Thursday, May 24, 2007


Carl F. Worden

I’ve been watching the Senate debate on the proposed Immigration Reform Bill, and right now various senators are proposing amendments to it, one of which is to reduce the proposed Guest Worker Program from 400,000 to 200,000 per year.

If it is one per year, it will be too many.

The primary proposal, regardless of numbers permitted, allows a guest worker to bring along his/her family and work in the U.S. for two years, then be required to return to Mexico or wherever for one year, then return to the U.S. another two years, etc.

First, the federal government is not enforcing existing immigration law, but these legislators are implying that if this new Immigration Reform Law is passed, all provisions of it will be strictly enforced. Based upon past performance and a refusal to enforce existing immigration law without any consequences, including the Democrats’ refusal to impeach the president or any other elected official for willful failure to enforce such law, we already know there is little chance the proposed law will be enforced either.

Just consider how expensive enforcing the proposed Guest Worker Program would be. Even with an amendment reducing the numbers to 200,000 per year, the feds would be tasked with running all over the nation trying to deport families that didn’t voluntarily leave at the end of the second anniversary date. And what about the children born to the families of illegal immigrants while they work here those two years? Those children will be citizens under the Constitution, so how will our government force those citizen children to leave when their Guest Worker parents are required to leave?

The only effective guest worker program we had previously was referred to as The Bracero Program, and it involved agricultural workers who would work in the U.S. only during the harvest season, then go home to their families in Mexico. While here, those workers stayed in farm and ranch barracks right on the farm or ranch property. That program worked very well.

And remember that these proposed 400,000 0r 200,000 guest workers per year would come here in addition to the estimated 12 million already here illegally and given a fast-track to citizenship over those people wanting to follow the rules and immigrate here legally.

There is something else to consider here: Right now, many employers will not employ illegal immigrants. We hear about all the ones who do, but not all the ones who obey the law. When this Immigration Reform Bill is passed, all those illegally here will suddenly be legally employable as they go through the process, and that means the previously illegal immigrants will be able to compete for the same jobs citizens have. Since the former illegals are willing to work for less, they will drive down the wage level for all the jobs they seek, and that will drive down the wages of the citizens who presently hold those jobs.

Some of the senators in the current debate are proposing strict, mandatory prison sentences for illegals who come back across the border illegally after being deported. Who is going to pay for that? Our local jails will be bursting while these people are awaiting trial and transfer to a federal prison facility, so once again, there is no reason to believe those “new” laws will be enforced any more vigorously than our current, valid and yet un-enforced federal immigration laws are now.

The whole thing is a scam intended to allow low-wage job seekers to compete with American workers for the benefit of Big Business. The main promoter of this Immigration Reform proposal is the United States Chamber of Commerce, and who do they represent? Why of course, it is the multi-national corporate interests who have proven time and again that they do not have any loyalty to the people of the United States – nor should they. The corporations are beholden to their shareholders, and any steps they can take to increase profits, no matter how many American workers lose their jobs to low wage replacements, is a corporate requirement – and not a choice.


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