Thursday, September 20, 2012

The American Economy

Dr. A. H. Krieg
Board of Directors American Third Position (A3P) the European American political party.

The bearer of bad tidings is not generally looked upon with societal favor, but reality must prevail and in our present economic climate that is not happening. The Republocrats are far to busy maligning each other, the media freezes out third parties, reality and truth is the victim. The fact of the matter is, that basic economic indicators point to the collapse of the dollar along with the entire American economy. This is not accidental it is planned!

Case one: The US Dollar Index is what is called a basket of currencies. They consist of the Euro, Yen, British Pound, Canadian Dollar, Swiss Frank, and Swedish Krona. The index is used to gauge the performance of the dollar relating to all the other currencies. DXY now stands at 79.07 down (-23% in the last three months) This is closely reflected in a 15% inflation rate (ShadowStats) that may be anticipated to grow to 25%+ by next spring due to Benjamin Shalom Bernanke’s $40 billion a month “Quantative Easing”. If you like paying double for gas and eggs just wait until “The One” is reelected.

Case two: Taxes are rising dramatically due to government overreach and massive spending. Even though the economy is in a considerable growing downturn that has lowered government revenues, individual taxes have risen. Meanwhile 46.7% of Americans are not paying any taxes. The rise is not only national but states hard pressed to pay ridiculous union pensions are universally increasing fees, licenses, and anything they can get away with. In the mean time inflation adjusted dollars are down to $19,409 today from 24,701 just ten years ago. The Cook County teachers who just ended their strike earn $76,000 annually with a pension of $ 41,000 average while the median income in Cook County is $ 44,000.

Case three: The top ten percent of American earners pay 71% of all collected taxes. This is called the progressive tax system as outlined in the communist Manifesto. It penalizes self-reliance, industry, industrial growth, and development. The 71% however only earned 43% of the total income. The lowest 50% earners paid 2% of all collected taxes, but they earn 13% of the total. This system is unsustainable. Only change to a consumption tax will fix this.

Case three: Federal revenue by source indicates that individual income taxes account for 47.4% of all collected taxes, Social insurance that is also dumped into the “General Fund” is 35.6%, corporate taxes 7.9%, Customs and duties 5.7% Excise taxes 3.1% Estate and gift taxes 0.3%. This is an incredibly stupid system, which should be replaced by a consumption tax.

Case four: America has the highest corporate tax base in the world. 39.26%, the next highest is Japan with 36.8%; Japan has been in an economic doldrum for three decades. The combined national average corporate tax is a basket of Canada, France, England, and Switzerland is at 25.47%. This drives business away from America reduces employment, reduces government income and stifles the economy.

Case five: Obamacare will drastically increase federal taxes. Total tax hikes over the first ten years of enactment will be $500 billion. As there are also increases in higher income taxes, higher investment taxes, there will be slower economic growth. The first large hit comes in 2013 when a new payroll tax in investment income goes into effect in January, hurting all retirees. Other increases of Obamacare are; medical instruments tax, fees on pharmaceutical companies, special fees and regulations on insurance carriers, new restrictions on HAS & FSA accounts, special tax increase for “Good” private health insurance plans, a new health insurance tax, 16,000 IRS agents to oversee Obamacare, and individual employers mandates.

Case six: The projected Obama budget for 2013 hikes taxes by $ 2 trillion. Obama FY 2013 budget includes $ 1.5 trillion in tax hikes, when coupled with Obamacare it is $ 2 trillion. This includes the largest tax hike in American history by expiring the Bush tax cuts. Also proposed by Obama is an increase in corporate taxes, death duties, capital gains taxes, on international business, repeal of the inventory valuation rules, increased unemployment insurance costs, higher taxes on energy producers, (Already kicked in with the closing of coal mines in PA) and increased taxes on all insurance. All this works out to $ 1,433.1 billions and includes an Obama proposed $75 billion tax cut for the poor who don’t pay any taxes in the first place.

