Wednesday, December 23, 2020

Donald Trump’s Unfinished Work

By Mark Vogl

Time is passing quickly, and the opportunity for God’s intervention on behalf of the re-election of Donald Trump in 2020 is narrowing.  The grand conspiracy against the President has added a new previously unknown segment of government, the federal Judiciary joined the Ruling Elite, the Mainstream media (enemy of the people), the Deep State, the American Left and RINO segment of the Republican Party (that includes Senate Majority Leader) and foreign interests has seemingly shut off all possibilities to remedy the stealing of the 2020 Presidential Election.  It appears on December 23rd that there is little that can be done now except wait on the Hand of God.          

The brilliance and accomplishment of President Trump, his family, and the small squadron of people who made up his team is something that should be studied by future leaders and all Americans.  President Trump did what most other politicians do not have the courage to do is, he kept his word across a wide variety of issues.  Of his many huge achievements, possibly the most important is the crystallization of American vision in the 21st Century that is a continuation of the original American Dream.  He has re-ignited our national spirit and reveal just how large a group of American patriots there are – 75 million and counting.          

One other aspect of life, Donald Trump that should be recognized is his bold assertion of optimism in dealing with life today.  The great difference between President Trump and his opponent Joe Biden is easily stated:  Can do v. Can’t do, optimism v. victimization.          

President Trump has established a vision for the children of America.  He has reclaimed American citizenship as the very greatest gift given to newborns by God.  For all the President has done, I thank him on behalf of the tens of millions of unnamed, forgotten Americans for all he has done, and for turning the lights on for us.          

The unfinished work of Donald Trump is the creation of an America First Party to replace the Republican Party.  The America First Party is what is needed to preserve the American nation in the 21st Century and to remind Americans of the many values and traditions that has made this nation the role model for the rest of the world.  This creation of the America First Party is not just laying out, in simple, easy to understand terms an ideology, but it is about bringing together and coalescing a group of believers who will carry the flag through eighty years of the 21st Century.          

Let’s look at where these people should come from.  These are the people of this nation, the majority of this nation.  These are NOT graduates from the Ivy League.  These are not people from the upper 1% of America.  These are the typical American, of all colors, of all heritage and education.  Critical to being a part of this group is to bring together believers in God, to be Christians and Jews who understand the connection between the Bible and the Constitution.  A part of this party, a new civic organization first thought of by Alexander Hamilton, but never organized and formed, is the Christian – Constitutional Society.  This organization is vitally important in reminding and embedding in the American population a recognition of how God used Christianity to Create the United States of America.          

The single most important characteristic of the people to build the America First Party is a characteristic recognized by Richard Nixon, loyalty.  In this case loyalty to President Trump and just as important to the ideology of America First.             

Where are these Americans?  They work as aides to state legislators, or in counties.  They are in Christian and conservative lobby groups. They are unrecognized for their skills, talent, and vision.  They do not come from wealthy families.  They are doers.  They are junior officers in the military, who believe in America so much they offer their lives to defend it.  Additionally look to non-traditional sources for Washington’s presidential appointees such as small, heartland non-profits, religious organizations, small television and radio stations.   

How do we get these individuals?  We advertise jobs for them.  What jobs?  Jobs as community activists to organize the Christian – Constitutional Society, jobs as fund raisers, jobs as writers for local papers and magazines.  And jobs as organizers for the America First Party.  And elected officials of like mind, need to be brought into the picture. Men like Ted Cruz, Jim Jordan, Louie Gohmert, Tommy Tuberville, and others must be approached, briefed on the vision and brought into participation within the new party.  Activists must understand that elected officials will be slow to move, but they may not be slow to assist, advise, help.          

The creation of this group of people is critical to America’s future.  The new century requires a new American political party that is primarily concerned with preservation and success of America as a stand-alone nation – state.  This is the second tenet of the America First Party. . And a proud embrace of American Privilege and traditional American history that includes regional identities.          

The first tenet of the America First Party is a recognition of the Christian foundation of this nation, and the Constitution.  It includes the assertion that our inalienable (not unalienable) rights come from God and cannot be removed by man. This tenet establishes Christianity as the fountain of morality and ethics for America.          

A third tenet is a proclamation of strict Constitutional interpretation that includes federalism and states’ rights.          

There is much that could be written here, but to take the time to seriously contemplate the proposition of this essay, it is appropriate to close here.  Donald Trump has much to do, regardless of whether he is properly inaugurated on the 20th of January.  The betrayal of so many senior Republicans over the past decade, most recently during the battle against voter fraud and stealing the election demonstrate that the GOP’s day is done.  Hopefully, the above outlines a replacement strategy.


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