Wednesday, July 02, 2008


Carl F. Worden
Liaison Officer
Southern Oregon Militia

If the Joint Chiefs of Staff and Congress show the same gutless cowardice they did when President Bush ordered the illegal attack on Iraq without the required congressional declaration of war, this pathological, sociopath of a president will order an attack on Iran in cooperation with Israel before Bush is due to leave office, providing that current diplomatic efforts with Iran fail.

Look, this is not an alert sent out by that phony “Sorcha Faal” or any of the other hoax-artists. This is coming from Carl Worden and the Southern Oregon Militia, and our national intelligence gathering has reached the point we cannot ignore the data we are receiving about this pending attack.

All the planning and preparation is in the works, and our military is poised to carry out the attack if ordered – right now.

While we realize the threat Iran presents to Israel and the stability of the Middle East, including the threat Iran presents in potentially blocking the Strait of Hormuz and all oil transports that pass through it to the Western nations, this pending attack is being accelerated by the Bush Administration because they know Barack Obama will likely be elected president and that he will take a much more moderate position in dealing with Iran. The Bush Administration believes such a moderate approach will lead to the total annihilation of Israel by her neighbors and that only a massive military, mostly airborne attack on Iran will prevent that scenario from playing out.

Unless our Congress finds its testicles and our military commanders refuse to follow these illegal orders, we see this attack being carried out no later than November 1st, and probably within 45 days earlier – based upon the level of preparedness we are now aware of. In truth, and based upon the military readiness we are informed of, the attack on Iran could conceivably be ordered within the next two weeks.


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