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Christianity Being Erased--so Merry Christmas for One Last time-

Separation of Church and State—The Real Meaning

By Joan Hough

When there is no separation of church and state, a government can force a religion on its people-- as was done by the national government of France (the French King) in cahoots with the ROMAN Catholic POPE, Innocent III. What you'll read below is EXACTLY WHAT CAN OCCUR- in any land where there is no separation of church and State (meaning central government) --MASS MURDER OF ALL WHO WILL NOT BOW DOWN TO THE STATE'S CHURCH AND ITS LEADER, IN THIS INSTANCE in the past, THE POPE. This is what happened to the Cathars in the south of France. The Pope and the King unleashed the inhabitants of the north of France on the Southerners---offering the Rich South's lands to the victors, if all in the Cathar religion were destroyed.

Our own Constitution gave us separation of Church and State-- giving protection to folks of all religions in America and acknowledging their God given right to practice their religion. Perhaps some idea of preference was considered for the Christian religion because at least 99 % of our forefathers were Christians and some of their states had state Christian religions which they were not prohibited by the Constitution from keeping. Exotic religions were not prevalent in the new country then.

The central government, our grand Republic, was, by its very selection as a Republic, prohibited from forcing any religion on citizens. States, however, had the power to do that if they so chose. The Central Government was deliberately designed to be too weak to interfere with the wishes of the people in a state and to be unable to force citizens to change their state laws. As time passed, states, voluntarily, gave up their various religious requirements at the demand of their citizens. The people, all over the new United States, had no intention of ever giving up their religions. Had the central government insisted on it, they would have taken up arms and fought as never before.

The Cathars, all over southern France, refusing to give up their religion, were BURNED at the stake. Even their women and children were slaughtered. In some areas all human beings were burned. In one city all the males except one, had their eyes gouged out. In another city, it was later said, that the inhabitants were evicted naked to live or die according to the elements. Thus did the all powerful central government triumph over religion. And thus there became a major reason why the U.S. Constitution prohibits the establishment of a national religion, but does not prohibit, in the least, the practice of any religion. Our forefathers wanted no more of government forcing a religion on its citizens.

The Christian men who debated each article of the Constitution would never have even considered a prohibition of religion. They thought Christianity the very glue that would hold our nation together in safety, just as they assumed that English (the language in which they penned the Constitution) would do the same-- otherwise they would have created the Constitution in a language other than English; as the French ethnics in the group might have found pleasing.

Today, in our America, we see our now all powerful central government doing its best to do away with our customary practice of religion. Even young football players, risking head injuries and broken bodies, are not allowed to pray at their football games as generations of players did before them. One city, in fear of law suits and Supreme Court rulings has its Christmas lights put out. Christmas greetings are not permitted by many businesses. Christmas Carols, sung for generations in public schools, are now prohibited. (I have before me a print out of a recent pro-Christmas article now being circulated throughout the nation by members of the Jewish Community, explaining the Jewish complete acceptance of Christians' Christmas heritage.) No matter what these Jewish folks and their friends, the Christians, think, however, the all powerful Central Government controls our schools completely, and controls our forms of worship in more ways than one might recognize. Worship is being switched, inch by inch from that of God to that of the All Powerful Central Government. You will see the truth in this statement if you think about it. Socialism/Communism/Communitarianism is the new religion practiced by our "leaders" in Congress, but cleverly hidden because they and their controllers are not stupid. Our historic Christian practices of yore are being greased to slide the slippery slopes into non-existence.

What could happen if a school board allowed football players to pray on the football field? Fines- court cases- seizure of the schools by the government. If the school board refused to pay-- arrests, the taking of the bank accounts of the individual board members--the seizure of their homes. If they resist the taking of their homes, death can result for themselves and any family members in the house with them.

Too true.

Frank Conner, writing for the Georgia Heritage Council, stated, "Secular socialism and Christianity don’t mix, so Christianity had to go. Since the great majority of voters were practicing Christians, that was too hot a potato for the Congress or the executive branch to handle directly, so they shuffled that job off to the Supreme Court. Make no mistake: that’s the real job of the Supreme Court—--doing the dirty work that not even our elected politicians will touch. Accordingly, beginning in 1947(with its Everson ruling), and without a shred of constitutional justification to back it up, the Supreme Court and its sidekick, the ACLU, have been successfully discrediting, isolating, and stamping out Christianity in the U.S. ever since." [The Third American Revolution - Part 1 ]

Jeff Davis, in a commentary in the Georgia Heritage Council online publication shoots the shot that should be heard around the world:

"We're all fairly familiar with the statement by Ben Franklin when asked "What have you given us?" His response to the inquiring lady was " A Republic, if YOU can keep it."