Case seven: Contrary to Fabian and Keynesian economics tax increases do not increase government income, quite the contrary as was shown during the Reagan presidency where reduced federal taxes increased governed tax collected income. From 1960 to 2012 top individual income taxes fell from 91% to 35% today. Government income from taxes never in that time fluctuated more than 4-percentage points the average was 7.7 with a high of 9.2 and a low of 7.1. So a drop of 49% in the tax rate had virtually no effect on collected taxes.

Case eight: Tax revenues have an historic average of 18.1% of the GDP; today we are over 25%. The concept of increasing taxes in such a horrible economy is downright stupid.

Case eight: Unemployment continues to grow as more and more Americans cease looking for jobs. Actual unemployment (ShadowStats) is now at 24.7% the number of Americans looking for jobs exceeds 23 million. New monthly jobs offered are on average 100,000 below that number necessary for new job seekers, never mind those out of work.

The latest move on the slippery slope to oblivion is Helicopter Ben’s $40 billion per month Quantitive Easing, in case you’re not a mathematician, that works out to $480 billion, say ½ trillion dollars added onto the already $ 2 trillion projected deficit for 2013. Projected to 2016 it would mean a national debt of say about $ 27 trillion deficit by that time. This will mean a growth of the inflation index to 25% in 2013 and gradually climbing to 40% by 2016. Additionally the interest payment on $27 trillion is unsustainable for America. The average taxpayer does not now understand how that will impact him. Let me be frank. Gasoline at $7.50 eggs at $4.25 per doz, milk at $6.00+ Ben is making the dollar worthless so that they can pay down the national debt to foreign interests at 10 cents on the dollar, the problem with that is that the American consumer takes an even bigger hit than do our creditors. Shades of the Weimar republic and Zimbabwe, which by the way is also run by an idiot.

In all his time in public office, Obama has never once stated that the wealth of the people ever since the industrial revolution grew every year until 1971, when the average American worker began to see his income falling. This reduction in income coincides with the expansion of progressives and the gradual socialization of America. Their central issue is the creation of massive government dependency and I am not speaking of the generally accepted forms of it, the 47% of the general public that pays no taxes, but the perversion of the entire society. Firstly we see the unrelenting growth of government and the incredible pay and benefit packages by government workers. Then we see the states involvement through schoolteachers, whose incomes have become obnoxious. Lastly but most importantly we see the takeover of the private sector through massive subsidies to government favored green projects, $6.7 billion to date all of which has been lost. The Ethanol industry that without government subsidies would die an immediate a well deserved death. Likewise solar electricity and solar hot water all of which are economic losers. Ethanol has induced farmers, and producers to government dependency. GM –Government Motors. In which we have about $37 billion invested and is now totally dependent on government. The Volt for example lives only on government orders, costing taxpaers $135,000 for each car produced. Insurance and AIG the largest in the world insurer is now on government tit. Banksters and Wall Street who are now also a new dependency class. Obama and his communist czars, and communist cabinet are turning the entire nation into a communist dependency state.

Remember the Cloward & Piven theory for the destruction of a capitalist economy? The formula is simple; overload all the social services until the entire economy collapses under its social service weight. That is exactly what is happening. Obama is a great admirer of this economic practice and has implemented it in America. On October 2006 we had 260,000 on food stamps today we have 47 million. The government has taken over college loans making all borrowing students state dependent. Disability has seen an increase of 36% in the last three years. 46.7 million Americans are on one or another form of state dependency, that’s 37% of the total population. We have 24 million illegal immigrants using our schools, hospitals, and social services and contributing nothing to our society. Our national social costs have outpaced our ability to afford them or even the interest payments for them, years ago, so the government prints worthless money to provide services that none of us can afford and in the process bolster inflation.

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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Thomas Jefferson Heritage Society presents: "Cracking the Fable: The Truth behind Jefferson and Hemings”

By Gar Schulin

CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA – The Thomas Jefferson Heritage Society will host a panel of distinguished authors, researchers and nationally acclaimed scholars to address the Thomas Jefferson-Sally Hemings controversy in a comprehensive review of the facts of the historic record to date. The academic seminar, “Cracking the Fable: The Truth behind Jefferson and Hemings,” will be held on Saturday, October 27, 2012, in Charlottesville, Virginia on the grounds of the University of Virginia in the Commonwealth Room at Newcomb Hall, from 10:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Admission to this special event is free and open to the public.

