Tuesday, January 08, 2008

They Hate The Messenger

One of the most striking things that I have noticed, in posting on the internet in support of the Presidential campaign for Congressman Ron Paul, is the unreasoned vitriol in many of the responses from Dr. Paul's foes. I say unreasoned, because these sneer and hurl abuse, but never openly confront his arguments on the crucial issues of the day. Of course, it is an ancient metaphor, "don't kill the messenger"--don't kill the man who brings the news you do not want to hear. It is a more forceful way of saying "do not hide your head in the sand like an ostrich."

But the psychological dynamics involved; the intense hatred for being forced to face unpleasant truth; the need to silence the one who would make you think--to reason--possibly to abandon error;--these are things we need to look at more closely. Why? Because some of those caught up in that pathology control much of our mass media; hold positions of high office in the land; have an inordinate influence in education, and in popular writing.

The fact is that when Dr. Paul speaks about the causes of inflation--the enormous Federal deficits, monetized by the Federal Reserve and by printing money and issuing credit, with no actual backing--he is stating the facts--the economic reality, that is only just beginning to bite us once again. If history is any guide, the real crisis from too many dollars in relation to the things those dollars can buy, lies ahead. Jimmy Carter experienced the real effects of the Lyndon Johnson inflation, a decade after Johnson left Office. But those who hate unpleasant truth, once again sneer at the messenger.

The fact is that when Dr. Paul says that Congress and the President have been ignoring our written Constitution, he speaks the simple truth. Anyone who has read and understood the document, knows that he speaks the truth. But those who do not want to have their power restricted--those who claim to believe in the "Rule of Law," but seek to redefine the Law to suit their purposes--sneer in derision, much as the Courtiers in Andersen's classic, fawned over the "Emperor's New Clothes." Of course, if the Office Holders, including "Activist" Judges, may simply redefine reality; may simply change the Law to serve their personal wish lists, we have not the "Rule of Law," but the Rule of Men, the very thing the Constitution was intended to prevent.

The fact is that when Dr. Paul says that it is not our function to change the cultures of other people; that our interventions into the lives of other people is what fuels the ability of Al Qaida to recruit candidates willing to shed their own blood to injure us, he speaks the simple, obvious truth. And how those who support an internationalist compulsion to pretend that all peoples are interchangeable, hate Dr. Paul for being the bearer of that truth; how they ridicule him for daring to question what the drama queens have defined as the defining issue of the 21st Century. Yet neither the Constitution, all have sworn to uphold, nor human history and experience, offer any support, whatsoever, to those drama queens.

The very notion of our waging preemptive war to spread human freedom--at the heart of our present Quixotic foreign policy--is the ultimate oxymoron. Consider, if you will the very concept of freedom. It means different things to different folk. Even taking the aspect, under the more general and confused umbrella of "freedom", which the President used in six different and conflicting senses in his Second Inaugural Address; even limiting our discussion to what we call "liberty," in America, it cannot be applied to any people from outside. It was not so applied here; nor has it--properly understood--been so applied anywhere.

The concept of liberty must come from within. The reason is not hard to grasp. Every people have their own priorities; their own understanding of what is important; their own ideas of how to obtain what to them is most important. To seek to redefine another people's culture, is the inherent, absolute, contradiction of liberty. Those who would inflict our values on others, who would seek not to be a good example, but to force change on others, are not engaged in altruism, but something far closer to what Don Quixote hoped to accomplish, tilting at windmills. The fact that our Neo-Cons have an army of would-be Sancho Panzas in the media, propagandizing America with slogans and half-truths, does not make their absurdity more valid. Nor should it make it more palatable.

But, oh how they vent their hatred on Dr. Paul.

As for you and me? We have our work cut out for us! Dr. Paul's message goes to the survival of America, as the land of the free and the home of the brave. It goes to the solvency of our grandchildren. It goes to all that is honorable and decent in the, presently interrupted, upward progress of Western Man. God willing, we will rise to the task!

William Flax
Attorney At Law
Cincinnati, Ohio
http://pages.prodigy.net/krtq73aa/Paul3.htm {Response To Some Common Issues}


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