We have not kept the faith of our fathers.

We have sat idly by and watched a conglomeration of Marxists of many phony cover-up descriptions incrementally take each word and sentence of the Constitution and quietly either ignore or pronounce their own illicit substitutions which seem pretty plausible to many Americans who really have too many personal pursuits and pleasures to even consider what has happened to liberty.

It has now become dangerous to criticize the government as I am doing now. Even worse, it has become dangerous to express your views about religion, ethnicity, homosexuality, property rights, the right to bear arms, God given individuality and unique personality, family values and the failings of education. We all have more Liberties that are lost or gradually become among the missing."

[Liberty Lost Part VIII ]

The Occitan region endured sieges, massacres and the Inquisition during the bloody Albigensian crusade in the 12th and 13th centuries and Ariège was spared little of it. The spiritual movement called catharism developed in reaction to the corruption and disarray of the Church at that time. In stark contrast to the worldly, dissolute clergy of the era, the Cathars followed a rigorous interpretation of the gospels, with the most pious of the believers, called "Perfects", taking vows of poverty and celibacy and refusing to eat meat. It was their belief in dualism, however, that outraged the Church: according to the cathars, Satan had created the material world, with its pestilence, violence and hate, not God. Paradise could be gained after death only by rejecting worldly attachments during one's life.

Chateau de FoixCatharism enjoyed the support of the great lords of the southwest, including the Count of Foix, whose castle remains intact and dominates the town.

The forces of the Pope and French monarchy eventually crushed the Cathars, culminating in 1244 with the siege of the fortress castle at Montségur, where 205 Perfects chose to be burned to death rather than renounce their faith.

So now in our U.S.A. what do we have? We have an all powerful central government declaring that our Christian religion must be suppressed—that we are no longer allowed to practice it as our ancestors did and as it has been done since the beginning of this nation’s government by CHRISTIANS. There are now tax-free organizations in place precisely for the purpose of eliminating our cherished rituals. No manger scene in public places—No Silent Night carol. No ten commandments posted in public places. No Holy Bible to offend the eyes of non-Christians. No Christmas greetings in stores. Christianity is been erased, just as has been our borders.

We must remember that any state (nation) able to force a religion on its people, can also prohibit its people from practicing the religion of their choice. When our government moves to curtail our traditional, American Christian practices-- which have been in place for generations, it is time to make a careful appraisal of the factors in play and to organize against those involved in the erasing of our long held religious rights. If we are forced, for example, to worship all powerful big government as the new god, no longer do we have separation of church and state.


Blogger Jinger said...

The Founding Fathers did not give us separation of Church and State. What they gave us is the freedom to worship any way we choose without government interference.

Separation of Church and State is a principle that comes from a Supreme Court ruling in the 1940s. The ACLU has used this to pervert the meaning of the Constitution, as well as the intent of the Founding Fathers.

You make a lot of valid points. After the current election, I see restrictions being imposed on our rights to worship as we want, especially if we're Christians.

It's time for Christians to stand up and say enough. This country is founded on Christian principles. All of the Founding Fathers, those who signed the Constitution, were all Christian except for Benjamin Franklin.

The Puritans came here to escape religious persecution. It's time we started teaching our children this again instead of the garbage they learn in schools now.

Merry Christmas to you too.

Jinger Jarrett

4:37 PM  
Blogger Chris F. said...

The real problem is that too many people worship the government itself. Ignorance reins supreme as it is, but will not win the war.

9:12 AM  
Blogger At-The-Water-Cooler said...

I've added your post to War on Christmas Watch

I digress: render unto Caesar what is Caesar's. Separation of church and state is Judeo-Christian concept. The Constitution separates the state from the church.

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

I dare say if the country was not founded on Judeo-Christian concepts there would be no separation. Those who argue for separation of church from state only claim 60 years of freedom by virtue of tax rules prohibiting endorsements from the pulpit.

We also know we can not survive on bread, but that does not mean we are to abstain from bread. We are part of the world and apart from it. Surely honoring Jesus is not of Caesar.

10:28 AM  
Blogger Assembly of good Christians said...

Greetings! While correct for the most part in your references to the medieval Cathar movement I would insert a few cautionary words. Both the medieval and modern movements believe in an absolution separation between Church and State. In fact to this day the AGC does not avail itself of tax exempt schemes.

Also continuous is that we do not prostelyze, witnessing by the example of our daily conduct. In similar fashion, the 'Cathar Christians' never marked Christmas as a feast given there is no New Testament scriptural warrant for such a celebration.

Thank you for your time.

Brad Hoffstetter
Communications Division
Assembly of good Christians

6:07 AM  

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