The seminar will include a presentation by Dr. Robert F. Turner, Chairman of the independent Jefferson-Hemings Scholars Commission. This group of thirteen distinguished scholars, independent and unpaid, spent a year studying all the available evidence relating to whether Jefferson could have been the father of a child by Sally Hemings. It was their “unanimous view that the allegation is by no means proven; and we find it regrettable that public confusion about the 1998 DNA testing and other evidence has misled many people into believing that the issue is closed.” Significantly, in addition to the unanimous conclusion that the allegations were not proven, the Scholars Commission voted 12-1 that the allegations were probably not true.

A public question-and-answer, panel discussion will be held following each lecture session. The day will conclude with book signings of The Jefferson-Hemings Controversy: Report of the Scholars Commission; In Defense of Thomas Jefferson and Jefferson Vindicated.

Guest presenters for the Morning Session are Mr. John Works, “The Monticello Association and the Graveyard at Monticello;” Ms. Cynthia H. Burton, “Did Poor Scholarship Affect the Paternity Debate?” and Dr. M. Andrew Holowchak, “As Well-Established as… Many More Things in History.”

The Afternoon Session will feature Guest Presenters Mr. William G. Hyland, “In Defense of Thomas Jefferson: What Sally Hemings Tells Us about Our Times,” followed by Dr. Robert F. Turner, “Is the Jefferson-Hemings Debate Over? Report of the Scholars Commission.”

John Works is a Jefferson descendant, past president of The Monticello Association and of the Thomas Jefferson Heritage Society. His published articles include “A Primer on Jefferson DNA,” published in 2000 and available online at: ,

as well as "The Jefferson-Hemings Controversy: A New, Critical Look," published in Volume 28, Number 3 of the Fall 2010 edition of the Sons of the Revolution's Drumbeat Magazine and available online at:

He was instrumental in influencing The Monticello Association's deliberations on whether to admit the Hemings into the Association.

Cynthia H. Burton is a professional researcher; veteran genealogist; and she is an authority on Jefferson's private life, his brother Randolph Jefferson, and the enslaved community at Monticello. She has 35 years’ experience studying the historic neighborhood and its inhabitants, and she has worked closely with several authors writing about the Hemings controversy. Mrs. Burton is the author of Jefferson Vindicated - Fallacies, Omissions, and Contradictions in the Hemings Genealogical Search with Foreword by James A. Bear, Jr., Emeritus Director and Curator at Monticello. She is currently working on a publication focusing on new research and the scholarship in the Hemings debate.

In the search for truth in the Hemings controversy, serious flaws have been documented in the scholarship of certain historians. Exploration of the record pinpoints enormous gaps in the evidence plus data that have been overlooked, ignored, and/or distorted. Mrs. Burton’s presentation will illuminate the questions, “Have revisionist historians' techniques of filling in gaps with imagination influenced by their own biases undermined traditional standards for objectivity in historical scholarship?” and “Did poor scholarship affect the paternity debate?”

M. Andrew Holowchak, Ph.D., is a Professor of Philosophy at Rider University. He has published over 70 peer-reviewed papers in areas such as ethics, psychoanalysis, ancient philosophy and science, philosophy of sport, and social and political philosophy and has authored 19 books. His articles on Thomas Jefferson include: “The Historical Pillorying of Thomas Jefferson: The ‘Seismic Effect’ of a DNA Study Gone Wrong” and “Jefferson’s Moral Agrarianism.” He is the author of Dutiful Correspondent: Philosophical Essays on Thomas Jefferson (forthcoming) and, Framing a Legend: Exposing the Distorted History of Thomas Jefferson and Sally Hemings (forthcoming).

