Tuesday, November 06, 2007


Carl F. Worden

The corporate-paid professional liars of the media and rival political entities are no-doubt babbling to themselves in shock and dismay this morning after presidential hopeful Ron Paul’s political campaign raised a whopping $4.2 million dollars in just 24 hours yesterday.

Ron Paul has won just about every Internet poll following the Republican debates, yet these results have consistently been downplayed as some sort of “spamming” conspiracy by a relative small handful of Ron Paul supporters who allegedly managed to slam the polls with false results.

Well yesterday, these “relative few” Ron Paul supporters put their money where their Internet votes have always been, and according to reports I’ve read, set a new record that becomes undeniable fact when the various federal election reports are filed.

It means Ron Paul has a solid shot at taking the Republican slot in 2008 – if somebody doesn’t try to kill him first, and I don’t write that with tongue in cheek at all. Although I’ve never written my concerns about this, several hundred of my readers have, and they unanimously believe that if Ron Paul looks like he might actually have a solid chance to win the nomination, an attempt will be made on his life.

Why would Ron Paul be in danger and not any of the other candidates? Well for one thing Ron Paul isn’t owned by any of the multi-national corporations, and he won’t do their bidding.

Through free trade agreements and other government-sponsored deals that gutted the American middle class with massive losses of family wage jobs, the Bush Administration made multi-millionaires out of a relative few well-placed corporate officers and shareholders.

The Bush Administration insulated the credit card companies from mass-bankruptcy filings through “Bankruptcy Reform” and protected American pharmaceutical companies from having to compete with drugs made in Canada, New Zealand and elsewhere.

The Bush Administration took us into an unnecessary and avoidable war in Iraq, which has also thickly lined the pockets of even more corporate interests. In short, if you are a wealthy shareholder or officer of a major corporation, the past seven years has been absolute heaven, while the average American has endured stagnant wages and a real, painfully obvious inflation rate the government stubbornly refuses to report.

A President Ron Paul would put a stop to all this nonsense almost overnight. While a past supporter of so-called “Free Trade”, Ron Paul clearly intends to amend our trade policies to reflect “Fair Trade”, and that will cost the multi-national corporations dearly.

Ron Paul would also end the war in Iraq and bring our troops home. Further, he would never allow the United States to engage in any other acts of aggression unless the national security of our nation is directly threatened.

Ron Paul is on record for disbanding the IRS, and although I’m a bit unclear of Paul’s ideas to replace the existing income tax, my money says he’d be more than willing to entertain a federal sales tax that replaces all other forms of federal taxation. That way, all money is taxed at point of sale, rather than having to rely on Americans to honestly report their true income. The simple truth is that you don’t need a 90,000 employee IRS to look for tax cheats when a federal sales tax is in place.

Ron Paul is a stickler for constitutional compliance, which means he would take steps to eliminate unconstitutional federal feed-troughs like the Department of Education. I could go on and on, but the main point here is that a President Ron Paul is a very serious threat to the status quo, and that makes him a very dangerous person in the eyes of powerful and ultra-wealthy special interests, both within this nation as well as without.

What happened yesterday sent a chilling message to the multi-nationals, and I know they took the news very seriously. They now know that Ron Paul’s growing popularity is factual. While they might have believed their own lies about Ron Paul’s allegedly bleak prospects before, they know that $4.2 million dollars in just one day doesn’t lie, and you can bet they are conspiring to deal with that threat right now, one way or the other.


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