Thursday, August 22, 2013

FORMER GEORGIA CANDIDATE FOR GOVERNOR WINS SETTLEMENT IN LIBEL SUIT was formerly a successful political blog following and reporting on Georgia politics until early 2010 when the owners made the decision to publish libelous statements about businessman and then-Republican candidate for governor, Ray McBerry. Because of Ray's strong conservative stand for States' Rights and the Constitution, one of the former owners took it upon himself to publish libelous reports in an attempt to tarnish Mr. McBerry's character and to prevent his growing support in the 2010 GOP gubernatorial primary. Although the owners received orders from Mr. McBerry's attorney to "cease and desist" with the libel, they chose not to do so.

On Tuesday, May 14, 2013, after more than two and a half years of legal proceedings, the domain officially became the property of Ray McBerry as part of a settlement awarded in Mr. McBerry's libel suit against the former owners -- the former owners Jeff Sexton and Tom Knighton (current publisher of The Albany Journal) choosing to settle out of court rather than have a jury of their peers decide the case and the amount of award.

In addition to a cash payment and ownership of this domain, defendant Jeff Sexton also signed a confession and apology to Mr. McBerry in satisfaction of the settlement agreement as ordered by the Court. The first cash payment has already been made to Mr. McBerry.

This website now stands as a testimony to all those who would commit libel -- whether online or otherwise -- that libel will not be tolerated in the sovereign state of Georgia. In addition to the libel suit mentioned above, Mr. McBerry has also won a separate court action against a woman who promulgated lies about his character during the governor's race; and in that case, the judge also awarded Mr. McBerry's attorney fees.

Ray McBerry continues to be one of the most effective public speakers in Georgia, speaking regularly to political and civic organizations on the Tenth Amendment and the Constitution. He is also a father and Christian, as well as a businessman who now owns KBN Television in the Atlanta market. His strong support for States' Rights and nullification has provided the language for legislation passed in several other states in recent years and has been the impetus for groups to continue the push for such legislation in Georgia. He credits his testimony for Christ and his desire to prevent others from experiencing similar attacks in the future as the motivating factors for pursuing his libel suit against the former owners of

When asked for a comment on the successful outcome of his libel suit, Ray McBerry had this to say, "I learned during the governor's race in 2010 why good people rarely get involved in politics. On the evening of the third televised debate of the GOP primary, I received more votes in the straw poll among the 400 participants of the live audience than all of my Republican opponents combined; the very next day, the libelous statements began and did not stop until the end of the primary election. Those committing the libel made the mistake of thinking that my decision not to prosecute the libel case until after the campaign was over was a sign that I would not follow through; they were mistaken. I am grateful to the many friends and family members who continued to support me in spite of the lies which were said about me and for my attorney and friend Todd Harding of Maddox & Harding for helping me to pursue the libel suit and waiving his attorney fees. Thank you, too, for the one who recently took it upon himself to pay for all of my other expenses in pursuing this case; I am sincerely grateful. Finally, thanks to the thousands of volunteers during my campaign who worked tirelessly for Georgia and the cause of restoring States' Rights and limited government; not only did our message affect races throughout Georgia and across America at a time when no one else was talking about the Tenth Amendment, your efforts will continue to be felt in Georgia politics for years to come."