Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Illegals Swarm In -- Dallas Transformed

Nelson Hultberg

A few weeks back, I wrote an article about the twin evils of illegal immigration and Keynesian economics, and how they had decimated various neighborhoods of Dallas, Texas. I called attention specifically to the Valley View Shopping center near where I lived, and how it had been transformed from a fine and fashionable mall into a seedy Mexican swap meet. Several libertarians wrote me and defended such a demise as "the result of capitalism operating in a free society."

But is this so? Is Valley View just a normal part of an ever-shifting marketplace brought on by Schumpeter's "creative destruction" as libertarians maintain? Are complaints about such decay just conservative hyper-fear over the nature of capitalism?

Not at all. In 1996, the apartment complex I moved into upon arrival in town (and lived in for 12 years) was a nice, middle-class complex nestled among beautiful homes in a North Dallas surrounding neighborhood. The residents were 85 percent white Americans. Today that complex is down to 10 percent white Americans, 10 percent black Americans, and 80 percent Mexicans, almost all illegals. And it's uninhabitable.

This is not capitalism and "creative destruction" at work. This is ideological insanity at work. This is multiculturalist dogma hammered into our lives by the educational system for 40 years coupled with a federal government outrageously negligent as to one of its most fundamental duties - the protection of the nation's borders.

"It gets worse everyday," complains one local businessman. "I have owned a contracting business here for 25 years, and I can no longer find any employees that can speak English (nor do they have a desire to). Having been around them for the last ten years on a daily basis, they make no bones about it."

"Yes, Dallas is full of illegals," says a former resident who moved to California. "I lived there for years and still work in Dallas at least once a month. You will find illegals working everywhere, living in every suburb. You cannot insulate or isolate yourself from them completely - unless you live in a castle surrounded by a moat." [1]

"In 1980, one out of every eight Dallas residents was Hispanic. By 2000, the statistic changed to one in three. By 2004, Hispanics had become the largest single ethnic group in Dallas, comprising nearly 42 percent of the Dallas population, or nearly one in every two Dallas residents. The Catholic diocese of Dallas, moreover, grew from 200,000 in 1990 to 950,000 in 2007, with Hispanics accounting for most of that growth." [2]

Immigrant Crime Facts in Dallas

What else has the illegal immigrant invasion brought to Dallas? For starters the city is now being used as a main office by the La Familia Mexican drug cartel. Dallas' location is a natural for Mexican smugglers to distribute drug shipments throughout the U.S. because highway I-35 runs from Laredo on the border to Dallas and then to Kansas City and north to Duluth, MN. Dallas makes a perfect command and control center for high-level cartel members. "Dallas is the new Miami for transiting drugs," the DEA tells us. [3]

Here is the DEA list of the most wanted immigrant fugitives in the Dallas area: [4]


The Farmers Branch Ban

One of the most controversial issues in the immigration fight in the Dallas area is the Farmers Branch rental ban. This sedate northern suburb of Dallas (pop. 29,000) has been trying for years to ban illegals from renting houses within the city limits. But constant court battles from organizations such as The ACLU and the Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund (MALDEF) have stonewalled the legislation.

In 2010, a federal judge (Bush appointee, Jane Boyle) ruled that the ordinance was unconstitutional, and moreover, it was preempted by federal immigration law. This ruling was upheld in March of 2012 by a three-judge panel of the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals.

Kansas Secretary of State, Kris Kobach, is the acting attorney for Farmers Branch. He told the court that the plaintiffs "cannot identify a single federal statute that the Farmers Branch ordinance conflicts with." He also stated further that the law not only allows such ordinances, the law "invites it." He disclosed several federal statutes that support the Farmers Branch ordinance with language such as: "governments should act to discourage illegal immigration," and another one that "forbids the harboring of unauthorized immigrants, which includes renting them apartments." [5]

Sadly the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in New Orleans ruled in late July that the Farmers Branch ordinance was unconstitutional. But city officials, under intense pressure to throw in the towel, have not given up. They say they have 90 days to decide on whether to appeal, citing a recent favorable Nebraska court ruling on a similar ordinance inspired by the Farmers Branch example. [6]

Stay tuned to this David and Goliath case. The odds are against Farmers Branch, but if they can win on appeal, then a powerful tool will be given to all communities across America to police and protect themselves from the Mexican invasion.

Property Values and the Illegals

Why has Farmers Branch fought so hard? One obvious reason: property values.

For example, the North Dallas apartment complex I lived in for 12 years, referred to earlier. In 1996, it was a nice middle-class development. Today it is a dreadful slum with boom-blaster music thundering everywhere, garishly painted automobiles being repaired in the parking lot, squabbling and fighting, torn trash bags deposited on the pavement in front of the metal dumpsters rather than placed inside (this even when the dumpster is totally empty), and a slew of other degrading eyesores to suffer.

