Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Swine Flu is a Wake-Up Call For Open Borders Crowd

Boulder, CO - As the death toll rises and the World Health Organization raises its alert level to indicate an imminent pandemic, Americans are finding reason to question the open borders policies which leave our nation exposed. The Senate is poised to hold hearings today on "Comprehensive Immigration Reform in 2009," which according to the Federation for American
Immigration Reform, would include amnesty for 12 million illegal aliens; any such proposal is expected to prompt a surge of opportunistic illegals crossing the southern borders. Will the risk of pandemic now cause the Senate to rethink its present course?

It is certain that illegal immigration increases the risk of infectious disease crossing international borders. Indicators show that illegal aliens have reintroduced many diseases into the U.S. which were eradicated over a period of several decades by systematic research and preventative medicine. In the Spring 2005 Journal of American Physicians and Surgeons, Dr. Madeline Cosman wrote that these include "drug-resistant tuberculosis, malaria, leprosy, plague, polio, dengue, and Chagas disease." Leprosy was so rare for 40 years, that only 900 people were infected, but in a recent 3 year period, this count exploded to 7,000 cases. There have also been outbreaks of a recent strain of TB which is endemic to Mexico, Multi-Drug Resistant Tuberculosis; in Prince William County, Virginia, public health officials blamed immigrants for a 188% spike in the local TB infection rate.

Before 1924, legal immigrants were examined for infectious diseases. Those who tested positive for TB were not admitted. Similar health screening occurs today. According to federal immigration authorities, some "health conditions" can cause a person to be "barred from admission into the United States." It is obvious that this policy is in the national interest. But why do policy makers, with their tolerance of illegal immigration and their
failure to secure our nation's borders, allow this policy to be so gravely undermined? Will it take a severe pandemic to make them yield to evidence and reason?

The America First Party is opposed to any form of amnesty, regardless of what elected officials choose to call it. Our platform contains detailed prescriptions for ending the present immigration crisis, and for returning the immigration rate to one which has been proven to be sustainable over the course of our nation's history.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Dr. Michael Hill

As another income tax deadline has come, it might be of some interest to see how grateful our elite masters are for our continued tribute to and support of their benevolent regime.

In March, a document from the Missouri MIAC Fusion Center warned law enforcement personnel that anyone who supported a political candidate outside the “mainstream” (e.g. Ron Paul, Bob Barr, or Chuck Baldwin) and who expressed concern about the UN, the North American Union, the unconstitutional actions of government, or a host of other “right wing” concerns just might be a domestic terrorist. In early April, the Department of Homeland Security’s Office of Intelligence and Analysis published a report entitled “Right-wing Extremism: Current Economic and Political Climate Fueling Resurgence in Radicalization and Recruitment.” This report singled out, among others, those who support States rights and Constitutional government as right-wing extremists and potential domestic terrorists.

We traditional Southerners are indeed familiar with this game. Had the term been around then, our ancestors—from Washington and Jefferson to Lee and Davis—would have been called domestic terrorists by the Brits and Yankees, respectively. As it was, they were simply called “traitors.” We reject the use of both terms for ourselves and for our forebears. Instead, we can make a good case that the real threats to domestic peace and quiet are on the other side. And we continue to pay them tribute every year at about this time (actually, we pay them year round, but you get the point).


The real domestic terrorists were (and are) those who oppose our federated, constitutional republic and the worldview which upholds it. Indeed, Abe Lincoln and his minions have sired a long line of domestic terrorists, including most recently George W. Bush and Barack Hussein Obama (and all who aid them in their misrule). We might throw the larger part of Congress into the mix as well.

Most of what the U.S. government does is beyond the bounds of the Constitution. That makes it unlawful. That which is unlawful ultimately terrorizes society. Jefferson told us that the fundamental law of the land should be viewed as chains to bind a singularly dangerous beast (the general government). For a while the beast was successfully bound; however, he slipped his chains for good in 1865 and our republic of republics was lost. Today, we live under a strange combination of socialism and fascism that would surely please a Hitler, Stalin, Lenin, or Mao as much as it would disgust our Founders.

