Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Obama Abortion Policy: Fresh Blood On Our Hands!

Boulder, CO - On the first week of his presidency, Barack Hussein Obama quietly committed U.S. taxpayers' dollars to funding abortions around the world. The policy he overturned, the Bush Mexico City Policy, withheld funding from groups that performed abortions, with exceptions for abortions in cases of rape, incest, and when deemed necessary to preserve the life of the mother. Although this Bush policy was gravely flawed, and also trampled on the principle of the inviolability of innocent human life, the new Obama policy shows no respect for this concept at all.

Some have been critical of figures like Albert Speer, the Nazi Minister of Armaments, for appearing to be aloof to the horrible conditions and frequent deaths of workers who labored in the German armaments industries. If that criticism is warranted, then we should not fail to criticize the Obama administration, and all federal elected officials, for not being aware of
the likelihood that abortion is murder, and not taking decisive action to stop it. At Nuremberg, people were hung for similar omissions, and yet today the easily accessible evidence that human life begins early, even at conception, is largely unacknowledged and unacted upon by those in the highest positions of government.

Although President Obama's campaign pledge to sign the Freedom of Choice Act (FOCA) will probably not be realized, it signals his willingness to impose a radical and unconstitutional abortion policy, devoid of even parental notification, on all 50 states. We must work and pray that all will come to understand that the anti-life ethic which such policies promote is a threat to the peace, freedom, and lives of all Americans.

"With 40 million surgical abortions since 1973," stated National Chairman Jon Hill, "it is fair to say that a river of innocent blood has gravely stained our nation's integrity and moral fabric. How can anyone seriously argue that we are much better than the Nazis?"

The America First Party Platform recognizes that life begins at conception and continues until natural death. "We affirm the principle espoused in the Declaration of Independence, that we are all endowed by our creator with certain unalienable rights, and among them is the right to life. The right to life is not superseded by any foreign or domestic law."

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by Alan Stang

Monday, January 26, 2009


By Chuck Baldwin

Monday, January 05, 2009


By Leon Puissegur

Today the economy is falling down around our ears and it just does not seem to be able to stop. Now we ask ourselves just how did we get here? Think about this then go back to 1984 to see just where we began to lose our self-made nation to foreign trade and cheap labor. It was that year that Ronald Reagan was reelected as president and he installed the first “free trade” agreements, which took down the tariffs on foreign made products. I along with a good many other people can remember that year well since it was not long after his second win that jobs began to leave our nation for much cheaper foreign workers.

Today our nation is losing jobs by the thousands and many are asking why. Yet we have no one but ourselves to blame for this; granted, we were helped by the “politicians”, but in the end we the PEOPLE are to blame for the desperate situation our nation now faces. Many will now ask or even classify me as crazy for saying this, but if we look back before the Reagan years, we see Factories by the thousands working and producing goods that kept people working and making it possible for them to buy houses, cars and other things that made life simple.

Then came Ronald Reagan and his philosophy of stopping the tariffs, which kept the cost of anything made overseas more expensive than what we made here in the United States. We, the people of the United States took the cue from Ronald Reagan and all presidents since then and bought the much cheaper goods made overseas by people who got paid as little as $12.00 a MONTH for making shirts and shoes, but we did not care about this because the shoes and shirts became “cheap and we bought them rather than the more expensive, better made shirts and shoes made in the United States. We did not care that entire industries closed up placing thousands of United States Citizens out of work because we got a better price from the shirt made in Sri Lanka where those people made a miserable $10.00 to $12.00 a month with no benefits and they worked 10 and 12 hour days for the meager amount of money.

Yes, we the citizens of the United States have brought the pain of low paid jobs here. At one time most women would stay home and raise their children while the husband worked at a good job and brought home the money to pay for the good life the family had. Today this is so very different; both parents have to work and in some cases one of them has two jobs just to make ends meet. Our children suffer from this also since they do not have the family atmosphere that once was at the table.

Once again we the very people that complain about the high price of gas are to blame for that also. Instead of taking time to sit down and demand our Senators and Representatives to tell OPEC and the rest to kiss off and use the 2+ TRILLION barrels of oil locked up within the boundaries of our nation, we the PEOPLE keep silent and allow the very Senators and Representatives to dictate to us what THEY want when it is supposed to be the other way around. If “WE THE PEOPLE” do not get off our fat bottoms and do this, we will be held hostage to the very people we put into office!

We cannot point at any one person or group of persons to throw the blame for high gas prices and a failing economy, that belongs to each and every one of us who vote or have the right to vote. Instead of the “PEOPLE” demanding that Congress open up all the oil fields within our borders and keep the manufacturing plants here in the United States, “WE THE PEOPLE” are sitting on our fat bottoms and allowing our Government to be run by those who are rich and have the money to buy the Congress to do as they want and make the “PEOPLE” even more poor. “WE THE PEOPLE” control the fate of our nation and at this present time, we are not doing what needs to be done. We need to have our plants back in the United states, we need to get OUR people working at these plants, we need to open up the drilling to obtain the oil we need NOW because another energy source CANNOT be obtained for another 10 years and even that amount of time may be rather too short to do so. We can drill and have oil flowing from our own deposits here in the United States and it can be done within months rather then years!!

Yes, “WE THE PEOPLE” are the ones who have caused the closure of good paying jobs and the change of our nation to almost the equal of a third world nation. If “WE THE PEOPLE” do not take a stand NOW and let our Congress know that they work for US and not those who pay for their elections, our nation will fail within the next few years and even now we may be too late since most of the people do not care about anything that happens as long as it does not “affect” their families, well ANYTHING that happens does in fact “affect” all of us and we are just too blind to see what we have laid out before ourselves. “WE THE PEOPLE” have brought our country into such a turmoil that even our Constitution is not respected by those we have elected to office and the most blaring example of the total disrespect for the Constitution is the recent appointment of Hillary Clinton which is a direct VIOLATION of Article 1, Section 6, paragraph 2 of the very Constitution that is supposed to be honored, instead, it is being snubbed and contradicted.

“WE THE PEOPLE” have failed in OUR responsibility to uphold the Constitution and in our failure comes the failure of those we elected to uphold what we have failed to uphold. It may be too late to keep our nation from failure, but “WE THE PEOPLE” has to try to make the Government work for us rather then us work for the Government.

This is just my “opinion” of what I now see happening to our once great nation.