they have their way with their lies and false statements. None of them, let me say this strongly, NONE OF them are right about "Global Warming", as a matter of fact, they are 180 degrees out of place, we are going into "Global COOLING"!

With just these few FACTS, it is clear that "Global Warming" is nothing more then a huge ploy upon those who are easily led to believe whatever the talking heads say they should listen to.

Once the PEOPLE really know the facts on this, they will be able to state with strong conviction to those who yell out "Global Warming" that they are stupid and dumb and should learn some science before they start running off at the mouth on subjects they know little about. This is not just my "OPINION" but also my opinion based upon facts and scientific knowledge sent to me with data to back it all up. This is the truth and not the fiction that AL Gore, the United Nations, and most in Washington want you to believe.


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