Wednesday, August 04, 2021


By Mark Vogl

We live in tyranny today!  We have no remedy for our national government conducting policies against written and established laws and the Constitution of this nation, and our national capital is imprisoning citizens without due process!  We have governors and mayors imposing restrictions and setting aside the rights of some citizens because of COVID.  But those same elected officials allow small segments of our population, Black Lives Matter, ANTIFA, and illegal immigrants to conduct trespass, vandalism, theft and violence without a police response.

We live in a nation where our election was stolen, where a sitting President was removed by a coup.  This coup was camouflaged as a normal election, but when thousands of citizens sign affidavits alleging criminal activity and nothing is done.  When more than 80 lawsuits are set aside by the judiciary without ever looking at the evidence, we have no way to secure redress!  We live in tyranny.

Tyranny exists today.  We have no remedy as we endure an invasion of hundreds of thousands of foreigners.  Our federal government, in the hands of members of the Democrat Party have literally decided that laws they cannot change, they will ignore.  We have a Democrat administration that is using the bureaucracies of the federal government to facilitate an invasion of our nation.  American taxpayer dollars are being used to transport COVID - carrying strangers to all corners of our nation.

Tyranny exists when a citizen has no recourse, no legal way to address wrongs against them.  We live in tyranny today.

The only real answer to what is occurring, to the actions of the President, Vice President and their administration regarding their facilitation of the invasion should be impeachment and removal.  But alas, that will not happen, not even mentioned.

As wise as our Founders were, they could not anticipate the Satanic conspiracy (that includes thousands of people) that has overwhelmed our nation.  What we see today began in the middle of the twentieth century when America‚Äôs Biblical worldview was replaced, by the decisions of the Supreme Court by a secular humanist point of view. 

2022 may not be our answer.  No state that has Dominion machines has fired those people.  Nothing has been done to ensure that there is no interference with our election process.  COVID continues to be an excuse for extra-Constitutional powers, and abnormal government activities.

And lastly, our mainstream media has jettisoned its Constructional responsivities to become an arm of a government headed towards fascism.  We live in tyranny.  What else is there to say?