Liberal appeasement groups such as the ACLU, Chamber of Commerce, and National Council of La Raza claim there is no correlation between illegals moving into a neighborhood and the level of property values. This is not so. Illegals travel in packs. They attract scores of friends and relatives. They live three and four families to a house. They spread ruin wherever they go. Sure, there are exceptions, for the destructive elements of life are never total. But it's safe to say illegals moving into a neighborhood are a definite blight that real estate agents do not want to see.

Garland, Carrollton, Richardson, Duncanville, Seagoville, and certain portions of Dallas proper have already experienced this tragedy. But it is not reported by the mainstream media. Immigration enthusiasts see only what they want to see instead of what is plainly in front of them. Not unlike the liberals who went to Russia in the 1920s-1930s and came back raving about the beauty and freedom they had encountered. [7]

The Dangerous Apathy

One of the problems confronting Dallas is that the city has always had a certain Mexican flavor to its culture, much of which is not undesirable. But this long-standing Mexican flavor has led Dallas residents into a dangerous apathy regarding the present invasion of illegals and the consequences of amnesty.

Dallasites remain oblivious to these consequences because our professors in the schools evade the terrible truth of "Multiculturalism" throughout history - that it wreaks destruction whenever it is tolerated. And PC pundits condone this evasion daily via mainstream media. Thus well-meaning and patriotic Dallasites go about their daily lives believing the nation's "immigration crisis" is not really a crisis. It's just reactionary fear from conservative troglodytes unable to face up to the flow of peoples and cultures.

This "dangerous apathy" now permeates the country. Consequently we, as Americans, have become blind to the monster crisis being created. We cannot see back 27 years to 1986 and connect the dots of today's 12-20 million onslaught to the Immigration Reform and Control Act's granting of amnesty to 3 million illegals under Reagan. Well-meaning Americans, thus, continue to work for "Dream Acts" so as to grease the paths of assimilation for millions of aliens who have no intention of ever learning our language, our customs, or our Constitution.

Some vital truths need to be told:

1) We are being invaded, and border security alone as our defense is not enough.

2) Without an English language mandate, the right of states to deny welfare services to illegals, a closing of the anchor baby loophole, and enactment of mandatory E-Verify for employers, the tide cannot be stemmed.

3) Backyard honey pots must be removed to stop fire ants from streaming into one's yard, and the same applies to illegals.

4) If we don't allow the states to remove the lures that bring illegals here, we are worse than quislings.

None of this disaster has to be. America's "dangerous apathy" could be eradicated overnight if a principled stand on illegals would come forth from just one or two of our prominent politicians. In times of great crisis, history shows that voters will respond to courage and principle. They will connect the dots especially if a gutsy presidential candidate would dare to buck the PC police of our mainstream media and forcefully explain the dots to them - like Ross Perot explained the coming debt crisis with charts and ½ hour TV lectures prior to his 1992 Presidential Debates. Sixty percent of the nation would support such a stand if a courageous politician would emerge.

All Great Nations

No country in the history of the world has ever survived multiculturalism. America will be no exception. All great nations protect their borders. They abide by the requisites for stability and "ordered freedom." Their intellectuals peruse history rigorously and learn from it. They respect the ethnic majority of their country. They do not malign its traditions and smear its heroes in the schools.

Our grave crisis in immigration did not just pop upon the scene. It is the result of many irrationalities in philosophy, psychology, and sociology that have been embraced by the political left over the past century. These chickens are now coming home to roost. And Dallas is a piercing microcosm of America's problem as a nation. How this tragedy is unfolding is heartbreaking to those of us with a sense of history. Our government is fashioning a Camp of the Saints along the Rio Grande.

Will the American people regain their reason and rally to a new "common sense" for our time? The jury is obviously still out on that huge question. But those of us who were raised in a saner, freer, and stabler America know one thing. We will not let the traitors on the left win this battle by default. We will fight to our last breath.

Let this be a plea to Texas' own Ted Cruz. Are you the kind of leader who will fight with us? America does not need another Demopublican hack. She needs a visionary, a political Paladin to tell the people what the shysters won't tell them. The truth.


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Nelson Hultberg is a freelance writer in Dallas, TX and the Director of Americans for a Free Republic www.AFR.org. His articles have appeared in such publications as the Dallas Morning News, San Antonio Express-News, American Conservative, Insight, The Freeman, Liberty, and The Social Critic, as well as on numerous Internet sites. He is the author of The Golden Mean: Libertarian Politics, Conservative Values. Email him at: nelshultberg@aol.com