Sunday, May 20, 2018


Okay, so now we've got another Texas school shooter who used a handgun and a shotgun to kill or maim 23 people, including a wounded school resource officer and two teachers.

In this case, the brat was angry at a little girl who repeatedly rejected his romantic advances to the point she had to reject him loudly and openly in front of other students because the little asshole wouldn't take, "NO", for an answer.  He killed her first before turning his attention on anyone else he deemed to dislike him.

In all of these cases, the killers had a reason to kill, at least in their tiny little minds, so any attempt to identify a potential threat before a tragedy unfolds has proved to be in vain.  So let's get over the mental health bullshit and recognize the obvious:  People kill for any number of reasons, we cannot identify them beforehand and thinking we can fine-tune that effort will be met with continued failure and more attacks.

First, we have to identify the problem:  That is the fact most public schools still have not been hardened to discourage such attacks.  There is a call for metal detectors, but that will work just as well as it works for airports:  The terrorists can't get into the boarding area anymore, but they do have a generous supply of victims standing outside being screened, so what do the terrorists do?  they bomb and attack the line of victims waiting to be screened!

If you want to stop killers, you have to start thinking like a killer.  What would I do if I was so inclined?  I'd wait for the line of students to back up waiting for the metal detector and I'd slaughter them outside like sitting ducks.  That's how damned stupid these metal detector people are.  And trying to prevent some little maggot from getting a gun in a nation of 300,000,000 guns isn't even a cogent thought.

The first thing you do at a school is you allow ingress and egress at one point, and you don't allow, "open campuses", ever, because that allows students to come & go at lunchtime and break time or any other time.  When the students arrive at a public school, they need to be kept there until it is time to leave for the day.  The next thing you do is make sure enough teachers are packing concealed guns so they can converge on that one point of ingress instead of trying to figure out where the shooter is.

The latest school shooting had two resource officers, and at least one was wounded attempting to stop the shooter.  Why?  Because they were easily identifiable and the killer knew who they were, so he took at least one of them out right away.  But when the teachers are armed with concealed guns and shots ring out, the teachers know exactly where the ingress point is, and chances are that an armed teacher will still be able to stop the killer if he comes to their classroom.

Sure, there will still be some deaths and maimings no matter how many teachers are armed, but not to the extent that 23 kids, teachers and resource officers get shot with little resistance, and remember that these killers want the most bang for their buck.

Lastly, if you are a parent with school aged kids, get them the Hell out of Public School.  Use the many resources now available online to home-school your kids, and they won't be sitting ducks for some other parent's problem.  Further, your kids are now being indoctrinated into Liberal Socialist maggots by teachers who are more interested in imposing their ideology on YOUR children than they are in educating them, and the same is true of most college professors who have tenure and cannot be removed unless they get caught on videotape raping some kid on their desktop.

It is no secret that Liberals have chosen the public school and college environment to control and indoctrinate our future citizens to believe Capitalism is inherently evil and that Socialism is inherently good and, "fair".  That is why we have a Federal Department of Education, which is wholly unconstitutional and should be disbanded immediately, because, just like the Federal Highway System that can withhold funds from states that do not obey their new speed laws, the Department of Education can do the same to schools.  The Federal Department of Education can demand the students be taught certain things that have nothing whatsoever to do with basic education needs, like sex education, forcing the kids to view LBGT perversions as normal and encouraging abortion because students are just farm animals who cannot control their sexual urges.  The public schools reject teaching any form of Christianity, let alone God's code of morality, the Ten Commandments, so what did we expect?.

It only took a relatively few years to get God and his message out of public schools, and now that no Christian beliefs are allowed to be taught or even discussed there, we have a bunch of potential killers who have no fear of the Hell that awaits them for their actions, because they don't believe in such, "nonsense".  I had problems with bullies too, but it never occurred to me to take my Dad's gun to school and kill them!  Today, we have students who regard murder as a way to solve their people problems, and why?  It is because when there is no God, everything is permissible.  Everything they do can be rationalized in their minds, and when you don't think there are any afterlife consequences for the actions you take, you take them!

It's not rocket science why we are seeing these tragedies unfold more and more often, and these anti-American and anti-Christian Liberals who have taken control of our education system are entirely to blame for it.

Carl F. Worden