Monday, September 14, 2009


Omit relevant information to the people and you can make them believe your lies!

Dr. A. H. Krieg

The most commonly used form of propaganda is omission! The weekend of September 11-12demonstrates a degree of news omission and reporting that is unparalleled in the annals of Western history. Dr. Goebbels would be proud of the medias efforts! Our local Lakewood Ranch Herald’s headlines on Sunday September 12 were #1) What’s feeding illegal gun market? #2) Record Rainfall floods Roads, #3 Looking for a job? Find out who’s hiring locally, sideline item; Obama: “No” to status quo on health. Aside the pitiful English, the report from Minneapolis touted the “estimated” 15,000 participants that was actually under 10,000 at the presidential rally. Furthermore the Minneapolis/St Paul DNC gave out all invited guest tickets ensuring no opposition. Dissenters were kept at arm’s-length across the street from the auditorium.

The worst part of the reporting seems to be the obvious fact that no media enterprise has bothered to read any of the healthcare proposals nor to investigate issues related thereto. The $ 150 million in free advertising for Obamacare worked out with the pharmaceutical companies for two little favors by the administration first the continuation of a blockade for individuals to purchase drugs from Canada or Europe, and second for all government purchases to be made at list price, these will allow the pharmaceuticals to reap unmentionable profits. Then there’s the illegal immigrant issue (You Lie! Said Rep. Joe Wilson rightly) the congressman was right, while the provision is (was) in the bill there was no requirement for enforcement, i.e. providers were not even required to ask about residency or citizenship. Then there’s the cost. No sane person could possibly believe that adding between 30 and 47 million people to healthcare and cutting $ 50 billion out of Medicare and Medicaid could not cost America on single dime and would not curtail healthcare to seniors. The question of where we would locate to doctors to care for these millions seems to have completely slipped off the hill. And then the biggest lie of them all, Obamacare will be voluntary. All three proposals state that any business that does not pay for their employee’s healthcare will be forced to pay an 8% penalty. Well, the average cost of healthcare per employee exceeds the 8% so most businesses will pay the penalty and about 70 million Americans will be converted to the government single payer option. The president either lied or distorted reality on every issue he spoke on!

The presidential mouthpiece Robert Gibbs stated on Friday that they were unaware of any pending rally in Washington, if you believe that I have this bridge in Brooklyn….. In another statement he said, “These protestors are motivated by race!” Gibbs obviously did not notice that three of the speakers and two entertainers were black. He also did not notice that many of the organizers unlike in the liberal camp, were women. I would be more than willing, to supply at my cost, a TV to all the idiots at the white house who are so far out of touch!

As a matter of course our radios are usually on PBS because my Wife and I both like classical music. We just turn it off for commentary like “All Communist Things considerd”, or when their warped idea of news come on. Well on Sunday morning driving to church we left it on for the news, we were astounded. There was a nine-minute segment on the Obama trip to Minneapolis including three over ten second applause segments protestors across the street were not mentioned. The rallies and primarily the one in Washington DC (about two million citizens) was completely blacked out in our local paper and PBS. And this is the broadcast system that the new Obama appointed communications Czar wants to reward by stealing the profits from independent broadcasters!

Let’s look at the facts. Saturday the 12th of Sept. saw the largest anti-government rally in American history. The estimated crowd in DC was (ABC News) to a high of two million. Obama’s boys reported an estimated 60,000 to 70,000 thousand, they must have used the same counters that produces the bogus unemployment statistics, which are off by 12% as of September. A published photograph taken from a helicopter looking down just 14th ST NW shows a crowd for the full width of the avenue from 14th street to the horizon covering over 8 city blocks. Another picture from the Capitol to the Washington monument shows the entire Mall packed with demonstrators. Yahoo reported that the Tea Party Express was the fourth most popular topic searched on the Internet. Well, of course it was, the Internet is the only place where you can get actual and factual daily news in this country. All remaining real news issuers are conservative or nationalist magazines and papers and AM talk radio.

Organizers of the event included: Freedom Works, Grassfire/ResistNet, Tea Party Patriots, National Taxpayers Union, Club for growth America, Americans for Tax Reform, Young Americans for liberty, Ayn Rand Center for individual rights, Our country Deserves Better, Campaign for Liberty, Leadership Institute, Free Republic, Young Americans Foundation, The National association of Rural landowners, and Smart Girl politics.

There were thousands of placards all homemade. “2010 vote them all out”, “Our Constitution has Termites”. “We are under attack by our own government”, “Stop the march to Socialism”, “You can put lipstick on Communism, but it’s still Communism”, “My family, My doctor”, “Obamacare makes me sick”, “Go Green, Recycle Congress”, “We are not your ATM”, “We had a Dream, We got a Nightmare”, “You Lie!” “Is this Russia?” “Obama here’s a spin for you, Keep the change!” is a small sampling.

While close to two million Americans were protesting in Washington there were hundreds of local Tea Parties in El, Paso, Naples, Lakeland, Sarasota, Albany, total numbers have not been compiled but estimate run to over five million nationally. This according to the Obamacrats is America’s lunatic fringe, which they say is not representative of America. Well, I have news for you; just wait until the mid term elections when you will all find out what American’s think.

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