Saturday, November 22, 2014

Alien Tidal Wave Now Assured

Nelson Hultberg

Reason flees; pygmies rule. Our intellectuals and legislators on both sides of the spectrum have abandoned all sanity regarding immigration, culture, freedom, and common sense. Our country is in free fall. Collapse lies over the horizon like grinning Death with its blood stained Scythe. Pity our children. They must live in the desolate country we are creating for them.

Those who hold intellectual and legislative power in America today, no doubt, think of themselves as noble and brave in pursuit of justice and progressive purpose to advance the values of our great nation. They imagine that they are doing the “people’s will.” They please themselves in front of the morning mirror thinking that the world’s a better place because of their presence and acumen. But it is a cunning lie.

The highest of our leaders, our President, has just come in front of us to set in motion a leprosy of executive actions that must tear down our safety, stability, and legitimacy as a culture. He has inserted a Trojan Horse of deception and perfidy into our society that puts him on the path of history’s mega-tyrants. Stalin, Lenin, Mussolini, and Robespierre may have been far more ruthless and blatant, but the lawless policies of Barrack Obama are huge steps toward dictatorship, and will prove to be, in the long run, lethal to the decency and freedom that a just society is built upon. We are being assailed with the tyranny of the velvet glove rather than the iron fist; and those who man the media desks and the schools of America cannot grasp the subtle hidiousness of it.

Liberals are overjoyed with Obama’s egregious reach for power. “Way overdue,” “Compassion dictates this,” “Finally some action,” are the comments culled from the left. What do we hear from the right? Charles Krauthammer exemplifies the pusillanimity of the right. He informed Fox News that he would go along with bringing the entire 11 million illegals into citizenship. But we are a nation of laws, and we must do this the right way (via action by Congress), not the way Obama is doing it.

Can They Not See?

Holy mother of God! Cannot the neoconservatives see how craven they have become? Can they not see that the issue is not just right procedure via the Constitution, but also right reform itself? And right reform is not “clearing a path to citizenship” for illegals, but “withdrawing the magnets” that are bringing the illegals to America to start with. Cannot these phony conservatives see that it is only frauds and fools who appease their enemies, which is what they are doing to oppose the left’s autocratic immigration mandates? Can they not grasp that if we are to solve a problem destroying us, we must go courageously to the root cause of the problem? – which means eliminate the magnets. Can they not see that you don’t stop fire ants from invading your back yard unless you withdraw the honey pots? Can they not see that what is required here is simple wisdom and human courage?

There are four solutions to the catastrophic immigration dilemma confronting us today. They will require an intellectual toughness that is clear-eyed and steadfast. They are:

1)  Enact E-Verify into law so employers know who is legal and who is not.
2)  Disallow welfare services and schooling to all illegals.
3)  Make English the official public language used in our courts and schools.
4)  Eliminate the anchor baby loophole with Constitutional clarification.

The above policies, if enacted, would eliminate the magnets that have brought us to today’s illegal immigrant crisis. They would solve the problem genuinely for the long run, not just palliate it and kick the can down the road. But the above policies will never even be considered, much less enacted, if conservative intellectuals and legislators do not talk openly and courageously about them to all media outlets. This means with outrage, not with mealy-mouthed acquiescence.

Unfortunately we do not see conservatives speaking this way at all. They are, like Charles Krauthammer, mouthing all the wrong answers. They are assuring their questioners that they want also to “clear a path to citizenship” for all the unfortunate aliens “doomed to live in the shadows of American life.” What else is this but the promise of amnesty for criminals? Be patient my darlings; we will reward you.

Such appeasers believe all we need is to shore up the border, then amnesty can safely be granted. Post more guards and erect better fencing. Then the 11 million aliens can be given amnesty because that will be the last of it.

The website,, says the government is lying, and that the true figure is not 11 million illegals, but more than 20 million. Imagine that; the government is lying. Psychologists have a name for the Republicans’ mindset: delusional. No fence will solve the enormity of this invasion. Clever humans will always find their way over, under, and around fences. Only removal of magnets will solve the crisis.

There is surely dancing in the streets these days throughout Central America. Jean Raspail’s apocalyptic 1973 novel, The Camp of the Saints, dramatically warned the West that continuation of its nations’ soft policies on immigration would bring their cultures to ruin with armadas of aliens eventually descending upon them.

Conservative, Peter Brimelow, stunned America with his own apocalyptic vision, Alien Nation, in 1995. And libertarian, John Hospers, emulated Brimelow with briefer, but equal fire in “A Libertarian Argument Against Open Borders” in the Journal of Libertarian Studies in 1998. The collectivists have smeared them all as racists. But their searing prose and frank courage would well serve our conservative pygmies in Washington today who are whimpering to the media about Obama’s lawlessness.

Appeasement never ends a problem; it always magnifies it. By 2035, the human hordes camped south of our border from Caracas to Tijuana will bring 40 million aliens to storm our gates adding to today’s 20 million. And larger and larger waves will then follow in the ensuing decades until California, Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas have been thoroughly “Mexicanized.”


