Sunday, June 08, 2008

Our Failure

By Leon Puissegur

People are quick to condemn President Bush for the problems in the last four years, but if one takes the time to look back at those four years we can clearly see where the problem began.

In 2004 the elections showed that the people were fed up with the way Congress was working, it was broke and still is broke only now it is worse than ever. The price of gas in 2004 was just $1.69 and we were complaining about that then, now it has no end in sight. This one problem can be blamed on the Democrats and liberal Republicans since they have had the chance to make the price of gas go down through alternative fuels and exploration of Alaska, but they felt the environment was better served then the needs of our economy and our way of life. Yet the ecology would suffer very little if they would allow drilling in Alaska and the people of Alaska want to drill but the "FEDERAL" government will not allow them to. It is claimed that Alaska may have more oil then Saudi Arabia had.

The next thing that the Democrats and liberal republicans did was to stop the building of new refineries because of their extremely strict environmental policies, most of which do not hurt anyone but the consumer. Back in 2002 it was known that we needed new refineries and the Democrats along with some of the liberal Republicans decided that our country did not need these refineries due to the environmental damage they do, so now we cannot refine oil the way we could had just two refineries had been allowed to be built. If one wants to really get down to the bare facts we should go back to the 70's when we had lines in front of gas stations and had certain days we could fuel our cars up, Congress knew back then what was needed and failed to help the very people that put them in office. and none of them have done anything but fight on capitol hill.

When it comes down to just who is at fault for the mess we are in we need not look any further then the mirror in the bathroom, that is right, we ourselves are the sole people responsible for the mess we are in today, we did not care about who got elected, we did not care about what they really did once elected, and now we are paying the price through high gas prices and soon high prices on everything that is not grown in our own back yards.

That is right, we have failed as a people because we did not want the environment to suffer even though certain sections of our nation could forego the suffering because it did not effect us in our backyard, now we are paying ten times over for what we considered as being right. Our enemies are laughing at us all the way to the bank. The very people that caused the destruction of the Twin Towers in New York are building extravagant Islands with the money they have made off of us and we stand here admiring the beauty of them destroying their environment while we have more oil then any other nation just sitting in the formations in Alaska, California, Florida, and all across the United states.

To add insult to injury, one man has developed a device that can take 6 ounces of water and run a car for 100 miles, and few if any are demanding that this device go on market. This one device would not only stop the pollution, but also solve the problem with fuel for our cars, just think, if you ran out of fuel, all you would have to do is find some water to put in the tank so you could continue with your drive. No our politicians, both Democrats and Republicans have failed us, but it is not their fault, it is ours because we have not done what we were supposed to do, go out and vote for those who look for the right thing to do even if it is not popular. Thomas Pain once said, "He who dares not offend cannot be honest." Just how many "politicians" today bend over backwards trying not to offend anyone? This is not a sign of great people, it is a sign that we as voters have failed at OUR appointed duty and if we do this in the next Presidential election, we all may well have to buy horses and cows in order to survive.

It is OUR responsibility to hold these "politicians" accountable and we as a people have failed by not voting and not complaining and when that fails, we did not place the right people in office. The Speaker of the House from California, Pelosi, has said she needs to place a tax on Social Security, but just on those who could best afford to pay the tax, therein lies the problem, who sets the place where taxes start and what happens when the 20 million "ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS" she wants to make citizens start grabbing the Social Security rolls as some of them do now? I'll tell you just who will pay their bills, those of us whom are now on Social Security, and then when they run out of money, we will have no Social Security left because the Illegal Immigrants got it all.

We, you, and I have failed our nation by not standing up and demanding that Congress follow the Constitution and not make any laws which counter any part of that great document, but it may well be too late, only the upcoming election will tell the tale of our nation succeeding or failing, it is up to us to place a person in office that will not just talk but also have the experience to do something about our nation and the crisis we are now in. It is now up to the people and if they place the wrong one in office, we can expect gas to reach $10.00 a gallon and bread to reach $6.00 a loaf along with the loss of even more jobs, the loss of money and a depression unlike the 1920 era, it will be much worse with fighting in the streets of major cities and fighting to protect what little we have left. It could well happen if we as a people do not take a stand now and tell all our "politicians" to do something for us and not for the lobbyist. This is all a matter of my "opinion", but much of it is so close to reality that it does become scary.


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