Friday, December 14, 2007


Carl F. Worden

Most of you will recall the 1990s, when President Bill Clinton dispatched the FBI and BATFE to investigate those “dangerous” citizens’ militia groups that sprang up all over the United States after the Ruby Ridge murders and Waco barbecue. It was the first time federal agents had committed outright murder against American citizens and covered it up, and it got a lot of Americans off the couch.

I was one of them.

But these so-called investigations were not investigations at all. They were acts perpetrated by federal agents of various stripes, including privately contracted citizens, to criminalize anyone who had joined any group calling itself a militia.

In almost every case, known militia members were targeted by these federal actors to commit crimes they normally would not have committed, such as dangling illegal explosives or illegal firearms under their noses at low cost, hoping for a bite. And when one of these individuals did bite, they were immediately arrested and publicly flogged in the national news as having been stopped “just in time” before they were able to carry out acts of domestic terror.

You may find it interesting that in the minds of the American jury pool, it was not an illegal act of entrapment because the mass media had been telling the frightened public how dangerous and rabid these militia groups were for some time before any of these cases were brought to trial.

Back in 1973, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that entrapment is not a defense if the person entrapped had an “inclination” to commit the crime. So dangling an illegal weapon to a thoroughly vilified militia member wasn’t seen as entrapment, even though it clearly was, and a number of otherwise law-abiding citizens were sent to lengthy terms in prison, destroying their lives and those of their families.

Yeah, they were stopped just in time, alright. What a great way to get a promotion on the federal law enforcement ladder: Just go out and create a criminal on presidential orders, then arrest your creation and get a gold star. Now that’s law enforcement in its very lowest form, which is why I have so very little respect for federal law enforcement to this day.

Had they infiltrated a group Hell-bent on murder and mayhem, I’d have applauded their efforts, but that was not the case. In fact, after years of intense surveillance and infiltration, retired former FBI Special Agent Danny Coulsen, at one time the head of counter-terrorism on the domestic front, admitted in an interview I personally witnessed that the FBI concluded true-blue citizens’ militia groups were made up entirely of decent, law-abiding citizens committed to constitutional and lawful pursuits. Coulsen went on to say that the truly dangerous groups in America, those made up of the racist, anti-Semitic “Christian Identity” freaks, were the groups the FBI and BATFE should have been concentrating all their efforts on the whole time. Those neo-Nazi freaks truly are dangerous, and they have demonstrated their willingness to carry out bank robberies and murders time after time, but they are not citizens’ militia groups and never have been.

So how could the feds have gotten it so wrong? Well, the Southern Poverty Law Center and its head con-man, Morris Dees, bear much of the responsibility. Dees and his bunch hated the idea of citizens forming into militia groups for whatever the reason, and they sold the government a pack of lies, among other things, claiming to have privately infiltrated a number of militia groups and reporting back that they were all anti-government racist Jew-haters planning to overthrow the United States government through violence. It was all a fat lie, and Danny Coulsen basically confirmed that, although long after so much damage had been done.

So today’s report that the government’s case against a number of Florida terror suspects had fallen apart, came as no real surprise. You will recall that this “group” had been infiltrated by a private contractor, who learned of their evil plan to bomb the Sears Tower in Chicago. He set them up for arrest, then let his handlers arrest his creation. Sound familiar? Hey, he got paid, didn’t he?

Most of you may be unaware that almost every group and/or individuals arrested since 9/11/01 on suspicion of domestic terrorist activity have been acquitted or had their cases thrown out. In the case of the Florida bunch, one person was acquitted and the jury hung on all the others. The feds claim they have enough to retry the others, and they plan on picking a new jury in January. We’ll see.

One Oregon individual, a lawyer by the name of Brandon Mayfield, successfully sued the feds (that’s us taxpayers, I remind you) for being falsely connected to the terror bombings in Madrid, Spain due to a faulty fingerprint match. Using that wonderful and woefully misnamed “Patriot Act”, the feds covertly broke into Mayfield’s home and office, bugging him and searching his property without a search warrant. He walked like all the others, but took a large chunk of our cash with him. I don’t begrudge Mayfield for it, but I would really like to see the individuals who did this to Mayfield pay for it out of their own pockets instead of making us pay for their “mistakes”.

When I first learned the details of how the federal case was made against the Florida group, I knew right away what had transpired. This private federal contractor, posing as a representative of al Qaida, dangled money, gear and weapons in front of these guys, and they set out to con him out of whatever they could, not realizing it was they who were being set up. These idiots hadn’t even traveled to Chicago to recon the Sears Tower, but they told their assumed “pigeon” whatever he wanted to hear in order to get whatever they could out of him and disappear. But in doing so, they had to play the game and ended up arrested for crimes and conspiracies they never intended to carry out. All in all, I find it kind of amusing, but that is what can happen when you go out and try to create criminals instead of looking for the real ones. The latter takes a great deal more work and entails considerably more danger, so who wants to do that?


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