William G. Hyland, Professor of Law, Stetson College of Law and attorney, is the author of In Defense of Thomas Jefferson: The Sally Hemings Sex Scandal (St. Martins) and the forthcoming biography, Long Journey with Mr. Jefferson: The Life of Dumas Malone (Potomac Books). The belief that Thomas Jefferson had an affair and fathered a child (or children) with slave Sally Hemings- and that such an allegation was proven by DNA testing- has become so pervasive in American popular culture that it is not only widely accepted but taught to students as historical fact. In this startling and revelatory argument, William G. Hyland shows not only that the evidence against Thomas Jefferson is lacking, but that in fact he is entirely innocent of the charge of having sexual relations with Sally Hemings.

Robert F. Turner, SJD, is a cofounder of the Center for National Security Law (1981) at the University of Virginia School of Law. Professor Turner holds both professional and academic doctorates from the University of Virginia School of Law, and is a former Charles H. Stockton Professor of International Law at the U.S. Naval War College and a Distinguished Lecturer at West Point. He has taught both in Virginia's Department of Government and Foreign Affairs and the Law School, and is the author or editor of more than a dozen books. A former president of the congressionally-established U.S. Institute of Peace, he has had a strong professional interest in Jefferson for more than four decades.

Dr. Turner served as Chairman of the independent Jefferson-Hemings Scholars Commission, and he is the editor of The Report of the Scholars Commission on the Jefferson-Hemings Controversy. The Report documents the results of a year-long, independent panel inquiry by thirteen distinguished academics from across the nation. Working without compensation at the request of the Thomas Jefferson Heritage Society, the scholars were unanimous in their conclusion that "the allegation is by no means proven," and with but a single mild dissent their views "ranged from serious skepticism about the charge to a conviction that it is almost certainly untrue." Each argument in the debate is examined in careful detail in the comprehensive 412-page volume, with more than 1,400 footnotes documenting their analysis. Many of the commonly accepted premises behind the story were found to be false, according to the panel of scholars.

A fable has been defined as “A fictitious narrative; usually of known origin.” Dr. Robert Turner notes the Thomas Jefferson-Sally Hemings Fable is clearly documented in the historic record as political smear allegations originating from the pen of a disreputable journalist named James Thomson Callender in October, 1802, and subsequently picked up by Federalist editors and abolitionists in the United States and abroad.

While the significant evidence in the historic record to date overwhelmingly vindicates Thomas Jefferson as a man of great character and moral rectitude; and as someone wholly innocent of the charges of fathering slave children, Dr. Donald Livingston, Emeritus Professor of Philosophy at Emory University, National Endowment for the Humanities Fellow, President of the Abbeville Institute for the Study of Southern Culture and Thomas Jefferson Heritage Society Board Member, notes there is a great deal of ideologically driven "advocacy scholarship" throughout academia, foundations, museum institutions, and the pop culture media today, which is more interested in changing public behavior than in truth. Dr. Livingston asserts solid scholarship and truth will eventually out those omissions of fact; intentional or unintentional errors in the transcriptions of historic documents; and other blatant falsehoods which contradict everything known about Thomas Jefferson contained in the historic record to date.

About the Thomas Jefferson Heritage Society:

The Thomas Jefferson Heritage Society ( is a Charlottesville, Virginia-based nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization which has a five-fold purpose: to further the honor and integrity of Thomas Jefferson, and to promote his vision and ideas, and their application in our times and in the future; to pursue truth in all matters that touch upon the legacy of Thomas Jefferson; to promote the principles of freedom, patriotism and truth, which were hallmarks of Thomas Jefferson's life; to sponsor and perform research in matters pertaining to the private and public life of Thomas Jefferson; and to stand always in opposition to those who would seek to undermine the integrity of Thomas Jefferson. Additional detailed facts documenting the work of the independent Scholars Commission and other distinguished scholars can be referenced at the Thomas Jefferson Heritage Society web site.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Sheriff Richard Mack

FRIDAY OCT 19th - Bartlett, Tennessee

Bartlett Station, main auditorium on Stage Rd across from the Train Restaurant

7:00 but come early!!

