Wednesday, January 01, 2020


Liberals are the most evil, anti-American group in the United States.  They are also, thankfully, the least intelligent and seemingly devoid of any understanding of Human Nature.  This is both good and bad, depending on the situation.

The situation brewing in Virginia is that the Liberal Democrat legislature and their baby-murdering governor seem to think they can pass state laws against the private ownership of guns, and once passed, they can confiscate those guns while their intended victims do nothing.  Virginia Governor Northam recently ordered the budget for incarcerations to be increased to account for all the gun owners the state plans to jail for non-compliance.  Apparently Northam thinks that move will discourage non-compliance; instead, Governor Northam has signed his own death warrant.

There is at least one county sheriff in Virginia currently organizing a militia to deal with the situation, but those people are very least the Liberals of Virginia need to worry about.  No, what they should be concerned about, if they had any brains at all, are all the heavily armed citizens who have recently returned from combat in Middle East guerilla wars.

I often hear Liberals, who don't know anything about asymmetrical warfare, comment that people with small arms have no chance against the heavier weapons available to our military and National Guard.  Apparently, those idiots actually think those who would resist an attempt to disarm them will stand like a conventional army against such firepower and get slaughtered en masse, thus, problem solved.  It's that kind of ignorance and stupidity that just might lead to a major problem starting in Virginia and fanning out throughout the United States.

This is how it will go down in reality.  The very first individual or family that is raided for their, "illegal", firearms will be the martyrs.  The Resistance will then begin a hit & run campaign of killing every Liberal they can find, be they citizens or government officials.  People who made the mistake of writing anti-American/anti-gun letters to their newspapers are already in databases along with their addresses.  Liberal professors, Liberal public school teachers, Liberal newspaper employees and everyone identified as Liberal will be assassinated.  No, the citizens of Virginia won't be incarcerated; those who attempted to violate their constitutional rights will, whether they be confined in their own homes or having to leave the state.  The Liberals have no clue what awaits them if they cross that red line, but once it starts, they will have no idea how to stop it.  It will be like a wildfire that gets started in heavy, dense brush on a hot Summer day.

I'm curious to know if President Trump is aware of the Virginia situation, and how close it is to all out civil war.  I'm inclined to think he is, but assuming anything is foolish.  Governor Northam probably thinks he can call up the Virginia National Guard in an attempt to put down the insurrection, but that is probably because he doesn't know about the Dick Act of 1903.  The Dick Act places the National Guard directly under the authority of the President of The United States.  If there is ever a conflict between a state and the federal government over who has the right to command the National Guard, the President has the upper hand.  An example of this is when Alabama Governor George Wallace tried to prevent school integration in his state.  His own National Guard was ordered by the President to enforce integration against Wallace' wishes and we know the rest of the story.

Of course, President Trump could jump in the moment Virginia passes such unconstitutional laws or tries to enforce them, or, Trump could let Governor Northam know well in advance that his National Guard will not be available for use against the citizens.  With no National Guard to protect him, and a police force that will be wiped out in short order the moment they try to enforce gun confiscation, the Virginia State House and legislature will be left unprotected.  By the time that happens, enough good citizens will have been killed to create an unstoppable rage in people bent on revenge, and I don't think they will be in any mood to hold trials.  In fact, I can foresee Northam being burned at the stake on live TV, as well as public hangings.  I hope it never reaches that point, but I have too solid a grasp of Human Nature to dismiss that probability.

The good people of the United States have had just about enough Liberal bullshit.  First, they tried every possible way they could to destroy the President we voted for.  For the first time since Obama left office, people have jobs and their wages are going up.  They are finally beginning to have savings accounts again.  For a nice change, we have a president who is not easily tricked into war.  The Liberals' incessant lies, their obsession with anything sexually perverted and their lust for killing more and more Human babies is getting to be a bit much, prompting many Americans to seriously consider that they may have to cleanse all Liberal filth from our society once and for all, that is, if they are ever going to save this nation.  It is for that reason that I fear if Virginia goes, so will the rest of the nation -- and that would be calamitous for all of us.  Our economy will collapse and our foreign enemies will pounce.  On the other hand, if the good and decent citizens do nothing, they'll lose this beloved nation anyway -- and that is what all these insanely stupid Liberals do not understand and won't, until it is too late.

Happy New Year!

Carl F. Worden