Tuesday, March 02, 2021

The Grand Conspiracy and Collusion Of the 2020 Presidential Election

By Mark Vogl 

What happened in, and leading up to the 2020 Presidential election?

This paper will attempt to summarize the coordinated corruption of the 2020 Presidential election.  But before we do that, it is important to explain why there was a massive international conspiracy, that included elements of both US political parties to defeat Donald Trump as President of the United States.

1991 – 2016

With the end of the Cold War on Christmas Day, 1991, the United States and the world were in a new era.  This new era had several paths to the future.  There was literally no national discussion of choices, the ruling elite in America, in both parties had decided on a path and imposed it.  That new path could be defined in the “New World Order” proposed by President Bush.  This New World Order looked to a world where a central world government would assume control of humanity’s future.  The importance and power of the nation – state, the essential political unit around the world would be eroded gradually with supreme sovereignty to be held at the United Nations or some other international body. 

The national path of the United States, guided by Presidents Bush, Clinton, Bush and Obama (B-C-B-O administrations) implemented policies in accordance with the New World Order doctrine that led to US decline in relative terms to the rest of the world.  Some of the manifestations of this doctrine included economic policy and trade deals intended to benefit larger extra national organizations like the European Union, and the NAFTA economic block and aimed to integrate the People’s Republic of China into the world economy and provide Russia a place in the world economy.  The United States surrendered advantages constructed during the Cold War (1945 – 1991).  American Presidents split their responsibilities between Chief Executive of the United States and Leader of the Free World.  Presidents used their position, and the wealth and assets of the United States to benefit peoples around the world at the expense of American citizens.  Problems that accrued within the United States, like a broken southern border, national debt, stagnated wages, and continued poverty within the minority and poor white communities were left unattended either because they were consequences of the New World Order, or because there was no energy left within the system to deal with national problems.

The United States engaged in winless wars in order to sustain the world economic order. 

As time passed, the cause – and - effect relationship of the New World Order path built up resentments within the American population. National leaders began to rise.  Newt Gingrich saw some of what was happening, but was in a Bush – Clinton environment with a Republican Party filled with neo – conservatives.  Gingrich’s efforts on behalf of an America – First ideology cost him the Speakership when northeast Republicans in the House turned against Gingrich.

But, reality continued to agitate the American heartland and Sarah Palin arose with Tea Party.  Following Governor Palin’s failed partnership with Senator John McCain, the Ruling Elite’s choice to lose to Bill Clinton, Sarah Palin began her journey to alter the Republican Party.  Her endorsement in primaries became golden resulting in the next wave of change-makers, Senator Ted Cruz amongst them.

All of this eventually led to Donald Trump and the America First – Make America Great movement. 

The hatred that has arisen within America for Donald Trump, America First and the Deplorables is the reaction of the Ruling Elite, international corporations, One World Order advocates and beneficiaries and other anti-American forces within and outside the United States.  The America First ideology is a clear and present threat to the globalist economy, and to those desire to reduce the power and identity of the United States of America.  The battle over American policy and her future, is not just a domestic battle between American citizens, but a global battle that includes foreign interests.  Nations, NGO’s and billionaires whose interests are different than America First ideology, are engaged and working in concert, because of the vast amounts of money and huge differences in the world’s future.

Simultaneous to this the People’s Republic of China is rising through Super Power status to Mega Power status.  The contest is clearly about the character of the 21st Century and beyond.

President Trump’s futuristic policies, including the creation of Space Force and the building of the southern wall established nationalist flags.  President Trump boldly proclaimed on the world stage the re-assertion and re-invigoration of the nation-state.

It is all of this, and possibly trends and waves of change I have failed to identify that provided the gravitational forces to bring together international and domestic forces in a conspiratorial effort to defeat Donald Trump in 2020.

Not addressed here, but important to understand is that BREXIT and other political movements around the world arose in opposition to the One World Government and New World Order movement.

The Grand Conspiracy and Collusion

Questions of immeasurable importance with respect to our national security, our viability as a democratic republic, the integrity of American elections, and our future as a nation went unasked by the manstream media, and unanswered by our Judicial branch all the way to the Supreme Court!  Those questions include:

1.    Did American votes cross the Atlantic Ocean to be counted in Europe?  Was there a server in Germany, and if there was who was operating it and who has it now?  Did Italy’s government play some role in re-transmission of votes back to the United States through their satellite?

2.    Did somewhere between one hundred and forty thousand and two hundred thousand mail in ballots travel from Long Island, New York to Harrisburg, Pennsylvania and then on to Lancaster, carried by a vendor of the Post Office?  If yes, why and where are those votes?

