Friday, June 29, 2012

Supreme Court Decision: We Warned Against Roberts in 2005

Boulder, CO - The America First Party is not surprised by Justice John Roberts' decision in the Obamacare lawsuits. After all, the Party warned Americans about how dangerous Roberts was way back in 2005 when President Bush nominated him for the position. With this latest disastrous betrayal of the Constitution by Justice Roberts, the Bush II Presidency has once again shown itself to be the gift that just keeps on giving.

Roberts had a track record of trampling on property rights, the rights of innocent and helpless babies, and basic principles of fairness and justice before he ascended to the High Court. In two press releases, the AFP called the public's attention in 2005 to his penchant for stealing private property by government force, countenancing abortion which takes an innocent life, confiscating private funds to pay for unconstitutional government programs, and ripping off torture victims -- including American war veterans -- of their monetary awards for damages against the government of Iraq.

Former National Chairman Dan Charles said at the time: "President Bush had promised the American people that he would nominate a constitutionalist Supreme Court Justice in the mold of Justices Scalia or Thomas. Many conservatives held their noses and voted for the President only because they believed that promise. When he nominated Judge Roberts to replace retiring Justice Sandra Day O'Connor, President Bush broke that promise."

Now in this, one of the most devastating strikes against Constitutional liberties in the last half century, Roberts provides the crucial vote to uphold the so-called "health care mandate" under the taxing powers of the Federal Government. The notion, that a penalty is really just a tax, is ludicrous on its face, but now opens a pandora's box of regulations and prohibitions and mandates masquerading as new "taxes."

National Secretary John Pittman Hey stated: "There is no limit, under Roberts' reasoning, to the vexatious rules and onerous mandates that the Federal Government can squeeze past the Constitution. Any regulation, no matter how far afield from proper constitutional governance, no matter how great an insult to the sharp limits on federal power enshrined in the Constitution, will now be fair game."

Mr. Hey concluded: "Justice Roberts' violation of his oath to uphold the Constitution is proof once again that Republicans cannot be counted on to nominate qualified, decent, Constitutionalists to the High Court. This betrayal tears away the last excuse that Republican hacks have always used to coerce patriots into pulling the lever for the Republican nominee. The bitter lesson learned is this: keep voting for Republicans, and expect to continue to have your rights stripped away by their judges."

Friday, June 22, 2012


No Independence Day!

By David A. McElroy

There is NO REASON any freedom loving patriotic American should celebrate in the usual July 4th Independence Day activities this year. Virtually all of the principles and freedoms of American heritage the parades and fireworks were meant to celebrate have been eliminated from Uncle Sam’s regime. We live in a fascist police state wielding the world’s most feared military/industrial complex under total surveillance and brutal tyranny devoid of justice. Loud and conspicuous protests should take the streets!

Some speak of returning the federal beast to the confines of the Constitution of the United States. But I say look farther back, to the Declaration of Independence, and the Holy Bible which specified concepts for our civil government in America.

Protest your loss of dignity and freedom here in the land of the slave and the home of the fee! Protest TSA agents groping groins and breasts! Protest a government that respects NONE of our Bill of Rights! Protest a president claiming executive privilege for any and everything, including detaining, torturing, and killing people with no due process, no judicial oversight! Protest a president who refuses to do his constitutional duties and lies to Congress and thumbs his nose at the courts! Protest undeclared wars of aggression committed in imperial hubris! Protest the destruction of farmers, ranchers, small businesses and major industries in America! Protest the ongoing robbery by big bailouts committed by banksters, fraudulent foreclosures, and the Federal Reserve Bank’s usury destroying the dollar’s value! Protest a Congress that continues to spend trillions deeper into debt, cutting domestic human aid and letting our infrastructure rot while sending billions more overseas and waging wars illegally. Protest cutting Social Security and Medicare benefits working people were forced to pay for about fifty years only to find the funds looted by Congress! Protest Obamacare denying old folks medical care to push them into early graves. Protest Obamacare requiring microchips implanted in everyone by March, 2013, which will include a wireless link to your bank account for transactions! Protest Supreme Court judges openly stating they want to disregard the Constitution in favor of international law! I could go on, and on, and on, but you know what’s going on!

This Fourth of July, when you see Old Glory fluttering, just remember there is no reason to salute or pledge allegiance, because “the republic, for which it stands” no longer exists. It is but a dim memory, probably beyond any hope of reconstituting. We should recall those fireworks of The Star Spangled Banner were not pretty sparkles fired into the sky for entertainment, they were fired in the heat of battle for American Independence! And Second Amendment rights are not about duck hunting! Freedom is not free. We must fight for it if we are ever to enjoy it again.

The District of Criminals has gotten so confident in the entrenched “good ‘ol boy” system that they are now brazen and openly flaunting corruptions. They no longer bother to even pretend to be honest, representative, or accountable to We the People. In fact, a new law makes it illegal to approach public officials or protest anywhere Secret Service agents are on guard… which is most of Washington, D.C. How do we ever petition this sort of government? Is this the sort of government Thomas Jefferson, Patrick Henry, Thomas Payne, John Hancock or James Madison had in mind? Of whom is this a representative government… Lucifer?

July 4th, protest in your local streets along the parade routes, at the ball parks and picnic grounds, and the fireworks shows. PROTEST and LIVE FREE OR DIE TRYING!