How we came to this point is fairly clear—there was a slow and steady revolution, and most Americans were asleep while it patiently worked its way through virtually every institution in the land. Some of our fellow subjects still don’t realize what has transpired. But they soon will.

Things were bad under Bush II. But because he and the GOP masqueraded as “conservatives,” most Americans thought all was well. But as a famous Alabamian once said, there’s not a dime’s worth of difference between the two major political parties. And he was right. Bush I or Clinton; Bush II or Obama—the rhetoric may differ but the results are still the same: bigger, more intrusive, and lawless central government and less liberty and prosperity for the rest of us. Now, what little we have left in terms of liberty and property is being taken from us in broad daylight without any meaningful resistance on our part.


That the U.S. government is an organized criminal enterprise cannot be doubted by anyone who has kept abreast of the on-going, broad-open-daylight effort to loot the country’s wealth. The multiple trillion dollars’ worth of bailouts and related schemes have enriched even further the Money Men who pull the strings that animate the politicians, and the fleecing shows no sign of abatement. In case you’re wondering why this is being allowed to happen, remember this—your Congressmen and Senators don’t work for you; rather, they work for those who fill their campaign coffers and make election and re-election possible. They work for the Money Men, and the Money Men own “your” government lock, stock, and barrel. And they are about to own everything else . . . unless they are stopped.

Don’t expect an appeal to the Constitution or to common decency to stop the criminal class from further terrorizing the country. Of the latter, they have none. And to them, the former is but a mere scrap of parchment. In fact, wasn’t it was George W. Bush who called it just a “G-d damned piece of paper?” Well, in a way he was right (but for the wrong reason, of course). The great Southern political philosopher John C. Calhoun also noted that the Constitution was but an inanimate object, incapable of enforcing itself. Rather, he said, it is up to the people, in their capacity as citizens of the several sovereign States, to make sure it is enforced. He also told us: “Only power can check power.”

So, in reality, we are in the mess we’re in because we have not done our job of keeping the singularly dangerous beast chained down. It has broken free and become our master and we its servants. In the process it has become exceedingly powerful as well. It holds us in the balance of life and death, or so it seems.


Any form of tyranny deserves a hard resistance. The current crop of domestic terrorists will not stop looting our wealth and our inheritance of liberty until we make them stop. It’s as simple as that. We Southerners ought to be the first to resist; such audacity is in our blood.

But what can we do in the face of such irresistible power? First, we can psychologically withdraw our consent from the criminal class that rules over us. Our system is supposedly based on the “consent of the governed.” If you believe it still is, then withdraw your consent. Not even the hardest tyranny can exist without the support of the “drawers of water and hewers of wood” (to use an old Irish adage). Once we withdraw our consent psychologically, then we can begin to withdraw it physically. Simply put, don’t work for them in any capacity and don’t give them anything you can keep out of their thieving hands. Don’t patronize their institutions. Don’t vote for anyone who runs in their pack. Remember, they are robbing you (and your posterity) blind under color of law without fear of reprisal. Make them earn what they steal from you.

I have been asked by some: “How do we resist this criminal element when we have no way of getting at them?” That’s a logical question. After all, who is going to march into the bowels of DC or Wall Street and arrest the President, the Fed Chairman, the Treasury Secretary, the CEO of Goldman Sachs, or even your garden-variety Congressman or Senator? They live and work like royalty in veritable fortresses constructed and guarded with the money they’ve looted from you, the peasants. They’re also protected by “the law” (which they get to interpret), and if you break it they’ll lock you away or shoot you.

So how do you stop this criminal element? While you may not be able to exert any direct influence on the big fish, you certainly can make life very uncomfortable for the smaller fish—the enforcers who do their dirty work on the State and local levels. History is full of examples of how occupied peoples socially ostracized their occupiers. If your community has enforcers of the present tyranny, make sure everyone knows who they are and what they’re up to. Isolate them and give no voluntary cooperation.

