Monday, August 15, 2016

Can Trump Win the Presidency?

Nelson Hultberg

Members of the mainstream media are coming down on Donald Trump like the German Luftwaffe came down on London. Ruthlessly biased, they are obsessed with sabotaging this maverick businessman-turned-politician in hopes of electing their statist champion, Hillary, to the presidency.
The American people, however, are not overly eager to buy MSM's leftist bias. The majority of them still believe in free enterprise and limited government. Unfortunately The Donald is not exactly a "free-enterpriser" or a "limited government" advocate. But then no one else out there is either.
Thus the choice is clear for patriots. If we wish to keep Hillary - who will destroy what last semblance of freedom we have left - out of the White House, we must support Trump. Despite his flaws, he will vehemently challenge the establishment and restore freedom and growth to the wreckage Bill Clinton, the Bushes, and Barack Obama have cursed us with over the past 28 years.

None of our problems, however, are going to be truly solved by a "new political administration." America crossed the Rubicon of political sanity long ago, and is now going to crash horrendously because of the fallacies of Keynesianism and social welfarism, either slowly over the next two decades, or suddenly in a gigantic collapse of banking that takes only a couple of years to unfold.

All Trump can do is buy some time by restoring productivity to the economy, along with sanity to immigration, trade and foreign policy, which would give us a chance to educate some of the powerful intelligentsia prior to the inevitable economic crash that is coming. Then after the crash when we are climbing out, perhaps we can guide America back toward the Founders' ideal, rather than toward the globalist vision of today's collectivist establishment. So there is no alternative to Trump if we wish to have any chance of directing the country back to freedom after the coming collapse of the economy and everything tied to it.   

Establishment Panic
Jack Nicholson is smiling brightly these days, for his comrades from the Cuckoo's Nest have taken over MSM. The members of today's media have gone truly, irreparably insane, in full panic fearing that Donald Trump might actually win. Thus they are willing to sacrifice all integrity and patriotism to serve the super state headquartered in Washington and Wall Street. Their panic is like what one encounters when he shines a flashlight on a dumpster while it's still dark and confronts rats scurrying in all directions.
But these leftist rats and cuckoos are reluctant to attack Trump on the critical issues (such as the sputtering economy, immigration, trade, imperialism, etc.) because they can't. The people support Trump on such issues. So MSM resorts to egregious smears and distortions of Trump's temperment and controversial statements.

For example, Trump was not advocating assassination in a recent speech. Anyone who is intelligent realizes that. Yet MSM hopped all over his Second Amendment terminology to try and intimate that he was.
Trump is simply not refined with political-speak. He hasn't played in the game of politics for his life's work like the Bushes, Obamas and Clintons. Thus he occasionally lets fly with awkward phrasings and stupid statements in the emotion of a rally. But he's an advocate of assassination like Pope Francis is an advocate of fornication.
Likewise, was Trump actually saying that Obama and Clinton were the "personal" founders of ICIS? Of course not. He was saying that their naivety about Islam, their appeasement of it, and their premature abandonment of Iraq created the rise of ICIS. In his mind, this made them the "founders" of ICIS, but certainly not the "personal" or "physical" founders. Again awkward phrasing and a stupid statement. Obviously more clarity could have been used. But surely members of MSM knew what Trump meant. They simply chose to distort it and smear him with the ambiguity of the phrasing by conveying that he meant Obama and Hillary were "personal" founders. MSM has to do this because Hillary offers them no rational campaign to support; thus they must smear Trump's missteps and hope this will carry the day for their cause of mega-statism.

Can All this Smearing Be Circumvented?
The major strength we have is that Hillary is as corrupt as the sleaziest of banana republic dictators and is a pathological liar. Even when the truth would serve nicely, she is compelled to lie. Moreover her economics will destroy America and drive us deeper into the permanent recessionary malaise we suffer from now. Trump's economics will rejuvenate America. If the people can distinguish between the productivity-increasing free-market  jobs of Trump's economic vision and the productivity-stifling bureaucratic jobs of Hillary's economic vision, then Trump will win. He proposes to reduce business taxes to 15%; Hillary wants to raise them to 50%.

The two visions couldn't be more starkly opposed. Hillary will plunge America into European socialism and all its tyrannical misery. This is the iron law of ideology. Once it takes over one's mind (and socialism took over Hillary in her early twenties), there is no escape from its hold over you even when it shows itself as catastrophic and nefarious. Hillary is a mindless tool of the socialist ideology, and she will employ it to destroy America if the people are stupid enough to vote her in.

How will Trump overcome this? Hammer home his vision on 1) restoring jobs and economic growth via lower taxes and regulations, 2) closing our open borders, 3) cutting better trade deals, 4) ending imperialistic foreign policy, and 5) appointing conservative judges to the Supreme Court. Point out the profound specifics where his vision differs dramatically from Hillary's on these five points. Shame the quisling RINOs with the fact that if they support Hillary, they will be dooming America to destruction. They know this; they just have to be reminded of it repeatedly between now and November.

If Trump will also continue to call attention to the criminality of Hillary, then this is all he needs to do to win. Emphasize the above five policy proposals and remind the people repeatedly that they will be putting a Bernie Madoff / Leona Helmsley clone into the White House by voting for Hillary. If he sticks to this format, he will overpower her. She stands directly opposed to the above five policy proposals, yet a definite majority of the people have indicated that they support them.     

Many voters are unsophisticated when it comes to politics, but most of them do understand the basics of political taxation and regulation and its stultification of jobs and economic growth. They also understand the basics of political corruptions such as "pay for play," which the Clinton Foundation is waist deep in.
Why the Polls Are Not Valid
Hillary's present lead in the polls is not valid. Here's why. I believe that most RINOs want the statist establishment to see them as anti-Trump. This will keep them in good standing with the establishment's power elites and point of view. So they proclaim from the rooftops how they dislike The Donald and now support Hillary. This is what all good "herd mentalities" do. But when Election Day arrives most of them will not, in good conscience, be able to consummate their proclamations with action. In the privacy of the voting booth, they will "do the right thing," and vote against the destruction of America. Most of them will pull the lever for Trump even though they publicly denounced him because their denunciations were only for show so as to curry popularity with the establishment's elites.

Many blue-collar Democrats will cross over and pull the lever for Trump, even though most of them are presently telling the pollsters that they support Hillary because that's what good Democrats do. But when the time comes to act in the privacy of the voting booth, they will "do the right thing." They will pull the lever for Trump because they know down deep that Hillary is just an extension of Obama and would further destroy America. This is why all the polls are such garbage. They paint a false picture of what is really banging around in the voters' heads, and which will manifest only on Election Day.

The only hitch in the above scenario unfolding is Trump. Can he get on message and stay on it, refraining from all the flamboyant statements that get him in hot water with the MSM? If he can do this, then MSM will have no kerosene to build their destructive fires with, and the overwhelming logic of Trump's Reaganesque economic plan will dominate the minds of blue-collar Democrats, independents, and RINOs on Election Day. This will compel them to "do the right thing." A 4-point deficit in the pre-election polls will turn into a 4-point surplus on the day of voting.


Nelson Hultberg is a freelance writer in Dallas, Texas and the Director of Americans for a Free Republic A graduate of Beloit College in Wisconsin, his articles have appeared in such publications as The American Conservative, Insight, Liberty, The Freeman, The Dallas Morning News, and the San Antonio Express-News, as well as on numerous Internet sites. He is the author of  The Golden Mean: Libertarian Politics, Conservative Values. Email: