Wednesday, December 23, 2020


By Carl F. Worden

According to attorney Lin Wood, the Democrats slid a provision into the current bills passed by Congress that nullifies the president's authority to invoke the Insurrection Act.  Gee, why would they do that?  Does it have something to do with that report on foreign election interference the intelligence agencies are withholding from Trump?  That report was due on December 18th, but Trump was told it was not ready because new information had to be analyzed before the report could be completed.  Under normal circumstances, the incomplete report would have been released to Trump per his executive order by the deadline.  But by not issuing the report, they think Trump cannot invoke the Insurrection Act to stop the steal.

They may be right, but I don't know that for a fact.  The evidence is overwhelming that foreign actors interfered in the election, but did Trump inadvertently force himself into a corner with his EO that required that intelligence assessment report before he could invoke the Insurrection Act?  If Trump signs the bill into law before the report is issued, he won't be able to act on that report when it is finally issued.  Even if Trump vetoes the bill, Mitch McConnell already has the Senate votes to override his veto, so where does that leave Trump, and more importantly, where does that leave us?

It is my understanding that Trump's EO, issued in 2018 and renewed in 2020 regarding foreign interference in our elections, declared a National Emergency at the time and it remains in effect.  If true, then it seems to me that Trump could invoke the Insurrection Act on the authority of that original declaration.  But if Trump does have that authority, he'll have to use it before Congress can override his veto!  Once Trump loses his authority to invoke the Insurrection Act, it will be up to the citizens to invoke it.

I wrote earlier about Trump's plan for winning the election.  He is relying on the state legislatures to ultimately decide the election.  He is relying on the seven vote advantage the GOP has in those state legislatures, but what if they don't vote Trump's way and he has already lost his authority to invoke the Insurrection Act?  I told you before that the Domestic Enemies trying to overthrow our nation had a plan to thwart every possible counter move Trump would make, and denying Trump's authority to invoke the Insurrection Act pretty much seals the deal for Biden to be sworn in.

No, I'm not being negative, but only a fool would refuse to see the playing field as it is, and not what I want it to be.


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