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An empire is characterized as an artificial state consisting of unlike peoples and forcibly held together by the authoritarian rule of the state, usually embodied in the person of an emperor. 

The revolution to overthrow the American constitutional republic that was begun by Lincoln was effectively finished on March 9, 1933 with FDR's enactment of the "Emergency War Powers Act."  The Act ascribes to the president the unfettered authority to write law by imperial edict all by himself with the stroke of a pen... without approval of Congress.  This act made executive orders the "law of the land."

Since that time, the Emergency War Powers Act of 1933 has been used to rob the American people of their liberties under the "color of law" and has created the unconstitutional dictatorship which currently exists under both Democrat and Republican administrations alike.  Examples of the thousands of executive orders which have destroyed American liberty are:  seizure of private property, confiscation of billions of dollars worth of gold from Americans, amnesty for illegal aliens, illegal surveillance of American citizens, militarization of law enforcement, authorization for FEMA to confiscate weapons and round up citizens in detention camps. 

One might ask the question, "How was an Emergency WAR Powers Act passed when we weren't at war?"  World War II did not even begin for another six years, and these united States did not enter WWII for another eight years after enactment of the new law.  This was done under the guise of the "war" against the Great Depression, just as so many other American liberties have been stolen during federal "wars" against "poverty," "illiteracy," "drugs," "crime," "terror," and so on and so on, ad nauseam. These "wars" by the government are never intended to eradicate what they propose to fight but are only intended to increase governmental power and reduce American liberty.  And of course, even though the Great Depression ended nearly a century ago, the Act has never been repealed; it is still in use by presidents today.

To be sure, the effort to completely convert America to an empire is still being finalized in minutia today; but it was effectively completed on March 9, 1933, for the federal leviathan now purports to have the authority to do whatever it wishes solely by imperial decree.  Just ask President Obama... or President Bush... or whoever happens to be in office at the moment.

  Ray McBerry is the president of Ray McBerry Enterprises, Inc. which owns KBN Television and serves as a public relations firm for select clients.  He is a father, television host of "Georgia First," former Republican candidate for governor, and has been generally recognized as the leading spokesman for the Tenth Amendment and States' Rights in Georgia for more than a decade.  He still takes occasional speaking engagements and continues to write and speak out on radio and television for the Cause of liberty.  He has appeared on FOX News, CNN, HLN, MSNBC, and many other stations to defend States' Rights. 

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Ray McBerry Enterprises is the public relations firm for Georgia First.


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