Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Time For Resignations!

If President Nixon could be forced from Office over the coverup of an offense that was only slightly more grievous than a College prank--an illegal, undercover violation of the privacy of a political campaign office;--why should patriots not be demanding the immediate resignation of both President Bush and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi for far more serious violations of their sworn duty.

For openers, they have worked together to authorize massive intrusions into the private domains of Americans, for no better reason than they refuse to employ common sense profiling, to identify the likely objects of concern, in the "War On Terror." Rather than risk a few allegations of ethnic insult, by a finely tuned micro surveillance; we have macro intrusions into the lives of mainstream Americans, in obvious insult to the stated purposes of our written Constitution. (At the same time, they have colluded in policies, the stated purpose of which is a macro ethnic insult to hundreds of millions of people.)

During the same period, both the President and the Speaker have effectively worked together to squander 100s of billions of dollars by engaging in reckless spending, which every student of monetary theory knew in advance would have the precise effect on the value of our Dollar, that it has had. Granted, the two miscreants combined may not have the intelligence to manage a local post office in a third world nation; they have very expensive staffs--people hired precisely to provide the brain power that the "leaders" obviously lack--and there can be no conceivable excuse for the policies they have followed.

The time has come to demand resignations. Let us be among the first to do so.

William Flax

Conservative Resource
Center--Return Of The Gods Web Site


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