Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Constitutional Fireworks Ignite Monday

Plan to Restore Constitutional Order Begins: "No Redress, NO TAXES."

Every Member of Congress, the President and U.S. Attorney General to be served a legal "Demand & Notice" for Redress of Constitutional Violations

June 30, 2008 may be remembered in history as the day Americans began, in earnest, the moral and solemn process of holding their (servant) Government accountable to the Constitution -- under threat of withdrawal of allegiance, support and tax money.

Next Monday, approximately 1200 American citizens will begin the process of exercising the profound, but little-known, unalienable "Right of Redress." These individuals will serve a legal "Notice and Demand" for Redress upon every Member of Congress at their local district offices.

“Most People do not know that this natural Right, first articulated 800 years ago in Section 61 Magna Carta of 1215, is also embodied and protected by the Petition clause of the First Amendment,” said Bob Schulz, Chairman of the We The People Foundation for Constitutional Education. “And the Government does not want the People to know about it.”

Recent academic research has established that the Right to Petition for Redress is NOT a redundant statement of the Right of Speech. It is in fact, the individual and peaceful exercise of the cornerstone principle of Popular Sovereignty. In 1774, here is what the Founders unanimously adopted while sitting as the First Congress in Philadelphia:

“If money is wanted by Rulers who have in any manner oppressed the People, they may retain it until their grievances are redressed, and thus peaceably procure relief, without trusting to despised petitions or disturbing the public tranquility.”

Journals of the Continental Congress, 1:105-113

Demanding an official response within forty (40) days, the Notice includes seven (7) Petitions for Redress of Grievances regarding substantial violations of our Constitution including the war, money, privacy, arms and tax clauses. Illegal immigration and the NAU are also Petition subjects.

If Liberty and Constitutional Order are to survive in peace, it is imperative that the People learn about and exercise the unalienable Right of Redress. For details about the Plan to Restore Constitutional Order, visit:


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