Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Taking Aim… At Your Rights

“Everybody should go out and buy a gun. I recommend an Uzi.” That is some good advice from a southern Michigan politician named L. Brooks Patterson. He made the statement in an article printed by a major Detroit newspaper; Mr. Patterson was stressing the need for citizens to defend themselves due to the fact that Michigan is considering releasing a large quantity of prisoners because of overcrowded prisons. At the surface it is nice to know that a mainstream media outlet actually published a conservative “don’t-mess-with-the-Second-Amendment” commentary. But, alas, the old cliché kicks in: don’t judge a book by its cover (or should we say, ‘don’t judge a newspaper by what it prints’?). There was a reason, a very sinister reason, as to why that article was printed. You see, the media is liberal (sadly, that may be a revelation to some people). The media has a reason for exposing conservative thoughts. Mr. Patterson had a perfectly legitimate and legal reason for telling people to go out and buy guns. Mr. Patterson wants American citizens to exercise their Constitutional (and natural) rights by defending themselves. Ironically, although the article was in the back of the editorial section, the very next day an article appeared on the first page of the very same newspaper bashing Mr. Patterson’s comments and framing him as some kind of “domestic terrorist” so-to-speak. He was labeled as “inaccurate, irresponsible and not productive” by an employee of the Michigan Department of Corrections. That article by Mr. Patterson was not printed so that citizens would be aware of an impending danger. No, it was twisted to become liberal propaganda to make firearms—your firearms—look evil (somehow humanists say there is no moral “right” and “wrong,” yet they can label our precious Second Amendment as “evil,” but that is another discussion in and of itself). There is nothing wrong with owning guns; in fact, the quote “Everybody should go out and buy a gun” is basically a paraphrase of what the Founding Fathers said. But the mainstream media has trained Americans to automatically register the word “guns” (no pun intended) as a synonym of the words terrorism, murder, lawlessness, and psychopaths.

So now you are probably thinking I am reading too far into one article and finding liberal propaganda that really is not there. Well, allow me to offer some more examples of anti-gun bias that has occurred recently. I just now reached down and picked up the front section to a newspaper. Turning to the news briefs section I immediately found two short excerpts about people being murdered by guns—both in the United States and in foreign countries. Surely it is pure coincidence, but almost everyday, yes on a consistent daily basis, there are articles and news updates concerning gun violence. Not every article screams, “we hate guns, you should too,” but be honest—if something is shown as a negative concept day after day after day, would not most people accept it as bad? Just the other day a news brief made a two sentence statement in large font across the top of a page: “Cincinnati Mayor Mark Mallory will blow a whistle instead of firing a pistol at a 5K race today. ‘I think the symbolism is just bad,’ he said.” That was the entire news item. There was no elaboration as to why guns are “just bad”; there was no point/counter-point debate over the controversy. There was simply an underlying statement blaring, “GUNS ARE BAD.”

So the media has a chokehold on your right to defend yourself. As you sit in your house you have a right to keep that loaded Smith & Wesson next to your bed. But just remember, your neighbors are sitting next door scared to death that you are some kind of lunatic because of what is impressed in their mind everyday. Did I mention everyday? But do the media ever mention the many lives saved by guns? (Just check with the National Rifle Association or Gun Owners of America; they can provide you with numerous instances where guns have stopped crime dead in its tracks.) Do the media ever remind you of the millions of guns that have not been involved in a crime? No and no. Just walk over to your gun rack (provided you are a gun owner) and take a good hard look at those weapons. I challenge you to point out which ones you used in a crime. None, right? Wow, who would have guessed that! You are a law abiding citizen. Too bad you are still a terrorist by the media’s standards.

It could just be some media hype with which the liberals are trying to intimidate us. I hate to break it to you, but the government is in on it too: or so the media says. On August 16 there was an article titled, “Licenses drop for U.S. gun dealers.” The author, Michael Doyle from McClatchy Newspapers, mentions that “[i]n 1994, 245,628 U.S. residents held federal licenses allowing them to sell firearms. Now, there are 50,630 of the licenses nationwide.” If those numbers are right, we can safely assume that government taxes and irrational (read “illegal”) anti-gun legislation has led to a decline in firearm dealers. That topic alone could have a lengthy article. But I wish to focus on one statement made in Mr. Doyle’s article. [Warning: the following statement may send chills down your spine and may cause your blood to boil. It is recommended that citizens who love the Constitution and their freedoms are advised to read at their own risk.] A side note was made in which a BATF spokesman stated, “As the number of licensed dealers has dropped, it’s become more manageable for the [Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives] to enforce.” Notice the key word manageable. That is what George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Patrick Henry, and the like call tyranny. What exactly is the government trying to manage? What right do they have to manage it? Let me answer those questions bluntly: the government is managing you and yet they have no right to do so. The issue is not about guns, it is purely about control. It is as if someone took you to a shooting range and said, “Hold this paper plate in front of you while I shoot at it. I won’t shoot you; I’ll just shoot the plate.” That is what is happening to you and me. The government and their hunting buddies (the media) are holding the paper plate of the Constitution in front of us saying, “We won’t hurt you, just let us shoot the Constitution.” There are so many things wrong with that picture. And yet there are so many people who let what is right fade away. This is not some conspiracy or “radical right-wing raving.” Fellow citizens, this is a full-frontal attack on you. Do not let anyone fool you by saying, “The attack on guns (and our other freedoms) have been put on the back burner.” Simply put, the attack is just sugar-coated; but marks my words, loss of freedom never tastes sweet.
We all know there is so much more that can be said about the gun/anti-gun debate. There is still the question as to what citizens do when the police cannot protect everybody. There are not enough police to defend every person, especially in rural areas. In some jurisdictions there are even cutbacks of police officers which leave entire neighborhoods in a dangerous situation. Also, one could consider the fact that the government’s site Ready.gov gives a list of what is needed to survive many dangerous situations. Nothing about self-defense is mentioned. (If you want a good laugh, go to the site and read the sixth item on the list.) Why? Let us be real: it is time to stop asking questions. We all know what is going on. We all know we are under attack. So be vigilant . . . and go buy a gun. Uzis are nice, but I prefer an AK-47.

Deo Vindice,
Maj. D. Droullard
CSA Partisan Rangers
Commander, MI Div., Confederate Alliance


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