Friday, July 20, 2007


Carl F. Worden

Is there really an imminent terror attack on U.S. soil by foreign or recruited operatives? The answer is a maybe, and slightly on the unlikely side.

As you know, the Southern Oregon Militia issued a warning of probable terrorist attacks on July 4, 2007. This was based on compelling chatter detected and information we received from our 123 members currently serving in Iraq on private security detail. Yes, the SOM has members privately operating in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The SOM doesn’t pay as much mind to rhetoric as we do to actions, particularly those actions or rather, inactions, of our government.

On the one hand, we have a government that has made air travel a nightmare by its strict security measures, while at the same time leaving both our northern and southern borders relatively unprotected since the attacks of 9/11/2001. To us, that’s a dog & pony show to make it look like there’s a threat, when none actually exists.

What is the difference between planting a bomb on an airliner that kills 300 people, from planting five pounds of C-4 in a crowded movie theater that kills 300 people? None, right? How about the same number of Americans slaughtered in a crowded nightclub? None.

In terms of terror-effect, a terrorist attack on a packed nightclub in Peoria, Illinois or Palo Alto, California would disrupt the American way of life far more than blowing up an airliner packed with wealthy Americans headed for holiday in Europe. A terror attack involving a school bus packed with children in Small Town USA would have greater effect, and it would be easy to pull off successfully for the simple reason security at school bus yards is so flimsy, if existent at all.

Terrorists attack soft targets where the opportunity to escape and attack again somewhere else later is highest, because they have relatively few human resources and cannot sustain substantial losses. When 9/11 was pulled off, only 19 hijackers were lost in comparison to around 3,000 Americans, but that was before the airline targets were hardened. If there was a follow-up plan, it would have happened, but we do strongly suspect the flight that crashed soon after 9/11 in Queens, NY was another terror attack, similar to the failed attack by Richard Reid with his shoe bomb on the flight from Europe. After that, it has been relatively quiet here.

Al Qaeda & Company have had six relatively carefree years to smuggle in operatives and ordinance over our porous borders, yet we’ve seen no attacks that could easily have been carried out had they wanted to, so up to now we have to conclude these terrorists have chosen not to carry out further attacks on U.S. soil. There is no other logical conclusion.

The premise that “stepped-up” security has prevented such attacks is laughable on its face, claiming a foothold in the minds of only the most uninformed and gullible. If 3,000 illegal immigrants are coming across our border every day, many carrying contraband like several hundred pounds of Marijuana and other drugs, the opportunity has been there all along for terrorists to do the same, but with weapons and explosives on their backs.

That is why we take a very dim view of the current “intelligence” alluded to by this administration that terrorists are only now trying to get into this country to do harm. Why now? And what has this administration done to halt illegal immigration over our borders? Did they set up fences and towers and spotlights with orders to shoot to kill any invaders? No. What they have done is given orders to prosecute any Border Patrol agents who might take their jobs too seriously. What does that tell you?

If information about an impending terror attack on US soil comes from anyone associated with or connected to the current administration in Washington DC, we find it highly suspect. If we Americans cannot independently verify the “intelligence”, does it not fall under the same cloud of suspicion borne by one blatant lie after another from the same source that insisted Iraq had Weapons of Mass Destruction?

It most assuredly does.


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