Our rights to life, liberty, and property come from God and not from any government. Behave as if you believe this. If they tell you it is illegal to grow your own food to feed yourself and your neighbors, then grow your own food in spite of them. This restriction is not as far-fetched as you might think. If they tell you to turn in your firearms, hide them away. If they show up at your door to collect them, resist. The law of self-protection is fundamental and Biblical. If they tell you it is forbidden to worship the true and living God, then do it openly in the public square. If they come to take your children, then behave like a cornered animal. Under no circumstances should you voluntarily give up your God-given rights to tyrants. They are used to a soft and acquiescing populace. Surprise them. Make them pay a high price for what they steal.


If you want to defend your community from the domestic terrorists, first use the proper constitutional vehicle—your State. This is where ultimate temporal sovereignty resides in our system. Of course, most (if not all) of our State governments are in the hands of men who seek the favor of the criminal class, are a part of it (or at lease aspire to be), or are scared to challenge it. But it is a much easier task to take control of your State government than it is to affect policy in Washington, DC. If your State has already passed a Sovereignty Resolution or is considering one, you have some hope. Talk with your elected State and local officials about strengthening your State Militia or State Guard (and I’m not speaking here of the National Guard—that organization is subject to federalization). And if you’re so inclined, join up.

We can also use our counties as bulwarks against the criminal class. The County Sheriff is the principal peace officer in his jurisdiction. As such, he can lawfully tell the Feds to “Go to Hell” and stay out of his territory. He also can deputize as many of the county’s citizens as he wishes and have them armed to the teeth. No one can over-rule him within his boundaries. Make sure your current Sheriff knows his authority and to whom he answers (you and your neighbors). If he is unwilling to use his authority for the good of the people of his jurisdiction, replace him at the first opportunity.

I discourage the formation of private militias except as a last resort. If your State and local officials refuse to serve the citizens and to protect them by the historic means of Nullification, Interposition, or Secession, then you may have reached the “last resort.” In that case, you have no other alternative except to bow to the will of your masters. Every free man and woman should exercise their rights as expressed in the Second Amendment. Moreover, they should be prepared to defend themselves and their families from actions that jeopardize life, liberty, and property. When political alternatives are no longer available, this is how it boils down. Let’s hope we never reach this point.


We common Southerners (and most other Americans) prefer to be free to work, worship, and raise our children under the arrangement bequeathed us by our Founders. We do not wish to take that which is not ours or to deprive others of what is rightfully theirs. Nor do we wish to tell others how they ought to live. We are not driven by utopian ideologies or perverse fantasies. We do not wish to conquer the world and ride it, booted and spurred, to satisfy a lust for power and position. As Jefferson Davis said, all we wish is to be left alone. But we are not being left alone; on the contrary, we are being robbed blind by the biggest, most blatant and shameless heist in the history of the world. And not only is our wealth being taken, but our liberties as well. We are also being overrun by an alien population as a result of unlimited and illegal immigration from Latin America.

So, you tell me who are the domestic terrorists? Those who wish to live in peace according to the original American arrangement or those who seek its overthrow for their own greed and ambition?

That the criminal class that now runs America has tried to make us out to be the domestic terrorists ought to tell you something. They are projecting onto us the very characteristics they themselves possess. This dishonest process is called The Law of Preemptory Accusation—they hit you before you can hit them. If they’re thieves, they accuse you of theft; if they’re liars, they accuse you of lying. If they’re haters, they accuse you of hatred. You get the picture.

It is not too late for the domestic terrorists that control this regime (both Democrats and Republicans, Washington and Wall Street) to back off and behave as they should. In truth, I believe they should apologize for all their crimes, return all they have stolen (with penalties and interest attached), pledge henceforth to obey the true and fundamental law of the land, and lock themselves up for a long stint in prison. In short, I believe they ought to be our servants and us their masters. I also believe in Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, and the Tooth Fairy.

Sunday, April 05, 2009

DHS, Military Police, Law Enforcement Plan Checkpoint in Tennessee

Kurt Nimmo

Infowars Story on Illegal Tennessee Checkpoint Prompts Action by Governor
Kurt Nimmo