It’s called Reconquista (reconquest). The powerful National Council of LaRaza (supported by Mexican Presidents, Ernesto Zedillo, Vicente Fox, Felipe Calderon, and now Pena Nieta) boldly asserts that the real Mexico extends into these states of America which Mexicans say were stolen from them in the 19th century. The National Council of LaRaza fully intends to take them back, not with military invasion of course, but with relentless cultural invasion that the American left appeases so eagerly.

Phyllis Schlafly, has exposed LaRaza’s false history in her article, “Is it Assimilation or Invasion?” [ nov01/01-11-28.shtml ]

The United States,” she informs us, “acquired the Southwest a century and a half ago in three ways: part by the 1845 annexation agreement with Texas, which was then an independent republic, part ceded by Mexico in the 1848 Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo after the Mexican-American War, and part by the 1852 Gadsden Purchase.

“Mexico's claim to the Southwest originated with the 1494 Treaty of Tordesillas, which drew an imaginary line on the map to divide the Western Hemisphere between Spain and Portugal....Other countries never recognized this treaty, and Americans consider it ridiculous even to talk about giving the Southwest to Mexico....

“Mexicans…hope is reconquista by migration, both legal and illegal. According to Mario Obledo, founder of the Mexican American Legal Defense & Education Fund, ‘California is going to be a Hispanic state and anyone who doesn't like it should leave.’"

Will Mexicanization stop at the border states of California, Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas? Highly doubtful. It will overflow into Nevada, Utah, Colorado, Kansas, and Oklahoma. Perhaps further north and east. Central Americans out breed Americans heavily, three births to two.

Exposing the Ideological Rot

Evil comes to us in a thousand disguises throughout our lives and throughout history. Perceptive minds know this, and thankfully are ceaselessly on guard against it. America now desperately needs such perceptive patriots to come forth. America needs a modern Thomas Paine / Patrick Henry type of leader who will speak truth to power and expose the rot in the ideological structure that guides our nation today.

This will require the likes of Ted Cruz, Michele Bachmann, Ben Carson, Mike Lee, Jeff Sessions, and so many other perceptive conservatives to quit thinking of their political careers, and start thinking of America’s political future. If we don’t stop this Marxist tyrant in the White House, we will not have a country worthy of passing on to our children. Impeachment is what is called for. Of crucial importance are patriot visionaries to honorably lead, not neoconservative hacks to cravenly accommodate.

From the beginning, it was obvious Barrack Obama was a dangerous man, as all Marxists are. This is because they do not share our concept of freedom. They believe that freedom is not the “absence of coercion in life,” but the “absence of difficulties in life.” And they mean to bring it about with massive government centralization. They hate the America of the Founding Fathers; they seek a Brave New World where equality of results rather than equality of rights prevails. They believe a government dominated society is not tyranny; it’s a “new kind of freedom,” as Marx declared.

Barrack Obama wishes to destroy America. Nudging us into a more egalitarian system will not satiate his narcissism and perversity. What is needed to make this hubristic charlatan’s life meaningful is to raze the American system while he is in power. Or at least create chaos and confusion on such a scale that it brings massive centralization. If economic depression, tanks in the streets, riots, and pervasive societal malevolence are the result, then this is what Lenin meant when he said “one does not make an omelette without breaking some eggs.” This is what all Marxists believe and are willing to tolerate in order to purge capitalism from the earth. The coming social malevolence is merely the means to a quicker obliteration of the Founding Fathers’ vision.

Wake up America! Evil comes in a thousand disguises. One of its grisly advocates spoke to us Thursday night, November 20th. He spoke of compassion, fairness, entrepreneurial spirit. He quoted Scripture and pontificated via the lexicon of the patriot. This, of course, is what good Marxists are trained to do. This is what Barrack Obama learned in Hawaii in his youth from the communist apparatchik, Frank Marshall Davis.

Mainstream conservatives are up in arms and have sworn to fight this tyrannical humbug. But they are rushing into battle like pampered Boy Scouts running into the forest to play campfire games and earn merit badges. The liberal dominated media dragon will gobble them up. They don’t even know what the battle is about, let alone what weapons to employ in fighting it.

There are four weapons that we need to stem the evil that sits outside our gates. They are the four policies listed above. To enact them will require immense courage and intellectual clarity. Do our conservative leaders possess such attributes?

Patrick Buchanan’s powerful book, Suicide of a Superpower: Will America Survive To 2025?, now looms ominously before us. Barrack Obama has shown us the overwhelming nefariousness of his dreams. Will conservatives rise to the challenge with a muscular and rational confrontation? Or will they prove to be just more fodder for the Orwellians that we have seen from the right since the gruesome days of Richard Nixon?

It is from such questions as these (and how a society answers them) that great nations rise or fall. One hopes fervently that the intelligentsia of the greatest country in history can rally itself to fend off the deranged traitors among us. The first step in that rally will be to admit that we are up against “deranged traitors,” not misguided Americans. We are confronting stark evil, not innocent error.