Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Battered Voter Syndrome

For Those Suffering from This Debilitating Disorder, New Poll Suggests Recovery Has Begun.

LANCASTER, PA/ March 12, 2007: A recent poll taken at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in Washington, D.C. shows conservatives are fed up with the current political regime and want a new batch of leaders.

The poll ( shows 82% of those asked think the Republican Party no longer represents them. The results of the poll are tantamount to a “no confidence” vote and come in the wake of the Republican Party’s stunning defeat in November.

“Like battered spouses, many voters held on, believing time and again the promises the Republicans made about limiting government, staying true to conservative ideals and getting the country back on track” commented Constitution Party ( National Chairman Jim Clymer. “For far too long voters endured the disappointment of years of broken promises from those they trusted. Now, it appears voters are quietly packing their bags, filing for divorce from their abusive political party and moving in with a party that has never strayed from its constitutionally-sound platform” Clymer noted.

We Won’t Be Fooled Again

The CPAC respondents also registered their disapproval of the so-called ‘front-runners’ the GOP is offering as presidential candidates in ’08. Close to 90% of those polled said they’d vote for the conservative standard bearer Colorado Congressman Tom Tancredo over such hyper-liberal GOP darlings as Rudy Giuliani (24%) and Arizona Senator John McCain (16%). In fact, those asked said they’d vote for a third party candidate if McCain wound up being the Republican nominee. Texas Congressman Ron Paul-who has a 100% constitutionally-sound voting record, but is assiduously ignored by the Republican leadership, polled at a high 62%.

“It appears conservatives have had their hearts broken far too many times to sit quietly by and take another beating,” said Constitution Party Communications Director Mary Starrett. “Even the most trusting party loyalists have come to the embarrassing conclusion that it’s time to seek a dissolution, cut their losses and recoup what’s left of their political pride. That is why the Constitution Party has become the third largest party in the country. Disheartened voters leaving both “Big Box” parties are contacting us daily, flooding the political blogosphere with posts about their new home at the Constitution Party and visiting our website( in unprecedented numbers,” Starrett added.

Time to Move Out

“My view is that the Republican Party is beyond repair” commented author Tom Kovach. One cannot be for border security and vote Republican. The leading proponents of border security within the Republican Party — US Representatives Tom Tancredo and Ron Paul — are being virtually ignored by their own party”, Kovach lamented. Jim Clymer noted: “Now that voters recovering from Battered Voter Syndrome are discovering there is a way out after all, the Republican policy makers will have to realize they have no one to blame but themselves”.

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