Sunday, December 06, 2020

2020 America, a House Divided

By Mark Vogl

The groups 

America is absolutely divided in terms of ideology and a vision for the future in the 21st Century.  

One America, the “Trump America” embraces the Constitution, the Bible, traditional family, work, saving, and being an American.  This America is happy with the America the Founders created, and is not sold on a "1984" Society.  This group is proud of “American privilege,” and believe in law and order, and the existing system of governance.  The group is comprised of the Silent Majority, the Tea Party, and Reagan Democrats.  It is attracted to Donald Trump, not the Republican Party. 

This America continues the Christian tradition of this nation, and sees Israel as special among the nations (God’s chosen people), and a protectorate. 

This America sees energy independence and a revived industrial base as both good economic policy and essential defense policy.  And we see space as a critical strategic arena for national competition, where the United States must retain its leadership position. 

This America sees a world of 200 independent nations pursuing their own interests.  With the end of the Cold War, America should have surrendered its world policemen, and world protector role.  The Americans of this group provide the majority of soldiers, and they are tired of endless, pointless, unwinnable wars.  This America sees the world as unchanged since its inception, bad guys and good guys exist, evil does aggressively attack and consume good.  China is not our buddy, it is the next global and national threat. 

This America sees government as a nuisance, necessary but aggravating. 

The other America, globalist America is a combination of the Ruling elite, academia, and a fabricated mass that is lost in the fantasies of global climate change, one world government, socialism, and diversity.  RINO’s and Neo Conservatives are awkwardly allied with this group based on their hatred of Trump and America First policies.  This group sees “white privilege” as the remnants of the Founders, infesting the Constitution, the Declaration and the western civilization.  This group sees change as hope, and violence as a tool of change.  These folks see obliterating American history as necessary to beginning a new start. 

This America sees a one world government as the next phase of human organization, and believe America should use its wealth and prestige to move the world towards a global utopia.  Redistribution of American wealth to the rest of the world, an Obama dictum, is a central element of this groups’ policy.  This group sees China as the world’s largest market, and while the plebiscite condemn capitalism, Silicon Valley and many if not most of America’s 700 billionaires are motivated by the material gain of servicing 1.3 billion consumers. 

This group sees Islam as the rising faith, and Iran as the rightful hegemon of the Middle East replacing America’s longtime allies of Israel and Saudi Arabia.  An interesting paradigm of this group is their practiced amorality allied to fundamentalist Islam, possibly the world’s most conservative religion. 

This group sees nations (including America) being dependent on each other as the best way to prevent future wars, while simultaneously seeing it as the most effective way to organize he world’s economy.  Space is a venture for private enterprise and for coalitions of nations, with the United States sharing its technological assets with the rest of the planet. 

This group sees government as the replacement for God. Government controlled by an oligarchy is essential to improving the condition of man, and as a central control point for economic decisions.  

Different groups is not new to America, but now, as in the ante bellum era, the groups have run out of compromise and developed positions that cannot co-exist.  The issues they are divided on leave no room for that: abortion, the Second Amendment, national sovereignty, nationalizing health care, individual freedom and responsibility v. the nanny state.  

There is little emotional and mental space left for a society simmering.  The electronic media floods the daily airwaves with hostile messages.  For the past four years the first group has had to endure a siege like mentality bombarding President Trump. 

Resolution of the 2020 election 

The 2020 election pitted one group against another head on.  And when one considers the facts, it seems incontrovertible that President Trump would be re-elected. 

The factors that should have predicted the outcome are: 

1.      Trump kept his basic promises, and resulted in his vote total rising by eleven million from 2016.  The economy has been the best in modern history before the introduction of COVID.  Trump had reduced overseas military commitments while not beginning one new military adventure.  Trumps’ tariffs on China were working.  Trump had been the first President to visit North Korea for the purpose of de-nuclearizing the Korean Peninsula.

2.      Trump won 19 of 20 bell weather counties (counties that accurately predict the winner of Presidential races.)

3.      Biden won barely more than 14% of the counties across the nation.

4.      The Republicans gained seats in Congress and gained majorities in the legislature of three new states, while retaining all of their state house majorities.

5.      Trump’s vote in both the black and Latino community rose substantially.

6.      Trump’s campaign of massive rallies was successful and painted a clear picture of his popularity, especially when compared to Biden’s “in-the-basement” campaign.

7.      On election night, by ten o’clock Central, it appeared the President would be re-elected with room to spare. 

And then the unthinkable happened.  First, FOX called Arizona for Biden when it had few returns, and Trump was leading.  Then vote counting stopped in Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, Georgia, North Carolina, Arizona and Nevada.  And the nightmare that was to become the 2020 election began. 

It did not take long for investigations into election irregularities to turn into full fledged investigations of voter fraud.  Fortunately for President Trump and the United States two very respected attorneys, Rudy Giuliani and Sydney Powell began to gather evidence, and people with first hand knowledge of voter fraud on a massive scale came forward by the hundreds.  Video cameras, and other technical evidence began to surface.  By December 6th 70% of Trump’s 74 million voters believe the election was stolen. 

The main stream media, the enemy of the people, that has been hostile to Donald Trump from the first moment of his candidacy in 2015, blacked out all information concerning revealed evidence of election corruption.  They immediately called for Trump to concede, and kept up the pressure. 

And so, as we start the last week before December 14th, the date when the Electoral College is scheduled to meet, the Presidential election is still unresolved.  One thing seems certain, which ever way it goes, the nation is divided without possibility of rapid reconciliation.


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