3.    Were there more than two hundred thousand ballots cast in Pennsylvania than voters who voted?

4.    Why did six states close down counting of voting on election night?

5.    Were voting laws changed in multiple states that were not in compliance with the United States Constitution, or with the Constitution of the respective states?

6.    Why did more than one thousand Americans complete ballots allege election irregularities and voter fraud?

7.    Why didn’t the Courts address 87 separate lawsuits concerning the 2020 election?

8.    Did Chief Justice Roberts say that riots would occur if the Court took up the Pennsylvania case?

9.    Did Chief Roberts say in a phone call with another Justice that he would see that the “SOB” did not win?

10.           Does the People’s Republic own a major stake in either Dominion or other companies responsible for conducting the American election?

11.           Were algorithms used within the Dominion machines that altered votes from Trump to Biden

These are real question, not something out of fiction. 

As can be seen by the questions above the membership of conspiracy included the American Left (Democrat Party, ANTIFA, BLM, teacher’s unions), the Ruling Elite, the RINOs (the Republican establishment and   Republicans in Name Only), the mainstream media, Social Media, academia and international conspirators that include China and individuals across the planet.  Late in the 2020 Presidential campaign it was revealed that the Supreme Court was a part of the conspiracy.

The responsibilities of the American Press outlined in the Constitution were not fulfilled.  No investigation by an independent, unbiased media occurred concerning the conduct of the 2020 Election.

          This conspiracy could even include the Chinese creation and spread of COVID across the earth during 2020.  It would be COVID that would act as the reason for massive extension of mail in balloting in the Presidential election.

          FOX show host Tucker Carlson continued his allegations against “Big Tech” that they controlled information so as to benefit candidate Biden and hurt President Trump.

          And repeated stories indicated that had Biden supporters known of the allegations of crimes by Biden’s son been known to them before election day they would not have voted for Joe Biden.  The story had been suppressed by both social and mainstream media.

          At CPAC on Feb. 28th, President Trump continued his alarm that the 2020 election was stolen and that he actually won the election.  Attorney Sydney Powell stated, in late February or early March that more than 5,000 Americans stepped forward to make affidavits alleging election fraud “funded by evil interests around the world.”  Powell said that federal law requires election results to be retained for 22 months so that votes could be inspect.


          The conspiracy crystalized before Election Night 2016, or immediately thereafter.  For the next four years, a determined effort which could be known as “the Resistance,” worked to obstruct President Trump and the America First agenda.

          “The Resistance” consisted of not only the Democrats in both Houses of Congress, but in the mainstream media who conducted a four year barrage of negative stories and reporting about the Trump administration.  The coverage by the media was so biased, and so anti Trump that it had two unquestionable affects:

a.     Trump supporters rallied to become a united political force that would lead to an increase of ten million votes for President, and

b.    A hostile environment within the United States that placed great strain and stress on the general public that removed any chance for unity within America.

The Silver Lining of the 2020 Election

          The active, energetic influence of Donald Trump has been extended to a potential twelve years by the election being stolen in 2020!

Had President Donald Trump been re-elected the very best we could have hoped for was a tiny Republican majority in the United States Senate, and possibly a Republican majority in the House in 2022.  A hostile environment to the America First Agenda would have continued unabated.

          However, as the election turned out, it may be that over the next four years, 2021 to 2025, Donald Trump as leader of the Republican Party, may move much more towards the America First Agenda as the nation endures a Biden Presidency.

By 2024 America, and Congress may be ready to fully implement a Trump agenda through enacted law, and not just Executive Orders. branch.  And with this, a true correction in America’s direction may be installed by 2028. 

          Clearly at least half of the American nation supports President Trump, and the additional four years may give this nation time to clean out both houses in Congress, and build a strong cadre of MAGA supporters in both Houses of Congress.  Instead of limping alone, hamstrung by defectors and “the Resistance,” a new energy and drive grips America again.     

In addition, given the experience of 2016 – 2020, Donald Trump and his organization may be able to gather together sufficient “experts” and “wanna-be bureaucrats” to fully man his second administration with loyalists wanting to pursue and implement America First policies.

The loss of America’s Anchorman, Rush Limbaugh, is no small event in conservative politics.  Rush was the glue that held MAGA together through the tough times.  His voice and his ideas were essential to the success to Donald Trump.  Without Rush, I believe there would have been no President Trump.  While Rush left us a cadre of conservative spokesmen and women, none have his presence in the American conscience.  The void Rush’s departure leaves is something of concern to me, and millions of Americans.