Friday, August 03, 2007

An Open Letter to all Libertarians, Constitutionalists, Reformists, Populists, Independents and the Disillusioned

The current political system in the United States, along with the political agenda of the mainstream media, ensures that the only person who has a chance of becoming president is a Republican or Democratic candidate. There are millions of American voters who share many of your sentiments, but who will always vote for a Republican or Democrat as the “lesser of two evils.” The “don’t throw away your vote” reasoning triumphs, and they end up choosing the one they believe will at least do less damage. A third party candidate or independent doesn’t stand a snowball’s chance of winning the presidency, and we all know it. We all also know that the candidates we are virtually always presented with who have the establishment stamp of approval offer really no choice at all.

In the race for 2008 in the Democratic arena, there is no stopping Clinton, Obama, Edwards or some combination of them. You know what direction that will take this country. Everyone will wave the flag when the troops come home, and the welfare state will grow. And of course, after Iraq is behind us, trouble will brew elsewhere and more of our soldiers will die down the road.

In the Republican arena, all of the candidates but one would deliver more of the same if elected president. Giuliani, McCain, Romney, Thompson, take your pick. However, it’s doubtful that any of them would be able to beat the Democratic candidate. President Bush’s extremely low approval rating and public lack of support for the war pretty much guarantee that. People are also starting to realize how much personal liberty has been snatched from them since Bush took office.

The lone candidate who has a chance, if he can rise up and grab the Republican nomination, is Ron Paul. It will take a freedom fighter like Dr. Paul with a radically different approach to defeat the Democratic candidate. The only vehicle for this that can work in the political climate of our day is the Republican Party itself. I don’t like the philosophy of the current Republican leadership any more than you do. Many, many people in the Republican Party feel the same way, but they also believe they don’t have much of a choice except to vote for a Republican who only pays lip service to their ideals. The vast majority of them will never vote for a third party candidate or independent for president because they know it would be futile. Ron Paul is poised to take most, if not all, of your positions on the issues to a much larger stage at a much higher level. If he can reach the pinnacle of this country, just think how much he would be able to advance most of your ideals. If it happens to be under the Republican Party that so many have grown to mistrust, so be it.

The groundswell of grassroots support for this man is simply amazing. There is no one else who even comes close. It is growing by leaps and bounds every day. The mainstream media no longer has a monopoly over the flow of information. They are certainly doing their best to ignore or ridicule him. However, the internet is the wave of the future. The surf’s up, and Ron Paul is dropping in and hanging ten. It’s still a long shot, but he at least has a chance to ride the wave into the streets and take the Republican nomination. He’s the only one with freedom-preserving beliefs who has a shot at the White House. He may be the last one before the North American Union entraps us in a loss of sovereignty that we may never be able to recover from. This really could be a final stand for a free and independent America.

It’s time for all lovers of freedom and personal liberty to set aside their minor differences and unite behind the one man who actually has a shot at shaking things up in DC and waking the sleeping giant that is Free America. I keep reading columns and blogs from people who agree with a lot of what Ron Paul says, but who are nitpicking about a few issues. If you love freedom and personal liberty as much as you say you do, now is the time to relax on an issue or two and pick up the sword. Give this man everything you can in the way of support. He's the only one who stands a chance at reaching the White House and making major changes in the direction of this country. Deep down I think you know that to be true.

Engage in this battle alongside us to preserve our freedom and our sovereignty. We must take this campaign into the streets right now and reach the masses. In addition to the millions of voters who won’t vote for anyone other than a Republican or Democrat for fear of throwing away their vote, there are millions more who no longer vote at all because they are so frustrated by “politics as usual” regardless of which Democrat or Republican wins. I was one of those Disillusioned, and I stopped paying attention to politics for many years. Now I am passionately committed to my first political campaign ever. There are tens of millions more out there just like me. It is enough to turn the tide and swing the Republican nomination and then the election. Please help us reach them. If we remain fragmented, the cause of freedom will be lost. It’s time to deliver a long overdue smack-down to the behemoth our federal government has become and we need your help. Join the Ron Paul Revolution!

Dirk Davidek
San Antonio, Texas


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Did you know that a large segment of Ron Paul supporters are Nationalists.

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