Mack – a former two-term sheriff in Graham County, Ariz., who along with former Ravalli County Sheriff Jay Printz, successfully sued the federal government when the Clinton administration demanded county sheriffs enforce provisions of the Brady Bill gun control law – said his movement seeks to target 1,000 sheriff races across the U.S. in 2010.

“We can have our country back,” Mack said, “but if you think the answer is in Washington, D.C., I’ve got beachfront in Oklahoma for you.”

All law enforcement officers, from the FBI down to the local meter maid, derive their powers from the people, Mack said, but the only law enforcement officers in the land who answer directly to the people are county sheriffs.

His book, “The County Sheriff, America’s Last Hope” spells out why he believes sheriffs are the last line of defense for the constitutional rights of U.S. citizens.

While many of Mack’s backers are gun owners who believe the country is taking away their Second Amendment rights, Mack said true “constitutional” sheriffs will protect the rights and freedoms of all Americans on any front.

“What would a constitutional sheriff have done in 1959?” Mack asked the crowd.

When the call came in to the Montgomery County, Ala., sheriff’s office that a black woman was refusing to move to the back of the bus – as required by law – the sheriff would have arrived on the scene and talked to Rosa Parks.

“Ma’am, what’s the problem,” a constitutional sheriff would have asked her, Mack said. Told she had taken an empty seat and just wanted to be left alone, the constitutional sheriff would have sat down next to her, ridden with her to her stop – and, once off, for good measure taken her into a whites-only restaurant so she could buy sandwiches for her and her husband.

He’d have then escorted her home, Mack said – asked if her husband was armed and could defend his family if anyone upset by what had happened came around and threatened them – and ordered extra patrols of the house.

“Remember, segregation wasn’t a tradition, it was the law of the land,” Mack said. “Rosa Parks taught us what you do with stupid laws.”

Mack said the Constitution gives the federal government the authority to police exactly four areas: treason, piracy, treaty violations and counterfeiting.

“The other 5,000 they’ve stolen and usurped from state and local authorities,” he said. “The very people who have promised us they will protect and defend the Constitution are the ones who are destroying it.”

In his 49-page book, Mack quotes Founding Fathers who warned that a centralized power in government would lead to one, in Thomas Jefferson’s words, “as venal and oppressive as the government from which we separated.”

This event is free to attend, but not free to plan and stage. Early donations would be very much appreciated. Please let me know if you can help in this regard. Thanks

Sunday, September 02, 2012

Clint Eastwood and Disrespect

Nelson Hultberg

The political left in America is outraged at Clint Eastwood's recent presentation at the GOP convention. The shock and disbelief of Rachel Maddow at MSNBC and the Blitzer gang at CNN is heavy with condemnation of this inimitable American icon.

The establishment media response has basically come down as follows: "Weirdest thing I've ever seen." "What was he thinking?" "Have the Republicans gone daft?" "The Democrats must have sent Clint to the GOP so as to sabotage their convention." "This was inexcusably disrespectful."

Yes, indeed, it was disrespectful. But what kind of humans allow themselves to be enslaved by a Marxist mandarin and his bureaucratic henchmen with a smile on their face and kind words about their enslavers? Craven humans, that's who! Obedient victims who, as Ayn Rand told us, "sanction their enslavement." And unfortunately that is what the American people have become, obedient sanctioners who are willing to give up their freedom with a smile on their face and kind words for the usurpers in Washington who are so zealously destroying the freedom and sanity of our lives.

Did Thomas Jefferson, Samuel Adams, and Patrick Henry play nice-nice with King George? Did they remain respectful to the tyrants who were ruining their lives? They most certainly did not. They declared the English tyrant to be a corrupt and criminal despot. They rallied their countrymen to spring up in rebellion. They stood up for their fundamental rights, as all courageous men and women do when faced with despotic bullies. They did what the valiant Chinese student did in Tiananmen Square when he stood in front of those monstrous approaching tanks.

