Saturday, November 20, 2021


By Carl F. Worden

Far-left commentators on the Kyle Rittenhouse acquittal are calling it a "Dangerous Precedent".  Always pay attention to the semantics a person uses, because it tells you far more than the words spoken.  In this case, a citizen was pursued and attacked by a criminal who had raped young children.  Rittenhouse didn't know his criminal record, only that this maniac was pursuing him relentlessly, even though he was armed with an AR-15 and thankfully knew how to use it.

So what is that dangerous precedent?  That dangerous precedent was a citizen using deadly force against a pursuing criminal rioter, being forced to shoot him, and then having a jury acquit that citizen in a court of law.  It is such a dangerous precedent that Gerald Nadler is now calling for the corrupt Department of Justice, under serial liar AG Merrick Garland, to "review" the case and perhaps charge Rittenhouse under federal civil rights law to give these horribly evil people another chance at convicting Rittenhouse of something.

What these evil, Satanic people are really telling us that resistance is futile, and that any effort to forcibly resist such evil, even when your life is threatened, cannot be tolerated.  All that, and still no charges are being levied against the rioters who have been burning and looting our cities all over America.  So far, we've been playing defense against this ever-growing evil, and it is not working, okay?  When you play not to lose, you will lose every time!  Just look at how unsuccessful the old, "Prevent Defense", worked for the football teams that employed it.  Almost every football game I watched, where a team tried that tactic, resulted in a score for the other team.  You cannot play not to lose, and yet that is exactly what all decent Americans are doing right now.  They are hoping nobody comes after them next, while watching others being victimized.  Well people, we are all Kyle Rittenhouse!

We cannot trust our District Attorneys, we cannot trust our Police, we cannot trust most judges, we cannot trust the FBI, we cannot trust our own military and we cannot trust most of our elected officials.  Rittenhouse was lucky to have the judge that presided over his case, and he's incredibly lucky that the jury hearing his case stuck to their principles -- even though they put that poor kid through a hellish three days of deliberations unnecessarily.  Did you see how Rittenhouse literally crumbled from the stress of hearing that verdict?  How can we as Americans stand by and let this happen to an innocent 17 year-old kid?  Frankly, I am thoroughly disgusted with most Americans, and that includes those so-called Conservatives who know they should organize and act, but won't out of fear.  Well, as Alexander Solzhenitsyn tried to warn us, you will all eventually burn in the camps with the knowledge that you could have done something and didn't.

If you think attending another Trump rally, or staging a peaceful protest is going to change anything, you are simply delusional.  In fact, these evil people are counting on you expressing yourselves, because if you're still exercising your right to speak freely under the First Amendment, it means you aren't acting on the Second Amendment.  They love the fact you are fearful and they have nothing but pure contempt for you and anything you have to say.

Our Founding Fathers and Framers of our Constitution included the Second Amendment for this very day.  They knew all too well about Human Nature and the desire of some individuals to take power by any means and abuse that power.  I don't know about you, but I've never had the desire to have power over other people, but these vile and Satanic individuals in our nation do, and they will do anything, including stealing an election, to achieve and maintain that power.  There is no reasoning with these people.  You cannot peacefully negotiate with people like this.

Just watch and see, because everything you are seeing right now is going to get progressively worse if we don't act before it is too late.


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