Tuesday, October 02, 2012


By J. Pat Baughman

I have worked at three K-12 school systems, a junior college, and both a private and a state university. With what is basically the spectrum of education over three southern states as the background for my belief, I am alarmed at what our educational system is doing to our country.

First, let’s consider what is valued by today’s educators. The northeastern universities of the Ivy League sit atop the scale as a source for “quality” faculty with a few famously liberal schools such as Wisconsin at Madison and Cal Berkley following close behind. These people march in lock step in the leftist educator’s culture war where political thought is very regimented. If you don’t think with the same mindset, you simply aren’t qualified to teach.

When you start out as a high school graduate wanting to be a teacher, you may have some liberal ideology, but most minds tend to be blank slates to be written on where political thought is concerned. These youth are on a quest for learning and the liberals stand in wait to guide them to the “politically correct” mindset. The pressure to conform is subtle at first, but grows geometrically as they progress through their senior year into the required graduate school curriculum.

The leap from undergraduate work to graduate school is the first of the major barriers because faculty pressure has a strong influence on who is accepted into a particular graduate program. The pressure becomes intense when the leap is made from the master’s degree to the doctorate. At this point, the liberals often have total control over the process and, if you aren’t a politically correct liberal, you are refused admission into the club which allows you to get your “professor’s union card”, the PhD.

If you are a person with an independent, analytical mind and a high sense of personal integrity, then you find yourself having to mask your beliefs and outwardly conform to the leftist agenda. Conform or be forced from the graduate program so necessary to complete your education, become an educator and join a faculty. And, let’s face it, being hired and accepted into a faculty is what this game is all about when you go for the PhD with the desire to teach.

Let’s say you are a clear thinking conservative who supports the Constitution, worships in the Christian faith and believes in the capitalist, American free enterprise system. You probably find yourself in faculty meetings surrounded by secular leftist professors who do not hold any of these three basic views. Here is where the point where the roadblock to our nation’s future and prosperity stands as a brick wall.

It is in the faculty meetings and dean’s offices that anyone who does not conform to leftist thought is denied tenure. That denial is tantamount to being barred from the educator’s profession. Do not fool yourselves into believing these faculties are fair minded, quite the opposite. They probe new candidates ceaselessly to determine whether they conform. They accept only those who will mold our youth into the same mindset and consider all conservatives as enemies in the culture war against what most people believe to the American Way of Life. They stand prepared to rewrite our history, blaspheme our God, support socialist economic theory and destroy our children’s futures.

Now you can see the multiple roadblocks, particularly in the graduate school and admission to the faculty where tenure is the key to success. These people have our nation by the throat and continue without conscience or integrity to destroy what more than 236 years of American struggle has produced for our descendants.