If Jefferson, Adams, and Henry were alive today, they would have been cheering Clint on with vigorous enthusiasm. But what do we see from today's mealy-mouth media? We see a rush to defend the tyrant mandarins in Washington and smear the rebel Eastwood. We see squawking and crying and yelps of protest. But what we really see is what lurks in the subconscious of the establishment media - fear that their Emperor is as buck naked as Dirty Harry portrayed him. This is why the vacuities at CNN and MSNBC are so outraged. Eastwood pierced deeply. He showed Mr. Obama and the empty suit Biden up for precisely what they are.

This is what disrespect is, and why it is so important when a people are confronting tyrants. Those who obey their masters and play nice-nice with tyrannical regimes live miserable lives as doormats. Those recalcitrant rebels who boldly proclaim their disrespect for the despots of history have a chance to live in freedom. They might still get squashed; the tanks might still roll over them. But they at least know that they stood up for freedom and honor in their time. They know that they did the right thing, the manly thing, not the craven, accommodative thing. When bullies are breaking the cardinal laws of life and exploiting their fellow man (which is what the statists in Washington have been doing for over 80 years now), then there is only one course of action for honorable men - disrespect - courageous, colorful disrespect.

This is what Clint Eastwood did on August 30, 2012 in Tampa. He did the honorable thing - the manly thing. He heaped contempt on the statist mandarins in Washington. He did not lay down and play nice-nice with them. He did not try to compromise with them. He did not pacify them so as to be popular. He excoriated them with his words and his attitude.

In his advice to America's young men, the twentieth century poet E. Merrill Root wrote, "I would ask you again to dream and dare, and thus to ride again the stallion of manhood whose back is known only by those who with a brave heart grasp the mane of life and ride bareback and shouting even in God's thunderstorm."

Reality demands this from man, but the collectivists are at war with it. Thus their feminizing of our men today. This is not by accident. The collectivists want a neutered man; it makes their drive for world domination all the easier. What is horrifying is that large numbers of obedient men now welcome this travesty. To be forceful, unflinching, and self-reliant in face of life's vicissitudes no longer appeals. Modern psychology tells us that the virile Clark Gable / Clint Eastwood persona is unhealthy for society. Dustin Hoffman is to be preferred. Softness is correct; toughness is detrimental. But this is decadence masquerading as progress.

The crucible of life demands that men strive to fulfill their natures, that they stand heroically in face of adversity, that they defend the female and family with gallantry in face of the subtleties of evil. The real man welcomes this and refuses to apologize for his toughness and masculinity, his stoic steel will. For him egalitarianism and collectivism are living death. Early in life he knows instinctively that he hates the amoeba-like image of man with which Marxian-Freudian collectivism is trying to poison his soul. He loathes what the professors in college teach him. The real man senses early on that, in the words of General MacArthur, "there is a constant conspiracy against the brave" in this world. The herd mentalities of humanity wish to neuter manliness, for it stands in their way of collectivizing the world. Thus it must be purged from our lessons to the young. The real man resolves to fight this. He chooses to be in life what in essence he must be - a warrior for truth, a rock of granite, a seeker, a builder, a hero.

Clint Eastwood has exemplified such traits all his life. The weasels dislike him, and the naked emperors try to smear him with sociobabble. But there is a strain of man out there that knows his kind are the Atlases who hold up the world, that America was exceptional because she unleashed such men to climb as tall as they could dream. What we need so desperately today is for these kind of men to rise up and show massive disrespect toward the despots of Washington. Hoorah for Clint Eastwood.

Nelson Hultberg is a freelance writer in Dallas, Texas and serves as the Director of Americans for a Free Republic,, an educational organization founded to promote sound money and fair taxation. Mr. Hultberg's articles have appeared in publications such as The Dallas Morning News, The American Conservative, The Freeman, Liberty, and on numerous Internet sites such as The Daily Bell, Financial Sense Online, and Safe Haven. He is the author of a soon to be released book, The Golden Mean: Libertarian Politics, Conservative Values.