Monday, April 03, 2017

OUR UNITED STATES CONSTITUTION Too Important to Be Left in the Hands of LAWYERS

By Joan Hough 

The great Southern GENIUS- Historian, Dr. Clyde Wilson, in his text From Union to Empire, carefully elucidates for us constitutional questions of tremendous importance.  He informs us that a piece of ancient folklore still existing today erroneously declares that our U.S.  Constitution is in the “special keeping of lawyers.”

[How can we think this anything but Lawyers’ propaganda?]

Wilson advises us that the Framers did not intend for the Constitution to be a mere legal document—that very few of the Constitution’s framers were practicing lawyers.  The Founders were owners of large estates, or plantations or they were preachers or teachers or merchants on a large scale. Some, of course, were trained in law. Law, however, was not a highly-respected profession, but was thought to be a useful study enhancing one’s ability to handle personal property and participate in the life of the community,

For our greatly needed edification, Wilson explains that our Constitution was not seen by educated Americans, including its framers, as it is touted to be today—a tool of federal judges drawn from of lawyers and professors disinterested in the traditions of liberty and order, concerned primarily with big business and left-wing interests. The Constitution was not seen as a legal document to be interpreted only by folks who argue cases for pay or by people who teach others how to argue for pay. U.S. citizens once recognized the Constitution as what it is, a political document.

Through the 14th Amendment and the usurpations of all three branches of the central government, the Constitution has changed and continues changing.  But change is not a justifiable reason for the Supreme Court to be allowed to be the arbiter of such change. Such was not the role of the Court determined by the Founders.

Original intent should be determined not by “legal reasoning and legal tradition”, or by “democratic philosophy on individual “rights, but by “reference to the historical record.” Wilson advises us that this record of history is not a professional historian’s history, but a people’s history –by tradition—a widely shared understanding handed down from generation to generation. The Constitution rests upon the consent of the people, so it is the people who have the right to determine its intent. All arguing that this is unworkable are declaring that democracy and federalism are unacceptable.

The Constitution that requires a bringing back to life, is that one ratified in 1787-1788 and not the
 one “invented and refounded” in the 19th century as part of the development of a commercial republic, a Constitution under which lawyers formed an aristocracy.

[Some thoughtful Americans contend that if only the Constitutional Amendments added since the 1860s were erased, our national future would be greatly improved.] ONE THING FOR SURE, NO POLITICIAN SHOULD HOLD A SEAT IN THE U.S. CONGRESS UNLESS HE UNDERSTANDS THE ORIGINAL CONSTITUTION, the reasons behind its words and the protections and rights it guarantees  to each of us, the citizens, and to our individual states.  Every amendment that has not been legally ratified should be erased; every amendment that fulfils the goals of the COMMUNIST MANIFESTO should be eliminated.]

Sunday, April 02, 2017


By Carl F. Worden

It appears the Democrats literally broke every rule and some laws prior to the election, mainly because they were so cock-sure of a Hillary win.  This is why they panicked on election night and called on all their media sources to do their bidding in an attempt to cover-up all the nefarious deeds they had committed.

It also appears the Dimms adopted the incredible defense of accusing Trump and his administration of exactly what the Dimms were doing!  They have been literally pointing one finger at Trump and his people while hoping nobody notices the three fingers pointing back at them.

ITEM:  The Dimms have been desperately trying to make people think Trump is a secret ally of Russia, when in fact the Dimms have a far deeper relationship with Russia.  As Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton arranged to sell 20% of all American-produced Uranium to Russia.  In return, a number of people who benefited from that transaction donated $145,000,000.00 to the Clinton Foundation.  As anyone knows, the Clinton Foundation isn't really a charitable organization at all. Sure, they've given some of their vast wealth to charitable causes, coming to only 6% of the money the Clinton Foundation has taken in, but the primary purpose of the Clinton Foundation has been to fund travel for the Clintons and their cronies working for the Foundation.

ITEM:  John Podesta's brother is a registered foreign agent for Russia!

So all this talk about Russia colluding with the Trump Campaign to defeat Hillary is bogus on its face, and the only defense the Dimms have is their claim that 17 U.S. Intelligence Agencies concluded that Russia, "Meddled", in our election process.  The fact that none of these agencies have produced any evidence to back their alleged claims under the old excuse that National Security would be compromised is very telling.  The Dimms will react with outrage when anyone suggests the 17 Intelligence Agencies are lying, claiming the old, "Are you going to believe your lying eyes, or are you going to believe what we tell you"?

Well let's just remember that Clapper lied under oath when he was asked how far the intelligence agencies had gone to collect every electronically transmitted conversation of every American.  In point of fact, the NSA set up that massive data collection center in Utah to collect all content of all electronically generated conversations of every American citizen, an act that got its start when that mildly retarded President Bush 43 signed the outrageously unconstitutional Patriot Act. They are collecting content, and not just so-called meta-data which records only telephone numbers called, but not the content.  They have the content!  You don't need a massive data collection center to store just meta-data, and everyone should be righteously indignant that the NSA is the source of all the leaked information and unmasking of the participants in those recorded conversations of Trump and his team.

In point of fact, the NSA has a record of every e-mail Hillary sent and then scrubbed from her server, and that evil little man known as James Comey, Director of The FBI has known it all along!  He knew the NSA had that data, and yet he never tried to subpoena that data.  I do not understand for a New York minute, why Trump is leaving that weasel in place, other than Trump is adhering to the old wisdom of keeping your enemies close.

Now that Devin Nunes, Chairman of the House Intelligence Oversight Committee, has uncovered the unmasked, recorded evidence that Trump's team was indeed "tapped" prior to and after the election, the Dimms are reacting even more irrationally.  Adam Schiff, a Dimm on the same oversight committee, has now seen the same documents and evidence Nunes uncovered, and he immediately left the building without comment to the press.  It appears what he saw left him no room for the usual spin the Dimms rely upon, and my gut tells me he immediately called Dimm leadership to inform them that the Democratic Party is in very deep doo-doo.

This is really getting interesting!